Horoscope for the week of 10.29 - 11.4 || life and its many varied layers

Greetings loved ones! This weekend has been wild (Scorpio season is commencing as planned) so I'm only just now beginning to write this horoscope. Short recap of the energies prominent last week:

Scorpio season came on Tuesday. It's not accidental that Scorpio season is connected to Halloween and Samhain- it comes with the time of season where we stay indoors as it gets colder, go inside our "home." What is inward is sacred- in my personal practices, I've been unfolding to some sacred customs. My partner does some spiritual reading at the beginning of his day, my friend lights a candle in the morning - there are certain practices that can keep us grounded through the "dark night of the soul." Personally, I've been opening up to what these practices look like specifically for me. We can't look outward anymore- Libra season is officially over. We're now called to look within and find our own answers to problems. Scorpio season for the win!