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Horoscope for the week of 8.13 - 8.19 || mercury moves direct!!! clarity & healing <3

Greetings starseeds, earth angels and wise ones! Last week was crazy right? Upon reflection, I really wish I would have been in the space to post a blog because of how big the transformation looked from the Ephemeris (what astrologers use to track the motion of the planets). Last week we came up against some of our stubborn, resistant natures with a grand fixed cross (where there were planets, points and luminaries in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) which really brought up issues of our grace in moving through changes. Uranus moved into a retrograde station on Tuesday which is directing all of this external change inward so that we can really take a close look at how we respond and how we react when our wounding as it relates to change is poked by the Universe. Mars retrograde hit Capricorn on Sunday as Venus in Libra reached out to the North Node in Leo, indicating a brief moment of understanding and peace with the goings-on. Not to mention the new moon in Leo on Saturday where we were asked and called to get rid of everything that wasn't on our heart at that time and if there is anything outside of our control to "allow, allow, allow."

On Tuesday, the moon will move into Libra and will come over Venus in Libra, prompting a sense of peace and beauty early in the morning (eastern time) with whatever our external and internal landscape looks like at this time. Our affection for our community will be enhanced and even if we are a little bit prickly or rough-around-the-edges, this is a chance for some major sweetness.

On Thursday, the moon will move into Scorpio and will come over Jupiter and reach out to Neptune in Pisces which serves to highly enhance our emotions and our need to plunge to the depths of ourselves to figure out how we can move more gracefully through life. A good way to navigate this transit, active until next Tuesday, is by taking part in a creative release- for me lately, it's dancing or making music but for others it could be working on their art or writing.

On Saturday, Mercury retrograde in Leo will make a lovely aspect to Venus in Libra, indicating a time for our inner child to come out. Also, if anything has happened during this retrograde station- such as arguments with coworkers, partners or friends or just miscommunications, this day is an opportunity to find perspective in it and make amends wherever necessary.

On Sunday, Mercury will move into a direct station in Leo (yay!!) which is where we can really apply all of the lessons we've learned regarding our power and our expression in the past few weeks in our lives and proceed boldly forward. The moon will move into Sagittarius, indicating that Sunday will be a bright light amidst a rather stormy time (for some). It's a great day to connect to whatever your sense of faith is or to move about your environment with optimism and positivity. The aspect from Jupiter in Scorpio to Neptune in Pisces will become exact which brings an opportunity for major healing and growth in how well we're able to sense connectivity to all beings in the midst of doing any shadow work we've been putting off.

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