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Horoscope for the week of 9.24 - 9.30 || Aries full moon, mars and south node, Pluto direct

Greetings to you all! Hope you have had a great week, good start to Libra season and a really positive equinox/mabon/harvest. It's now officially fall! Libra season is when optimally, the weather gets a little colder and our desire to couple up is increased. Just one more week until Venus moves in a retrograde station- this isn't to say that you should avoid getting into a new relationship, but look at your motives for doing so very carefully and perhaps wait just a little bit longer to jump right in.

Tomorrow (Monday, September 24th) marks the full moon in Aries, the sign of self, indicating that this is a great time to see what your relationship to yourself is like - are you hard on yourself? Do you deprive yourself of the care and rest that you deserve? Are you having enough fun? Are you finding positive outlets for your anger? These questions will come up to the surface and there's a great potential to find healing in the solitary time on Monday. I've uploaded three videos (because technology loves me) for the Aries full moon for ALL of the signs that includes tarot cards, oracle cards and astrology! I hope you enjoy and I will link them all down below.

Before we get into the weekly horoscope, a few announcements:

To book a personal and private reading with me, e-mail me at For the Aries full moon (one day only!) I'm offering a 15 minute astrology reading for only $25 which is $10 off my normal rate! This reading will be specific to the full moon.

I'm teaching a class for Charlotte, North Carolina locals on evolutionary astrology- I'll be talking about the North and South Node of the moon and how we relate to past lives and this life - what we can integrate more of. They're held on October 2nd and October 9th from 7-9 each: folks will receive a handout as well as $10 off a 30 minute past life reading. Both classes are going to be $60 and if you'd only like to come to one of them, $35 for each individual class. Be mindful - at the end of September my reading prices are going to increase so book your readings while you can!

Let the horoscope commence!

On Monday, in addition to there being a full moon at night (here in Charlotte anyway), Mercury in Libra will be making a positive aspect to the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius. We have been moving away from the traits of Aquarius that aren't favorable, such as making things overly objective and not following our own heart and leaning towards the traits of Leo that are favorable, such as open-hearted generosity and creativity. This subtle Mercury aspect is one that can activate both. Mercury in Libra tends to be highly objective and also puts others first- can be very heart-centered. This full moon will be highlighting both of these tendencies and how they polarize us, so just consider it another layer.

On Tuesday, Chiron retrograde will move back into Pisces. This will be a felt shift and we all may become a little more sensitive to energies outside of us. The wounded healer will provide an opportunity for healing for all of the sensitive souls until February 17th of 2019 and will shift back into Aries after that. Also on Tuesday, the Sun in Libra that just wants to relax, have fun and keep it light may have to get serious as it comes into a square aspect with Saturn. We may spend Tuesday mired in work- as long as you shift into a place of being once you are done with the work- that's good. The Sun in Libra looks outside itself to affirm its worthiness and this tendency will be at the forefront of our minds - affirmations to confirm and re-confirm our enoughness will help with this as well as blending the light and serious qualities of these planets in these signs.

On Wednesday, our anger and agitation may leak out so that we can look at it and release it as Mars in Aquarius comes right on top of the South Node in Aquarius. This aspect also took place on June 8th and July 20th as Mars made a retrograde station back into Capricorn and now has come forward again so we can look at our ego and our will and our need for controlling the situation and we can let that go once and for all. I am a Leo and I have Virgo placements and so in my life, the need for control is like a hum that is always there. I'm making a commitment to release this in macro and subtle ways with this final conjunction of Mars and the South Node in Aquarius.

On Thursday, the Sun in Libra will be positively aspecting both the North and South Nodes in Libra. This week will likely bring up some karmic partners or friends from the past (or not from the past) so we can see how far we've come and how much we've grown. We may have to choose who we want to be versus who we've been prior to this crazy summer with all of the shifts taking place. Remember, Venus moves retrograde in Scorpio on October 5th so our behaviors and traits in relationships will not be the same. We may have a high level of physical and mental energy as the Sun in Libra comes into a positive aspect with Mars in Aquarius. The fixed grand cross will be activated as the moon comes over Uranus in Taurus on Thursday, the North Node in Leo, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars conjunct the South Node in Aquarius. This is major releasing all that we can't control. The serenity prayer rings in my ears as I'm typing this because there are things about us that we very much CAN change, even if we believe we can't. There are things about others that we can't change even if we believe we can. I would try to get to an acceptance point if possible.

On Saturday, the moon comes into Gemini and takes our emotions out of the fixed grand cross need for control which on one hand is positive and on the other hand can lead to overthinking. Do something over the weekend to bring the emphasis out of the mind and into the body. Sunday, Pluto in Capricorn will come into a direct station which will be a really intense shift of energy - best to plan to take it easy on Sunday as major revelations that may contain some darker pieces of information could be on the horizon.

It's an intense week but I know you all can make it!!! Sending lots of love - stay connected to your Higher Power and I'll be thinking of you all. M

Here are the videos for the full moon!! Enjoy <3

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