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Horoscope for the week of 10.29 - 11.4 || life and its many varied layers

Greetings loved ones! This weekend has been wild (Scorpio season is commencing as planned) so I'm only just now beginning to write this horoscope. Short recap of the energies prominent last week:

Scorpio season came on Tuesday. It's not accidental that Scorpio season is connected to Halloween and Samhain- it comes with the time of season where we stay indoors as it gets colder, go inside our "home." What is inward is sacred- in my personal practices, I've been unfolding to some sacred customs. My partner does some spiritual reading at the beginning of his day, my friend lights a candle in the morning - there are certain practices that can keep us grounded through the "dark night of the soul." Personally, I've been opening up to what these practices look like specifically for me. We can't look outward anymore- Libra season is officially over. We're now called to look within and find our own answers to problems. Scorpio season for the win!

Also last week, Wednesday brought a full moon in Taurus that was surprisingly destabilizing with a conjunction to Uranus. My higher Self has described it to me as a shifting in our foundation- what was up is now down and what was down is now up. It's important through this shake-up that we be super gentle with ourselves. Kindness, love, compassion and acceptance are traits we should be directing toward ourselves and others. There is no room for judgment at this point in time. Of course, it comes and goes, but we have the choice not to impose our judgments that come through our filters upon those in our lives. We all have to figure things out for ourselves- the North Node is still in Leo! This is about our personal experience, our personal heart, what serves us specifically, personally and individually on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Let that guide you in your experience- it's about YOU right now (only for about another week).

Today (Monday, 10.29) there is a beautiful grand trine in water, opening the door for some serious healing and intuitive genius. Mercury (the logical mind) in Scorpio will make a conjunction to Jupiter (higher learning, spiritual learning) activating the intelligence that we carry deep within. Part of what is coming up in the collective is deep down- that which is messy, difficult to contain or control. These Scorpio energies will reach out to the moon in Cancer, allowing us to assimilate some of the stuff that is coming up on an emotional level and also activates Chiron in Pisces, illuminating the things that are coming up for all of us. Ancestral and karmic clearing is one of the many things on the menu for today as well as the next few years, more than ever before.

Tuesday, the North Node in Leo will square Venus in Scorpio which is moving in a retrograde station. These points are making this contentious square aspect at the very first degrees of Leo and Scorpio AND they're both moving in a retrograde station, appearing to move backward giving a message that at times we have to go backwards before we can go forward. We have to understand our inner child, wounded and divine (Leo) as well as our ancestral, karmic and subconscious underpinnings that govern our emotional reactions and responses. Sometimes, we have to understand it in a way that doesn't feel so good. We have to come up against relationships in our lives as well as with parts of ourselves that don't feel so good so we can better understand what it is that we want.

Wednesday is an intense day! There always seems to be a heightened point energetically throughout the week- this week and last week that has occurred on Wednesday, or in Spanish Miercoles, the day that's related to Mercury or our logical mind and communications. This connection is important because it's our overly ego-driven, conscious logical mind that is being broken down this week.

Speaking of our logical mind being broken down to favor other forms of mind, Mercury will move into Sagittarius on Wednesday. Mercury traditionally does not like to be in the sign of Sagittarius, but I personally think there is something to love and appreciate about every sign and every placement. Mercury has more concern with the details and the order of things whereas the sign of Sagittarius has more concern with the bigger picture, the bright side and has an association (at least for me) with the idea of chaos and absurdity. It's because of this that the majority of the people I know who have Mercury in Sagittarius can put a smile on everyone's faces despite their out-of-the-box way of dealing with the information that is always coming in. Our communication is painted with broad strokes when Mercury is in Sagittarius, so the need to specify and clarify becomes doubly important. Mercury in Sagittarius will be positively aspecting the North Node in Leo, aligning our heart to our belief system if we intend them to be aligned.

Venus in Scorpio is going to move into an opposition with Uranus in Taurus before it cycles back into Libra as well on Wednesday which is where we really brush up against how things really are versus how we want things to be.

Venus is going to move retrograde back into its home sign of Libra which is where we see our ideals, dreams and our projected and not always realistic view of our relationships to ourselves and others may perhaps be dismantled before our eyes. Venus in Libra likes to experience the positive side of relationships and relishes in refinement and beauty- sometimes, when you see an aspect of you or a loved one that is suffering or struggling, you have to get into the mud pit with them to help them get out of it. The idea of selfless love comes into my mind. Of course, we all have to temper this with our own innate tendencies and base instincts. If you're like me and tend to be a little bit more on the martyr side, you may have to give someone direction on how to move out of the mud pit instead of getting in there with them because you may become even more stuck in their own mud pit than they are. If you have more selfish tendencies, you may have to get into someone elses mud pit for the first time. The reason I love astrology so much is because you can learn your basic tendencies in your natal chart and then temper each horoscope and each planetary alignment to fit what you need. My mentor is always highlighting that we have to run things through our own filter.

The moon will come into Leo on Wednesday, once more bringing to mind the light of the divine child within. Thursday, the moon will come into a conjunction with the North Node in Leo for the very last time this cycle as the North Node will transition from Leo into Cancer and the South Node from Aquarius into Capricorn. I wrote all about this in my last blog and will likely make a separate blog entry around that. I'm choosing to interpret as an opportunity that won't come around again for several years to connect to our hearts knowing and understanding. I'd set aside time on Thursday for some meditation around the heartspace.

Also on Thursday, Jupiter in Scorpio will make a really happy trine aspect to Chiron in Pisces- this is going to be a day full of clarity and healing on some deeper and more subtle levels. These levels are less personal, more karmic, ancestral and collective. We have the opportunity to heal ourselves which in turn helps to heal our family, our past and future selves and the world that we live in. Change the world by changing yourself.

On Friday, the moon comes into Virgo offering us an opportunity to ground out the vast knowledge and experience this one week has to offer us. We can once again evaluate what we are putting into our bodies and what we are consuming with our minds and question what supports us on these deeper and higher levels of operating.

Sunday, the moon comes into Libra offering us a beautiful chance to find a little harmony and beauty- this is our breath of fresh air, folks. Enjoy it and surround yourself with those you hold close as well as those aspects of self that you hold close, positive and negative, "good" and "bad."

With all my love,


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