Horoscope 8.20 - 8.26 || a crap ton of quincunxes, virgo season & full moon in Pisces

Greetings loved ones! I hope this week was good for everyone. The week definitely reached a peak of intensity on Thursday and Friday and we're all grateful that Mercury is direct as of this morning (Sunday) very early but we're not quite out of the gate yet! Mars still has yet to turn direct which will feel like a big push forward (Monday the 27th) and some of the outer planets still need to follow suit, bringing us closer and closer into balance. Venus in Libra has been the beacon of light that has keyed us into relaxation and ease through the chaos this week.

This upcoming full moon is crucial for healing and will provoke clarity and psychic energy if we play it right through the quincunxes of this week.

A quincunx is a 150 degree aspect - when one planet, luminary or asteroid is "quincunx" another they can't see each other from where they are, which makes it challenging to find clarity and perspective. This happens all the time and I don't often put them in my blog because they're considered "minor" aspects in astrology. This weeks had way too many for me to ignore all leading up to that beautiful, healing full moon in Pisces.