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North Node in Cancer/South Node in Capricorn || Nov. 6th 2018 - May 5th 2020

Hello loved ones! I hope that you are having a fantastic Halloween. I felt abnormally motivated to come on here and share about the shift that is coming up in the axis of the moons nodes from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn! So excited to share what this means - this is my favorite topic in astrology.

The North and South Nodes of the moon are two points of extensive mathematical calculation based on the Sun and Moons axis (always opposing one another). There are resources to calculate this and if you'd like to know more about that, e-mail me ( They represent the souls evolution and integration in a natal chart (an individuals snapshot of the sky with planets in their respective celestial bodies at the time, date and place of birth and how they aspect each other). The orbiting (moving) North and South Nodes represent the soul of the collective consciousness and unconsciousness- its evolution and integration.

The North Node (think North star) is what we are moving towards- in a natal chart, it's what feels completely foreign and uncomfortable as well as growth-provoking. When we lean into the traits of the sign that the North Node is in, doors open and opportunities evolve that may not have been there otherwise. The South Node in a natal chart is the sign that we're really used to- perhaps we acted out the traits of this in previous lifetimes and it got us somewhere. We become really comfortable with the traits of our South Node sign early in life because (let's face it) early in life we're acting out the patterns of our past lives and running into karmic contacts all over the place. There is a part of us that feels incomplete when we solely rely on the traits of our South Node, not to mention that the Universe/God/the Divine doesn't bless us with the opportunities that we know we can handle.

The goal of these two energies is to eventually bring them into balance or integration point. I favor integration- bringing the traits of our South Node into the destiny/mission of the North Node. I use my South Node to hold space for people emotionally and energetically while developing tougher skin and healthy boundaries that my North Node requires of me.

In terms of the orbiting South Node, these are programs we've been collectively running for long enough and it's time to release the unfavorable traits of the sign so that we can step into the traits of a North Node. This will make it easier for us on a personal level but will also advance the consciousness of humanity.

The North and South Nodes have been moving through the signs of Leo and Aquarius for quite a while now. The focus has drawn inward to our subjective wants and needs and what our heart needs to keep beating inside of our chest. Collectively, we've been releasing compartmentalizing and viewing things from an overly scientific perspective as well as releasing the emotionally detached birds-eye-view perspective that the sign of Aquarius holds in its lowest form. On November 6th, the North and South Nodes will move into Cancer and Capricorn which is going to make so much sense not only personally, but also collectively and politically.


- When I think of Cancer, I think of nurturing and soothing. Cancer makes me think of those acts of self-care and care of others that go unnoticed in a system like ours. The Cancer within all of us is comfortable with the idea of not only taking care of but also being taken care of- I'd say on a collective level we're kind of emotionally stunted. Some of us (myself included) are really comfortable with giving nurturing but are still familiarizing ourselves with receiving nurturing. Others are the opposite, comfortable with receiving but not super comfortable with giving. Cancer is about the emotional exchanges and emotional labor that goes on in a way that has been unnoticed so far. This is where we begin to recognize compassion and empathy fatigue in career areas outside of care-giving. This is where we begin to mother each other and take care of each other while simultaneously participating in acts of self-care that help to keep us full so the beautiful cycle can perpetuate itself.

Honoring our Emotional Landscape

- Cancer is ruled by the moon and the moon waxes and wanes, just like the emotions of all of us. We all have different cycles and seasons and rhythms as well as distinctly intuitive emotional reactions and responses to things that the system and the powers that be (Capricorn things) don't honor as equally important as say facts and figures. The transition of the North Node into the sign of Cancer indicates an assimilation of emotional intuition into the nomenclature of every day society, which is super exciting for us highly sensitive and emotionally moody types. These things will become valid over the course of the next year and a half and the validity and value of facts, figures and "keeping a cool head" may shrink in its place to create a really even balance between the yin and the yang.

Drawing Inward

- The symbol of Cancer is a crab and all crabs have a shell. The shell of a Cancer is a protective mechanism to keep it safe and makes for a great retreat from the world so they can keep going the next day and the next day. The need to retreat will become validated and realized by the Western world, while the need to go to work unless you are dead or dying will be viewed as an old or outdated paradigm.

Remembering our Roots

- While Capricorn represents our future, Cancer represents our past and the idea here is that sometimes we have to go backward so that we can move forward. The idea of celebrating our lineage and our ancestry will become more important as well as the concept and practice of ancestral healing and clearing. Now more than ever will it be more important to break the cycles of abuse, neglect, codependency and nuanced traumas that have been taking us over and to clear that in all space-time and all realities. If you have children, this will impact them directly through the lines of energy that sit at the umbilical cord and if you don't have children, you can actually heal your potential children by taking part in this very powerful work.

Distancing from Capitalism and Money over People

- Capricorn is the system, the government and power, all of which are going through a great deal of upheaval which seems to directly correlate with this shift of collective focus. I believe that it is under this sky, with Pluto and Saturn drying up and burning down the system as we know it, that the government we know of will fall. The importance of taking care of what is most important- human beings and human connection- will prevail in the face of all of this bullsh* and the model that is to follow is much more idealistic and sustainable, but it may not be pretty in the short-term.

Distancing from Cold and Power Hungry Orientation

- Capricorn season is in the middle of winter and has a very cold and dry constitution. This constitution will no longer be able to hold as the warm and damp traits of Cancer become more favored. In order to get "our way" we may have to soften and reflect rather than dry up and get the job done.

Distancing from being Distant

- The more connected we are, the more we will directly benefit from this astrological shift. The more disconnected we feel, the more we will be prone to stunting our emotional growth in the long run, the less fulfilled we will be. Look around at the company you are keeping and ask yourself if these are your chosen family. The importance of chosen family will dramatically increase during this transit.

Thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to share this transit with you all!!! I'm so excited. Cheers!

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