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Horoscope for the week of 7.30 - 8.5 || calm with a chance of rejuvenation & healing

Greetings loved ones - hope the recent lunar eclipse full moon in Aquarius treated you well. For me and many of my loved ones, it was a time of releasing the old - a lot of stuff coming up and out around excessive objectivity, compartmentalizing and anger/frustration/resentments around past events. The energy was heightened and everyone around me was buzzing and I quite love that. The dust has settled some so far this weekend which is appreciated and we can move into the week with greater clarity having let some of our baggage down.

This week is pretty chill for the most part with an increase of energy around Wednesday with lots of Mars aspects. Mars has been the center of everything the past few days and it continues to plunge our focus into our will expression, our anger and issues surrounding getting our needs met. My partner is a big astronomy buff and has informed me of the massive dust storm that is covering Mars right now as well as the fact that it has been the closest to us that it will be until 2035, specifically on the 31st.

On Monday, the moon moves into Pisces! This is a great day to get in touch with the collective through meditation or creativity- be wary of putting on rose colored glasses! That’s very possible with the moon being in Pisces and the Sun being in Leo - the benefit of this is we can be heart-led over the next few days.

On Wednesday, Mars in Aquarius makes a square to Uranus in Taurus. This is the most exciting aspect this week- when Mars moves into a square aspect with Uranus, we may be tempted to act out of a place of restlessness and sometimes when we’re reckless, accidents can happen- just be mindful with each and every step on Wednesday if at all possible and pay attention to insights that come from the Divine. The moon will move into Aries, lighting a fire up under our asses- a great time to be selfish (in a good way) and to come back to the self-care that you need to keep your life running.

Friday is an opportunity for some major healing as Mars in Aquarius (yet another Mars aspect) makes an aspect to Chiron in Aries - this is a day where we can assimilate the lesson that we are worthy of the good things in life and being loved for simply being rather than doing anything and then on Saturday the moon comes into Taurus and we can ground that realization and that healing out. Saturday and Sunday are great days to spend outside or savoring delicious flavors of food and drink. Enjoy the chillness of this week because it won’t last long!

This weekend, I’m going to have a tent at the Five Elements Flow Arts Festival in Lansing, NC and I will be holding space in the cosmos at the Raven Moon Emporium Psychic Fair in Rock Hill, SC- come see me! For a personal reading - written or in-person, you can check out the bookings section of this website or e-mail me at <3

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