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Horoscope for the week of 9.10 - 9.16 || grand earth trine & the light and dark parts of our hea

Grand rising starseeds and earth angels! I hope you are all doing well this morning and enjoyed your new moon in Virgo yesterday (Sunday 9.9). Venus also moved into Scorpio yesterday and it's in its shadow phase right now, which means that it will station retrograde on October 6th and it will cycle away from us towards the later degrees of Libra. This Venus retrograde in Scorpio will be an end to a karmic cycle in relationships. That isn't to say that all of the relationships that are in place now will end or anything, but rather that we have some self-sabotaging and obsessive behaviors in relationships that will be falling away. If the relationships we have are built on those unhealthy foundations, they will fall away because the unhealthy foundations they were built upon have fallen away.

Mercury is flying through Virgo this week - before we know it, it'll be moving into Libra, so this is an awesome time to plan and to organize. Be mindful of being stressed and anxious- taking on work where it isn't yours to do so.

On Monday (today), Mars moves back into Aquarius. This week it will come back over the South Node and will be squaring Venus in Scorpio (in shadow). We can be mindful this week of our agitation and irritations especially as it relates to our partnerships and friendships this week. Continue to allow the understanding that people are mirrors for you to seep in on a cellular level (I know I will). The moon moves into Libra also encouraging us to share with our friends and partners what is on our mind- if we have some agitation, the best lesson from a moon in Libra person is to communicate it in a non-aggressive way.

Tuesday begins a beautiful grand sextile between the Sun in Virgo, Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. This means that some stuff may come up for us related to our ability to be competent and get stuff done initially but really is a beautiful opportunity for healing and ease when we release any negative beliefs of incompetence or incapability. This energy will be available to us all week - don't be so hard on yourself.

On Wednesday, Venus in Scorpio is opposing Uranus in Taurus. This aspect is humorous to me because Scorpio and Taurus are the two signs that enjoy the flow of change the least. The tendency is there for these signs to hold on and to hold on- be it to grudges, people that aren't really in our highest good as well as negative tendencies in relationships. This aspect is going to bring those into our faces so that we can see them and understand that they need to be released. Venus in Scorpio will be reaching out to Saturn in Capricorn which adds a really nice and discerning twist to this. We become serious about what we want in our lives and what we don't during this time.

On Thursday, Mars in Aquarius nearby to the South Node will be making a sextile aspect to Chiron in Aries- this is some fire and air in a sky FULL of earth and water. This aspect may bring up some pieces and parts of our ego that are getting in the way of healing and integration. As Mercury zooming through the sign of Virgo will be opposing Neptune in Pisces which is where we may come up against miscommunications or things falling through the cracks as a result of moving too fast. The tendency is to take things personally on Thursday with the moon moving into Scorpio- this is a great day to meditate and connect to your higher Self.

On Saturday, the moon moves into Sagittarius which will add some uplifting, humorous and big-picture energy which will be much-needed this weekend. This is a great day to wander and partake in spiritual and consciousness-expanding activity- it will make us feel good.

Sunday, Mercury in Virgo reaches out to Pluto in Capricorn in a favorable way which makes Sunday a really good time for deep healing (with Mercury also making a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio) as well as concentration and focus. This is a day to tackle any inward or outward projects for sure. Venus in Scorpio will be squaring the North Node in Leo also on Sunday. Venus in Scorpio tends to be rather dark, rather obsessive when it comes to relationships and the North Node in Leo is pushing us (sometimes in difficult ways) to be open-hearted just like a divine child would be. Venus in Scorpio energetically feels hurt and wounded and holds onto that which has wounded it while the North Node in Leo (look to conscious Leo's for help with this) is pushing us to sometimes get hurt and be open-hearted anyway which takes so much more bravery and courage.

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