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Horoscope for the week of 7.16 - 7.22 || the sun comes out with LEO SEASON!

The previous week was such a doozy with the Cancer new moon solar eclipse opposing Pluto. This week is way more relaxed and on Sunday, the sun moves into Leo which invokes a feeling of "the Sun coming out" after this rainy, emotional and rather dark eclipse that may have really thrown us all for a loop.

On Monday, the North Node is moving direct in Leo until Friday. This is a rather rare occasion as the North Node is always moving backwards. Intuitively I feel like this is the "stop and reflect" point after the eclipse on Thursday. Be extra attentive to what is happening in your life right now from the people you encounter to the opportunities and challenges you face.

Monday the moon will be in Virgo coming over Venus which will give us a really lovely, grounded feeling. This may make it easier to cut certain toxic foods or habits out of our lives so today (Monday) is a really good day to do that.

On Wednesday, the moon moves into Libra which can make us much more social and community oriented. The things in our lives that our out-of-balance may come up to the forefront for you to address them- this week is the week to do it because there isn't really very much going on astrologically.

On Friday, we have a little bit of a tricky aspect- one that we have already faced- with Mars in Aquarius on top of the South Node of the moon. We've been in this process of releasing old patterns of thought and it's very much been happening in stages- this is just another stage where we get to let stuff go. Remember not to take out so much anger on others - try to make a point to do less. This is one of those days where I wouldn't give too much stock to how you feel either as the moon will be moving into Scorpio, squaring Uranus in Taurus and the North/South Node-our emotions will likely be a little all over the place so there's no need to make decisions from that chaotic place on Friday.

On Sunday, the Sun moves into Leo! Sunshiny, heart-centered, creative Leo season. Leo season is where we express ourselves and what is in our heart so if there is any desire sitting on your heart, bring it to life and the Sun will shine on it! Happy birthday Leos.

For a personal and private reading, feel free to e-mail me at and enjoy this rather chill week :-)

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