Horoscope for the week of 10.8 - 10.14 || Libra new moon for all signs & Mercury in Scorpio

Greetings starseeds and earth angels! I hope you're all having an excellent weekend. On October 5th (until November 16th) Venus moved into a retrograde station in Scorpio- Venus is more of a light and happy, balanced influence and for that reason it doesn't really like to be in the sign of Scorpio- it has to dive deep to discover what is important. We are moving out of an eight year cycle during this time and so it's important that we honor and release any behaviors in relationships that are non-beneficial so that new, beneficial behaviors can grow in its place. 

Monday, there is a new moon in Libra! This is where we're going to be evaluating, weighing the scales and figuring out what else we need to do to balance out before we fall to the depths when the Sun moves into Scorpio. This is also a highly creative time- one where it's best to be receptive and allow the creative inspiration to flow if it feels appropriate to do so. 

Here's some new moon horoscopes for the Sun, moon and especially rising signs (you can find your rising sign by going to