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Horoscope for the week of 9.17 - 9.23 || Libra season and the balancing of the scales

Hello earth angels and wise ones! Happy to be bringing you the astro news for the week ahead. Last week there have been a lot of really supportive, beneficial earth energy with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the Sun and Mercury in Virgo as well as Uranus in Taurus. This is really forcing us to refine and re-refine the ways that we do things and it's created a surge of productivity which is really helpful after this summer where we may have been stopped in our tracks.

In my blog last week, I touched on some major endings to cycles in relationships. In 2010, Venus stationed retrograde in Scorpio- The Leo King (one of my favorite astrologers) has provoked examining what you were doing in your relationships and what was happening for you at that time? Perhaps you were settling for something you knew you were better-than or perhaps you were avoiding intimacy and commitment, shutting down in your relationships at that time. The past 8 years have been there to teach us what isn't working and what is - I invite you to investigate what is going on in your relationships now - patterns of being - that are similar to what you were doing in that time. We can only control ourselves and our behavior, digging up what is underneath them and replacing positive and beneficial habits of relating. Now is a really good time to examine intimacy and attachment issues and patterns that some of us have been acting out since childhood. On October 5th, Venus will move retrograde in Scorpio (a sign that it doesn't really feel at home in) and it will bring up some of that stuff whether we want it to or not - may as well sift through it intentionally beforehand! (This is what astrology is for <3)

This week marks the end of Virgo season and the beginning of Libra season! I don't know about you, but for me personally, Virgo season brought up a lot of anxiety about the ways that I was doing things and could be doing them better. I got way more stuff done in the past month than all summer long (this is the norm by the way) but the way that it looked to me was overwhelming and scary. I examined the way that I was eating, sleeping and living my life and tried to make things more sustainable so I can continue to do this work. With Libra season incoming, we will have an opportunity to create balance so that we're not constantly working and not constantly playing. We will invite in more ease and beauty in our lives.

Monday, the moon moves into Capricorn which is the last time for a while we will have the Sun and Moon in earth signs. This is one of the last final hoorahs this week in terms of evaluating the ways in which we are creating practical and material stability in our lives. This is where we have the opportunity to ground into something real, especially as the moon moves over Saturn in Capricorn (inviting in some discernment and realism) so take advantage of it! This is the time to take inventory of things that aren't working so that we can fix them and then when Libra season is in full effect we'll get some peace around it.

Tuesday may bring up some difficult emotions as the moon in Capricorn comes over Pluto. We may plunge into the depths of how things really are and why that frustrates us. It's okay - remember, we are spiritual beings having a human experience and sometimes we have to go to the underworld to appreciate the light.

Also on Tuesday, Mars in Aquarius will be making a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus indicating some real impatience that could come up for us with the process. Trust the process and meditate to quell the restlessness you feel. Whenever I feel restless, it's helpful to use the mantra "all is unfolding as it should."

On Wednesday, the moon is going to be in Aquarius moving over the South Node and over the Mars in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus. It's important during this phase to continue to release patterns of aggression, toxic masculinity and the need to get out of the feelings of heart by drawing up into the head and overly simplifying things or making them objective.

Thursday is the final hoorah to organize, deduce, analyze, refine and calculate- I'm anticipating an extremely productive day on Thursday so I'm planning on doing a lot of work on my business. Be mindful to avoid anxiety and unnecessary stress by releasing the uncontrollable variables.

On Friday, Mercury moves into Libra where the tendency is rather than narrowing in and seeing everything that isn't working and having that cause unnecessary stress (Mercury in Virgo) we'll be able to see more clearly into what is going right and balance the two. Communication generally becomes very balanced at this time.

Saturday begins Libra season! The Sun will move out of Virgo and into the sign of Libra which is where we attempt to find balance in all things. Relationships and self, work and life, sleep and wake balance. One of the things I love most about Libra season is the ability to zoom out and connect to the beauty of life. Creativity for creativity's sake is heightened and we are able to hopefully strike a balance between the opposing forces of the head and the heart space.

Saturday may bring up some old wounds as Mercury in Libra is opposing Chiron in Aries. The phrase that falls into my head (channeled perhaps?) upon this time is: how have we given our power away to others? One of the things I say frequently is "I'm sorry." If you think about the impact of the word(s) that come after the statement of I AM, whatever comes after that is shot out to the universe and then the universe delivers what you feel YOU ARE. Notice how you can use empowering language when referring to yourself and others at this time. The moon will be in the sensitive but magically powerful sign of Pisces so if you need to take time to space out and dream, it's important to come away from the world for a while.

On Sunday, the Sun in Libra will follow Mercury's lead by coming into an opposition with Chiron in Aries. More of the same themes of giving your power away to others, some blows to the ego and perhaps it will become visible where we are neglecting ourselves in favor of others and vice versa. Some of us are prone to putting ourselves last while others are prone to the kind of selfishness that leaves others confused and alienated. Sunday is a day where we can take stock of what our tendencies are. If you feel that you put yourself last, create time for some personalized self-care. If you feel that you have the kind of harmful selfishness behind you, perhaps you work on strengthening your relationships and collaborating with others, incorporating them into your life.

Mercury in Libra will be making a square aspect to Saturn in Capricorn which is where our attention may shift to what is broken in the systems and the ties that bind us may become more noticeable. Shift your attention and your awareness if possible to what you want the systems to be like and pay attention to what ties you can cut.

Our inclination to change what we can will be heightened with Mars in Aquarius positively aspecting Mercury in Libra. We may be mentally busy on Sunday and our minds may be inspired to learn a new subject or to deepen our knowledge about an existing subject. Intellectual curiosity will be heightened and almost insatiable and we'll have the ability to see things from a new point of view.

Enjoy your week! To book a personal and private reading with me, e-mail me at I'm teaching a class for Charlotte, North Carolina locals on evolutionary astrology- I'll be talking about the North and South Node of the moon and how we relate to past lives and this life - what we can integrate more of. They're held on October 2nd and October 9th from 7-9 each: folks will receive a handout as well as $10 off a 30 minute past life reading. Both classes are going to be $60 and if you'd only like to come to one of them, $35 for each individual class. Be mindful - at the end of September my reading prices are going to increase so book your readings while you can!

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