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Horoscope for the week of 10.1 - 10.7 || the dust settles while venus moves rx in Scorpio

Greetings starseeds and loved ones! I hope you enjoyed your week last week - for a lot of folks it was very intense as Chiron moved back into Pisces bringing up a lot of new things to heal that may be hard to pin down & Pluto stationing direct! With Pluto coming into this direct station, transformation is online and I'm so grateful! You may have felt stuck in your process and unable to move forward. Pluto will stay in shadow period until January 21st of 2019 which simply means that we may have to process the shadowy events of the last five months so that we can truly integrate them.

The South Node in Aquarius and Mars are finally parting in the sky which is very exciting because it means that we're not going to be tested with what truly angers us in the same fashion anymore. We've learned through this transit that we can't compartmentalize in the same way that we used to- that we have to deal with things as they come and stand in our authentic self the whole time. This is the lesson while the North Node is in Leo. On November 8th, the North Node will move into the sign of Cancer asking us to integrate and focus on our relationships to our families and how we haven't yet healed there, our home and the wisdom and creativity that comes through emotions and our most inner being. Hooray! :)

While this week is rather chill in terms of planetary alignments and movements, Tuesday may be rather tense as a T-square will form from Mercury in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and the moon in Cancer. The moon in Cancer is feeling all of the undercurrents and has no choice but to experience that while Mercury in Libra will be *trying* to keep things light and Pluto in Capricorn will be forcing us all to look at some things that perhaps we've been trying to avoid. Jupiter will move into Sagittarius on November 9th and until then, I really implore you to face yourself and your shadow! I've been a talking parrot about shadow work the past year and some change because we find our divinity by going inside when Jupiter is in Scorpio. Jupiter in Sagittarius is going to be much more light, fun, curious and spiritual (externally) but something tells me we won't get to fully enjoy that if we don't learn the preceding lesson of Jupiter in Scorpio- heal your stuff.

Thursday, the moon moves into Leo moving us out of that T-square and into the divine light of the heart. This is where it's best that we make a plan to express our creativity as the dust settles this week and we can really understand the lessons of last week. Our optimism may soar and we'll find perspective in our heart.

Friday is the day! Venus moves into retrograde station after being in shadow for a few days longer than a month. This is where those old relationship patterns and behaviors will have to fall because you'll realize that they aren't working for you any longer. Some astrologers have even said that if there is a relationship that is hanging on by a thread in your life that it will fall away naturally without much effort - be mindful where you are hanging on for dear life because you could use that energy much better elsewhere.

Saturday the moon moves into Virgo so we may be errand-oriented over the weekend. Be mindful of the tendency to draw up and out of the emotional experience and into the to-dos and the have-tos - take care of your own needs before trying to be of service to others. It'll be a great time to go outside if weather permits.

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