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Horoscope for the week of 6.25 - 7.1 || full moon in Capricorn + Mars retrograde

Greetings loved ones! I hope everything is going great in your world. Two major planetary events this week: Mars moving retrograde in Aquarius on the South Node of the Moon as well as a Full Moon in Capricorn. Themes of purging and releasing old parts of ourselves as well as intention setting to manifest tactile, material change are making their way up to the surface.

On Monday, Venus in Leo makes a square aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio as the moon moves into Sagittarius. This aspect has to do with our relationships: how many of them are expansive and how many of them constrict us? We are collectively moving past obligation to people that don't really serve our highest good and shifting into conscious relationships that feel good. The moon in Sagittarius doesn't necessarily like to settle down emotionally UNLESS it's in a situation that feels intrinsically good, so pay attention to the way that the people and situations in your life make you feel and simply acknowledge that- if they don't make you feel good, it's time to find a way out. Leo has a lot to do with the body response, so pay detailed attention to that.

On Tuesday, Mars moves into a retrograde station, which it will be in until August 27th. It will travel back through Aquarius and will enter Capricorn before it stations direct again. As it makes its way into retrograde station, it will be on top of the South Node of the Moon also in Aquarius, which is what we as a collective are trying to release. Mars has themes of anger and aggression, so in a way we are having to work through that individually so we aren't projecting all over people. If you find that people are projecting on you more than normal, that's why- try not to take it personally. Whenever Mars moves retrograde, we are pushed into becoming more receptive, more in receiving mode and acting or initiating and reacting less. To make the most of this transit, it's important to continue to unpack and dismantle any programming that no longer serves.

On Wednesday, the Sun in Cancer will oppose Saturn in Capricorn as the moon moves into Capricorn. This is where we may feel as though we are moving uphill through mud with what we're trying to achieve and accomplish in our lives. The Sun in Cancer is more emotional while Saturn in Capricorn is trying to get us to approach things with a cool head, especially in regards to work. Use your breathing and your coping skills to keep your head above water during this time knowing that all of the problems you may be having in and out of the workplace may not resolve themselves right away, but they will resolve themselves at a later time.

The moon moves into Capricorn on Wednesday, increasing the energy for our full moon in Capricorn on the Thursday the 28th. This full moon has a lot to do with security, the Sun in Cancer bringing up issues to do with emotional security and abundance and the full moon in Capricorn having to do with fiscal and material security and abundance. Make your wishes and ritual around receiving energy (time, resources, money) for fulfilling your purpose on this earth. Capricorn and Cancer are both very purpose-driven.

Saturday, the moon moves into Aquarius, which will disperse a lot of that held energy brought about by the full moon on Thursday and will bring us into a higher, more broad perspective. We may be a lil agitated as the moon in Aqua moves over Mars in Aquarius on the South Node. We may be able to see from higher up what exactly we need to let go of for our full moon wishes to manifest. We also have Mercury in Leo making a positive aspect to Chiron, highlighting some of the ways where we have been shut down in communication and give us an opportunity to heal that. Mercury in Leo will be making a square to Uranus in Taurus which is where the nudges or pushes that have been coming from Source to move in certain directions may perhaps turn more into slaps in the face. Our Higher Selves may be asking that we go in directions we hadn't considered yet.

I hope you all have wonderful weeks! For a personal and private reading, feel free to e-mail me at


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