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Horoscope for the week of 9.3 - 9.9 || saturn direct, new moon, mercury & venus change signs

Hello starseeds and loved ones! Mercury and Mars are now direct - Mercury is out of shadow (thank goodness) and Saturn moves direct this week! Things are almost back into action! It's energetically felt like we're almost there- there have been a lot of barriers to me getting stuff done this week. During Virgo season that is what we're hardwired to do- Saturn moving direct and out of shadow period will help us to be productive moving forward with our harvest (Virgo season). The new moon in Virgo is on Sunday which will be a really good opportunity to release everything holding us back on our journey to the Earth.

On Monday, there is a really pleasurable aspect between Mercury in Leo and Venus in Libra. There may be some really positive resolutions to problems that have been brewing for the past few months. Beauty in communications and major self-realizations will be on the horizon.

On Tuesday, the moon moves into the sign of Cancer. We may feel more homeward, potentially more emotional. Our sensory experience can really save us as well as what we put in our bodies.

On Wednesday, Mercury moves into Virgo which is an awesome placement for Mercury - the mind becomes focused and analytical during this time- thoughts flow smoother and especially after Saturn moves into a direct station, productivity will soar. This is an awesome placement for learning - certain things that may have been blocked from our awareness will become easily accessible.

Thursday, Saturn moves direct! Saturn retrograde can produce some issues in the real world- red tape, structures and systems being out of whack... Our ability to move around those things will become so much better and easier and our focus will be so much stronger.

Also on Thursday, the moon moves into Leo which is a really heart-centered place for the moon to be. Our desire to express ourselves is very high and our need to be creative is very paramount. Romance becomes a priority when the moon is in Leo and the moon will move over the point of destiny, the North Node, on Friday. This is definitely a day of fated romantic connections.

Friday could potentially be a very productive day, depending on you- the potential is there to get lost in escapism with the Sun in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces. The fog may overtake you, but the release valve is there with a grand trine from Mercury in Virgo to Uranus in Taurus to Saturn in Capricorn. We'll be surprised at all we can do and the perspective we'll be able to find.

On Saturday, Venus moves through the last few degrees of Libra which is where it feels a little picky perhaps and will be making a square aspect to Mars in Capricorn which definitely feels like it knows what's best- especially with it just moving direct last week and still in its shadow phase. This is the very last degree of Capricorn. Squares from Mars to Venus can be explosive- a high degree of passion and heat which *can* look like explosions or arguments, depending on you. Keying into the balance and the positive is a really high side of Venus in Libra and keying into patience and dedication is a really positive trait of Mars in Capricorn if you want to play this aspect right on Saturday. The moon will come into Virgo preparing for the new moon which can make us feel slightly anxious - perhaps stuff will come up so that we can release it on Sunday as the new moon appears.

On Sunday, Venus moves into its detriment (or not super favorable) position in Scorpio and there is a new moon in Virgo. Whenever Venus comes into Scorpio, we come into some of our less optimal relationship behaviors like obsessing over our partner or becoming possessive. The high side of Venus in Scorpio indicates major transformation in the realm of relationships, provided both parties are working on themselves.

This new moon in Virgo is a really opportune time to spend out in nature. I think I'll invite my partner to go hiking on Sunday so that we can enjoy the great outdoors. It's a great day for releasing everything that doesn't serve you and setting intentions for the next six months. When you uproot a plant that is dead, it's optimal when something that can create life is put in its place. Think about the practical when you set your new moon intentions - for me, I'd like to be more organized in my business and education so that I can be present and provide healing and answers for my clients.

For a personal and private reading, e-mail me at and I hope that you guys enjoy your new moon this week!!!

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