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Horoscope for the week of 11.5 - 11.11 || scorpio new moon/jupiter in sagittarius/north node in canc

Greetings loved ones! I hope that this week provided much-needed healing and relief for you as it did me. In my personal life, I'm really seeing and understanding Divine orchestration now more than ever. Especially after all of the changes that came with eclipse season that I thought I was exempt from because I write about this stuff (boy, was I wrong)- I've really seen that the dramatic shifts and changes were exactly right on time, even if they felt like the rug was pulled out from under me. My friends and family feel the same- some things are just collective.

On Monday, Uranus in Taurus makes a contentious aspect to the North Node in Leo. Really, Monday is the very last day that the North Node is in Leo before it moves into Cancer on Tuesday, November 6th. I'm planning on spending a good amount of time on Monday contemplating the essence of Leo- the true hearts desire. Some schools of esoteric thought believe that the seat of divinity isn't in our crown but rather in our heart- this is what the sign of Leo is all about in its highest form. The sign of Leo is the Sun- it shines so brightly that it lights up everyone and everything around it. The divine heart is of service to others and cares deeply about humanity. The divine heart is where some of our creative efforts stem from. This is a great day to connect with that despite unexpected surprises (Uranus in Taurus) that may come in to disrupt your connection to that.

On Tuesday, it's a watery kind of day as the North Node enters Cancer, the moon enters Scorpio and the Sun in Scorpio makes a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This forms a rough grand trine that brings in a lot of beneficial and healing energy. I wrote an extensive blog post (the one previous to this one) about the North Nodes transition through the sign of Cancer while the exactly opposing South Node moves through the sign of Capricorn. In my opinion, this is an exciting transit because it means that sensitivity and emotion will be recognized as valid- feeling rather than simply thinking through the world will become a new paradigm. The moon in Scorpio is unafraid to look at the vast, deep well of our emotions, so it's an interesting sign for the moon to be in when the North Node moves into such a watery sign. The Sun making an aspect to Neptune blurs boundaries but also offers a chance for healing.

Uranus will continue its retrograde station from Taurus back into Aries. The Uranus in Aries transit that lasted from March 11, 2011 until May 15th 2018 was a 7-year cycle that allowed for a total revolution of Self. New ways of being compounded and our identity was totally reshaped by new, transcendent experiences. It's no wonder that people began to rapidly wake up during this time with interests in astrology and metaphysical arts and sciences dramatically increased. Uranus in Taurus is destabilizing our sense of security so that we can recognize all external security is an illusion so we can rely more on our inner security. This security that we've already started to develop from within may be tested as well as our sense of Self as Uranus, planet of change, moves through Aries from Tuesday, November 6th until March 6th of 2019. These changes may be gradual but they will solidify the identity we created for ourselves.

Wednesday the new moon in Scorpio is upon us! This is the most transformative new moon of the year easily. This is where we let go of the things that are holding us back from living life as our best selves. This is where we integrate the parts we can keep to become whole and draw power from them. This new moon is highly sexually potent and makes for amazing intimacy if that's your prerogative- it's also a really good time for ritual, ceremony and spellwork. Jupiter in Scorpio will be positively aspecting the North Node in Cancer before Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on Thursday, November 8th. This is the last emotional upset, a great day to practice shadow work and an awesome time to look into the darkness one last time before we look out into the unknown with optimism and curiosity as Jupiter makes its transition.

Thursday, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius! This transit lasts until December 2nd 2019 and the areas of philosophy, spirituality, curiosity, wanderlust and travel becomes highlighted. This is a much more positive space we're stepping into as Jupiter in Scorpio is all about plunging, looking into the darkness and shadow work. We'll be moving onward and upward with the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit - I'll be writing about it this week like I did for the North Node in Cancer transit!

Friday, Venus in Libra is making a positive aspect to Mars in Aquarius- this is positive for relationships and socializing both. There is a ton of water energy in the alignment this week and sometimes water creates a situation where it's possible to drown. A lot of the water energy is very healing on personal and collective levels right now, but this airy aspect between the relationship planets mean that our relationships are where we are able to come up for air. The moon moves into Sagittarius on Friday creating what is called a "grand sextile" - this opens up a lot of room for positive communication within all of our relationships.

On Sunday, (11.11!!!!!!!) the Sun in Scorpio makes a really positive aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and on the week of a Scorpio new moon - this is a very regenerative week. It may be challenging during but after a storm you experience such calm- not to mention the wisdom you've gained.

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great week. I'm going to be rolling out some new specials so stay tuned!!! Lots of love.

<3 M

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