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Horoscope 8.20 - 8.26 || a crap ton of quincunxes, virgo season & full moon in Pisces

Greetings loved ones! I hope this week was good for everyone. The week definitely reached a peak of intensity on Thursday and Friday and we're all grateful that Mercury is direct as of this morning (Sunday) very early but we're not quite out of the gate yet! Mars still has yet to turn direct which will feel like a big push forward (Monday the 27th) and some of the outer planets still need to follow suit, bringing us closer and closer into balance. Venus in Libra has been the beacon of light that has keyed us into relaxation and ease through the chaos this week.

This upcoming full moon is crucial for healing and will provoke clarity and psychic energy if we play it right through the quincunxes of this week.

A quincunx is a 150 degree aspect - when one planet, luminary or asteroid is "quincunx" another they can't see each other from where they are, which makes it challenging to find clarity and perspective. This happens all the time and I don't often put them in my blog because they're considered "minor" aspects in astrology. This weeks had way too many for me to ignore all leading up to that beautiful, healing full moon in Pisces.

Tuesday brings in the first quincunx with the Sun in Leo and Mars in Capricorn. The Sun in Leo wants to shine while Mars in Capricorn (still retrograde) wants to get stuff done. Whenever Mars is in a retrograde way, accomplishing tasks can be challenging because we are in a season of being rather than doing (which is really challenging for some of us work-a-hols). Opportunities come passively rather than actively. Magic rather than action. The Sun in Leo can be rather assertive and action-oriented, so this influence creates a barrier (that's manageable) between who we are and what we do because right now we're focusing on who we are.

The moon also moves into Capricorn and will pass over Saturn retrograde and Pluto later on Tuesday and moves over Mars retrograde late on Thursday. It's important to do things to uplift us as well as perhaps looking at some longer-term goals and how to manage that with our energy levels and cycles and seasons.

On Wednesday, quincunx #2 hits with Venus in Libra and Neptune in Pisces. This quincunx is regarding balancing our love nature and our spirituality and healing. Honestly this aspect limits the need to project onto other people and with the moon in Capricorn it's a more realistic time in relationships than other recent times.

On Thursday, the Sun will move from Leo into Virgo! Leo season has been unreal and I'm grateful as a Leo for the first time in my life that the spotlight is moving on - it was a crazy and eventful month but I'm ready to give Virgos the sunlight for a while. Virgo season is all about figuring out what our habits are so that we can go through the harvest with our best foot forward. Understanding the foods we eat, what we do in our time to keep ourselves healthy and inspired, learning about what we really want to learn about and communicating from a more discerning perspective being unafraid to set boundaries. Virgo season is also about coming back into perspective with the natural cycles and rhythms of the earth.

The moon will move into Aquarius and will cross over the South Node on Friday while the Sun in Virgo makes quincunx #3 to Chiron in Aries. With this particular configuration there can become a limited wisdom of how far we've come. People have been waking up and advancing the progression of their souls for over 6 years now and the work is down and in instead of out and up. With Jupiter in Scorpio, I've been plugging shadow work on each and every post I write and it's because it's our shadow that have come out with a vengence and is asking that we integrate and heal. Jupiter in Scorpio also has to do with instant manifestation and a trust in God(dess). Don't lose sight of how far you've come.

On Saturday, the Sun in Virgo is going to be positively aspecting Uranus in Taurus which is where we'll likely have remembered how far we've come. We may get brilliant insights about the craziness of the past few weeks and we'll have some understanding of what it was all about. The clearest day is still yet to come.

Sunday is the peak energy day of the week. A great opportunity for clarity and healing, especially around love and relationships. Venus in Libra (divine feminine) and Pluto in Capricorn (divine Masculine) are at odds and so some stuff that is available for healing may surface to be dealt with in ceremony or ritual that very same day if possible. Quincunx #4 will be between Mercury in Leo and Neptune in Pisces, so we will see our side of things easier than ever before because Neptune tends to fog up situations. We can see where we could have done things differently this retrograde station.

The full moon in Pisces will be nearby Neptune offering up a major chance for releasing and letting go and replenishing of the good. If there's any chance to be close to water at this time, do it. If there's any chance to do something creative, express. If there's anything spiritual, meditative, ceremonial and intention-driven, do it.

Hope you guys have a lovely rest of your week! To book a reading, energy healing or tarot reading with me, e-mail I'm teaching an astrology class on Tuesday with one slot left and I'd be honored if you joined me :) information on the first page of my website. I'm holding sessions on Monday, Thursday and Friday and my friend Amy <3 and I are offering a chance to experience both aromatherapy and reiki in clinic form for only $25 and a chance to take your own blend home!

<3 M

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