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Jupiter in Sagittarius || Nov 8 2018 - Dec 2 2019

Hey there loved ones! I hope you all are having an awesome night. I figured since I had a free thirty minutes I could come on here and talk about the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit that takes place from November 8th, 2018 until December 2nd, 2018.

Where we're coming from - Jupiter in Scorpio (December 10th, 2017 - November 8th, 2018)

Shadow work and our darkness

- Jupiter expands whatever it comes into contact with and Scorpio is the deep, dark underbelly of life. It is the trauma that we go through and both the wisdom and the trigger buttons/lack of trust that come from it. Jupiter expanded the need to integrate the shadow, to talk to the wounded child within and ask them to rejoin us so that we can walk a more complete and whole person. I have found that people who have focused their attention on this during this transit feel significantly more complete than people who have neglected their darkness in favor of the light. I have realized personally that the "love and light" mentality is simply a mere program to try to keep us more fragmented and incomplete. Acknowledging and honoring the whole of the human experience was the lesson so we can better appreciate the *fun* time that Jupiter in Sagittarius is about to be.

Intimacy and unpacking our baggage in relationships with others

- In terms of stages of development, Libra is the sign where you meet that person and you're in love with them, you get married and you're in the honeymoon phase. Friendships also have a honeymoon phase where you're so mesmerized by the others greatness that you totally overlook their major personality flaws.

Scorpio stage is where you spend enough time around someone and you start to poke at their wounding and they start to poke at your wounding. It's also when you get to know a persons erogenous zones better and passion runs wild. During this Jupiter in Scorpio transit, we're really understanding and knowing intimacy and forming lasting bonds with people, despite their amazing ability to poke our buttons and trigger the f*ck out of us.

Surrendering to the divine will in all its forms

- Darkness is divine just like light is divine. Our friend is divine and our enemy is divine. I come at astrology in terms of the souls progression- some things are we go through are excruciating that our soul chose for a certain understanding that we were supposed to have or a certain learning that took place. Especially when Uranus moved into Taurus in May, almost everyone I know had a major life change that they weren't in control of that really activated Jupiter in Scorpio and the inner wounding. This is where we all learned that tough times have been our greatest teachers if we allow them to be so that we can turn around during Jupiter in Sagittarius and show others through some of those tougher times as their teacher or mentor.

Where we're headed - Jupiter in Sagittarius (November 8th, 2018 - December 2nd, 2019)

Now that we're fully able to honor the darkness, we can celebrate the light

- I'm all about the "yes, and" and this is that exemplified. After Jupiter is in Sagittarius, we'll be able to really recognize and honor the polarity of life. We can see all that we've come through with a sense of accomplishment and we'll be looking more toward the future and what's next. This is an exciting time where new opportunities for greatness will be presented to us! Whatever house it touches in your natal chart will be blessed.

Travel and higher learning opening up more and more

- The themes of Sagittarius include optimism and lightness, as mentioned before, but tangibly have to do with higher learning and travel. Higher learning can be traditional or it could have to do with new modalities and spiritual law. New opportunities and curiosities for learning will present themselves. Travel will open up for those it's been blocked for as well! New places may become more accessible to visit.

Spiritual source as law

- Now more than ever, we'll be pushed more toward finding some kind of Divine that works for us. There are a lot of different schools of thought even in the new age community- I would consider myself a lightworker, but there are different schools of witchcraft and shamanism and these will continue to skyrocket in the collective. There's a reason more and more people are becoming interested in things like astrology and energy work and it's because there's enough synchronicity and ascension to where it's not in the shadows anymore and it's very commonplace to have faith in something greater than yourself. Embrace it!

Enjoy this transit lovelies! To figure out what this means for you, I'm happy to book a 15 minute reading with you to go over your specific Jupiter in Sagittarius transit - e-mail me:

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