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Horoscope for the week of 10.15 - 10.21 || many aspects to Mercury

Monday of last week, there was a new moon in Libra where we were all encouraged to find balance in different aspects and also how to be more discerning. A lesser talked-about side of the sign of Libra has to do with balancing the scales- justice, fairness and discernment. Being able to see things from multiple points of view. While Libra season is in tact, we still have this relatively objective point of reference without getting out of touch with what feels good in our heart. If you have a reflective, meditative or journaling practice, I would check in with what feels good in our lives right now and what doesn't- what is out of balance and what is in balance. Balance as a concept is kind of unattainable, but we can always seek balance and strive for balance in our lives (without judgment).

On Monday, the moon moves into Capricorn, causing us to get in touch with our serious and practical sides. The tendency is strong to seek security when the moon is in Capricorn. The moon will come over Saturn and whenever this happens I find we emotionally focus on what is most important. We can tend to streamline and prioritize effectively.

Also on Monday, Venus in retrograde station moves into a conjunction with Mercury in Scorpio. This is where things get really real in a nice way. You may have insights as it relates to the underbelly of life that come through and into your relationships with others. It's common under this kind of astrological alignment for ways that we've been neglecting ourselves becomes evident and we're able to resolve those ways easily and efficiently. This aspect is great for creative energy as well.

Tuesday, the moon will move over Pluto which can allow us to either transform a certain emotion or get stuck in it. Flex your personal power under this kind of a sky and transform!

Wednesday, the moon moves into Aquarius and will move over the South Node, which is changing signs on November 6th (!!) so it's the last time the moon and the South Node connects. This is a great opportunity to release the ways in which we've been cold, compartmentalizing instead of integrating; anywhere that we have been aloof instead of calling on our hearts true desire; anywhere we've been looking outward rather than inward. This is also a great day for cord cutting and releasing karmic bonds.

Thursday, the moon in Aquarius will move over Mars, causing us to be potentially more reactive to our surroundings. If you're prone to irritation or agitation, this is a day where you can use cooling breathing techniques or peppermint essential oil. If you're not prone to anger and perhaps you're more passive, more of a pushover, you can use anger as your internal arson, burning up whatever doesn't serve you.

On Friday, Mercury in Scorpio will make a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces, opening a doorway for deep healing in communication with your inner being, your higher Self, your guidance system, your friends, family and romantic partners. Our minds may be a little foggy and that can be okay because it's more of a time to space out and dream - think intuitive mind more than logical mind.

We may have less of a filter with our opinions- if it's in your tendency to exert your perspective without thinking too much about it, I'd check in with that as Mercury in Scorpio makes a contentious square aspect with Mars in Aquarius. Fixed signs are notoriously stubborn, so watch where you can be more flexible on Friday.

On Saturday, the moon in Pisces will open us up to a very spiritual and creative weekend. Whenever the moon comes into Pisces, we can tend to not see things exactly as they really are. Our intuition becomes heightened and we're able to sense beyond space and time. Magick and ritual becomes potent under the Pisces Moon.

Hope you guys have an excellent week! To book a reading with me, e-mail or click on the "booking" link : )

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