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Horoscope for the week of 7.9 - 7.15 || eclipse season as a meal (new moon in Cancer <3)

Good morning all! This week is a big week and starts of eclipse season which basically looks like accelerated realizations and changes that come rapid fire. I was describing earlier this week what eclipse season looks like comparable to a meal. The new moon eclipse is when you realize that you're walking into a restaurant and you sit down and order an appetizer. In between then and the full moon eclipse, you're eating the meat and potatoes of that meal. Then, the full moon eclipse comes and you get to taste the sweet dessert as the end course of that meal. The whole dining experience is a lesson, realization or epiphany you're having. We've been waiting outside of this restaurant for a few months easily and now we're able to go in, sit down and get to work.

Monday, leading up to this experience, Venus moves into Virgo. When Venus moves into the sign of Virgo, we'll collectively become more picky about what we will and will not accept in life and on our plates. We may spend time trying to make our living situation (as this IS Cancer season) more enjoyable and efficient. Our mind goes into streamlining when Venus comes into Virgo. If you are a Virgo Sun, Moon, Rising or Venus natally, this will soften any blows the eclipse may bring and bless your life just a little bit. Maybe you get one of your courses at this hypothetical restaurant comped. Venus doesn't really like to be in Virgo because Virgo is all about analyzing and cleaning, reducing and trimming while Venus just wants to take up space, have fun and get paid for it. A good way to have fun while Venus is in Virgo is to get outside and put your feet in the ground and become more in tune with the cycles and rhythms of the earth. We may become more aware of our health patterns and how we feel based on what we're consuming may become more obvious to us so that we can course-correct.

Also on Monday, Mercury in Leo makes a square aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio that's been moving through a retrograde station. Jupiter has to do with our expansive nature and Mercury is more linear and more logical- Jupiter provokes us to think about all that is possible (even if it's not realistic) and Mercury is there to say, "Wait, big guy, not so fast..." so we may experience some of that push-pull on Monday. Jupiter is stationing direct on Tuesday which is going to feel like a burst of positivity and it will put us in touch with that childlike part of ourselves that tells us anything is possible.

On Tuesday, the moon moves into Gemini and will move into a dark moon phase prior to the Sun-moon conjunction (new moon) on Thursday. This will put us in touch with the shadow side of ourselves. Usually, the way it will show up will depend on the sign the dark moon is in. This dark moon phase in Gemini will allow us to get in touch with our shadow phase via our thoughts. We may worry more than normal or have pervasive negative thoughts. This is a really good time to sit with these thoughts, understand where they come from and allow them to take form in our bodies so we can feel them all the way through before we release them on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Venus in Virgo will make a trine to Uranus in Taurus which looks like an unfolding to change in our physical environments. Epiphanies and lightbulb moments surrounding our health, routines, our bodies and the efficiency and enjoyability of our every day here-now are sure to come. This is a day where our desire for personal freedom, community and friendship will be strong.

Thursday is the big day! The new moon partial solar eclipse in Cancer will be upon us and will be opposing power player Pluto, the creator and destroyer. Whenever Pluto opposes the Sun and the moon it can feel like we are at the mercy of our emotions. There will be no other option than to face some of our inner demons and let them go in ritual form on this day. If we do this, we will be able to enjoy the rest of the meal.

Saturday, the moon moves into Leo which will give us some much-needed levity. The light at the end of the tunnel will be much more available to us as we are prompted to press forward, leaving behind the baggage we put down on Thursday (and Friday). This is where we can begin to savor the appetizer easily and effortlessly. Venus in Virgo will be reaching out to Saturn in Capricorn which may make us serious about planning our lives and measuring/mapping out how we spend our days. The Sun comes out on this day and dries up all the rain so we can see clearly.

Enjoy your week! For a personal and private reading, visit the bookings section of this website or e-mail me at I'll be offering eclipse season reports as well as how to tailor your new moon ritual for you specifically- if this is of interest to you, e-mail me!

<3 M

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