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Horoscope for the week of 10.8 - 10.14 || Libra new moon for all signs & Mercury in Scorpio

Greetings starseeds and earth angels! I hope you're all having an excellent weekend. On October 5th (until November 16th) Venus moved into a retrograde station in Scorpio- Venus is more of a light and happy, balanced influence and for that reason it doesn't really like to be in the sign of Scorpio- it has to dive deep to discover what is important. We are moving out of an eight year cycle during this time and so it's important that we honor and release any behaviors in relationships that are non-beneficial so that new, beneficial behaviors can grow in its place. 

Monday, there is a new moon in Libra! This is where we're going to be evaluating, weighing the scales and figuring out what else we need to do to balance out before we fall to the depths when the Sun moves into Scorpio. This is also a highly creative time- one where it's best to be receptive and allow the creative inspiration to flow if it feels appropriate to do so. 

Here's some new moon horoscopes for the Sun, moon and especially rising signs (you can find your rising sign by going to, making an account -  you can add up to 100 natal charts completely free!)

Libra: spend some time in solitude on this new moon- focusing not so much on what you want to create but WHO you want to create- what traits are you trying to cultivate over the next six months and what traits are you trying to let go of at this time? 

Scorpio: you may feel tired and slightly foggy with this new moon- embrace that and get all of the rest that you need. You may find that when you sleep, important information comes through in your dreams. Listen to your intuition on Monday. 

Sagittarius: I encourage you to become extremely hopeful on this new moon - I believe full moons are more for manifesting and new moons are for releasing but with where this new moon is for you I believe you can do both. Perhaps there's a ritual around releasing and letting go of and something that you want to manifest to replace it. 

Capricorn: Turn your attention towards career matters - are you looking for a different job? Are you trying to find satisfaction in your current job? Have you ever thought about going out on your own? I'd definitely recommend that you visualize the ways in which you are going to put yourself out there on this new moon and perhaps there is some planning that can be done around career matters. 

Aquarius: Mind your beliefs on this new moon. This is a great time for you to release any belief systems that are keeping you back from exploring what you want to explore and taking action on what you're dreaming about. You may have to look all the way back to childhood to see what beliefs could be changed. 

Pisces: There may be some deeper emotions that are stirred up underneath. This is a great day for you to do some shadow work and figure out where those deeper emotions are coming from and strive to integrate them. You may feel very psychically powerful and magickal which can be channeled into your efforts. 

Aries: You may find that you are called away from solitude in favor of spending time around the people that you care about and I invite you to notice how you're able to stay in your experience- taking care of yourself while you're around others. Be aware of the subtle changes in your mood and your body when you're around certain people and see where you can invite balance and discernment into your relationships.

Taurus: You may become aware of something in the formula of keeping your daily life running is not working- perhaps you feel your digestion is slightly off or that your energy level is low. It's a great time for you practically to evaluate the different kind of supplements or food to implement, new exercise routines and it's a great time to figure out what else needs to be balanced out over the next six months. 

Gemini: Your job on this new moon is to have fun! Entertain, be entertained, be romantic and express yourself creatively. You definitely have the most fun line-up out of all the signs this month - let your hair down and guard your joy. 

Cancer: You may be really inward and feel like a home-body on this new moon. It's a great day to bring in plants, art and to make your home a place where you can really decompress. Essential oil burners and diffusers, incenses, smudging - all of these things can really smooth the vibe in your home and will make it an appropriate place for you to really feel your feelings- another thing that will be very desirable for you on this new moon.

Leo: This is a great time to examine your language and communication with yourself and the world around you. Throat chakra development would be perfect for this new moon by speaking, singing, chanting and listening to your inner guidance. I'd recommend examining how you interface with technology- are you escaping into the realm of social media or Netflix? This is a great day to objectively watch your thoughts. 

Virgo: Make your money wishes! This is a great day for you to do some manifesting around personal finance and also a great day to look at your self-esteem and self-worth. Have you given a lot of your time, energy, money and other resources away? Look closely at how much in your life is just for you and how much is divided up among everyone else in your life. 

On Tuesday, Mercury moves into Scorpio which is a great time for concentration and being focused in one place for any given amount of time. This is a time where our communications become more intense and we are asked to go deep- to be psychological and probing. Small talk can fly out the window at this time. Just be careful that you don't hurt others with your words. 

Wednesday may be tricky as well as the build-up to it on Tuesday as we have the moon moving over Mercury in Scorpio - both of these will be opposing Uranus in Taurus. There may be some unexpected challenges to deal with - a test from the Universe to see how well we can roll with the punches. Technological malfunctions or miscommunications may happen- try not to focus on this aspect of it because the more you focus on it (and literally whatever any astrologer says on any horoscope or predictive measure ever) the higher the likelihood of it happening. Think of it as you'll be ready for anything. 

The other challenge as far as our relationships are concerned will be that Venus in Scorpio moving in a retrograde station will be making a contentious square aspect to Mars in Aquarius - Venus wants to dive deep and share a deep soul bond in Scorpio (with its moving retrograde we're all releasing karma and patterns associated with deep soul bonds at this time) and Mars in Aquarius really wants to be free to explore and expand- to do things in a really unconventional way and to generate into the community. To win this aspect, pass go and collect $200, hold space in your heart for whatever your experience is. If you want to go deep, go deep. If you feel resistance, back off. If you want to be free, be free. 

Thursday, Mercury in Scorpio will make a fixed grand cross to the North Node in Leo, the South Node in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This aspect will once again (this has been our lesson since the summer) put us into a place where we have no choice but to accept the change that is inevitable- change is the Universal only constant. Rather than clinging on to what you prefer, allow, allow, allow. 

Friday, the Sun in Libra makes a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun in Libra wants desperately to stay above the surface and keep things light, conflict free and fun while Pluto in Capricorn may stir up some power battles at work and in our relationships so that we can go to the depths - the core of whatever the issue is. Don't shy away from this.

Mercury in Scorpio makes a sextile aspect to Saturn in Capricorn so we'll have plenty of motivation and concentration to wrap up the work week and get a bunch of stuff done- crossing the T's and dotting the I's - so we have that to look forward to. The moon moves into Sagittarius which will give us the optimism and levity that it will take to carry us into the weekend.

If you'd like a personal and private reading, feel free to e-mail me at - thanks so much for reading and have a lovely rest of your week <3 

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