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Horoscope for the week of 6.18 - 6.24 || grand water trine & healing * CANCER SEASON!

Greetings everyone! Last week there were some planetary changes - Venus moved into Leo, Mercury moved into Cancer which brings our mind and our love/relationships right down into the center of our chest. Energy can get stuck in that chest area during transits like these, so be sure that there's energy moving up out of the top of your head (meditation) out of your hands (healing, crafting, drawing, creating, expressing) and down your feet (grounding) to prevent a blockage. We had the new moon in Gemini last week which was very felt for me and many others in my life! So many negative, pervasive thought patterns crept up to the surface for the sake of releasing them. 

On Monday, Neptune moves into a retrograde cycle, instantly gliding into a grand water trine with Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio. The best time to do self-study and spiritual development is when Neptune is in retrograde because our intuition and our etheric nature is internalized. Usually situations come up for us that we have to use our own intuition for (and we don't get to look outside of ourselves for the answers). Some dreams may come up for you to take note of so be sure to write them down. This is a time of heightened intuition for most, so if you feel something in your bones or if you see/hear more intuitions than normal, just consider it part of this planetary process and trust it. Neptune is the part of us that extends into all of the dimensions, Jupiter is our spiritual curiosity and faith and Mercury is our logical mind, so this week as this water trine is in tact pay attention to ALL of the signs and synchronicities as you will be highly in tune with yourself. 

The moon will be in Virgo on Monday, which is our foot in the door of reality during this heightened water energy. Moon in Virgo will give us the where-with-all to get stuff done despite the dreamy and emotional energetic quality.

Tuesday, Venus makes a positive aspect with the North Node in Leo! If you have your Sun, moon, rising or any personal planet in Leo, this aspect will be significant for you. Venus is the planet of love and all things pleasurable while the North Node of the moon is the point of collective destiny. Last year, when Venus moved on top of the North Node, I started dating a person who became very significant to me. I'm having significant changes this year as well. Pay attention to how the Universe conspires to bring you blessings and try not to block them without realizing it, which requires you to examine your beliefs in the last few days of Gemini season. 

On Wednesday, the moon moves into Libra which will form a square aspect to Mercury in Cancer early on and then moves off of it as the day goes along. This may lead to some indecision and the feeling of our two minds (emotional and logical) not exactly moving in sync with each other. This aspect will dissipate in the evening so don't attach to it- emotions and mental stances are impermanent. 

On Thursday the Sun moves into Cancer! During Cancer season, we may experience heightened emotional states and a desire for more privacy and more time for the "home is where the heart is." We'll be seeking more heart-centered connections and will begin to digest everything we learned in Gemini season and add meaning and feeling to it. This Cancer season may be more emotionally turbulent than most as it opposes Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn later on, where parts of our shadow surface and feelings of unworthiness seeps in- I'll remind you of this when it comes to pass but connecting to our eternal Self can help us move past obstacles and blocks in the physical. 

Thursday, Venus in Leo moves into a heated opposition to Mars in Aquarius. This aspect, like every aspect in astrology ever, carries with it a lot of possibility and potential. Venus opposing Mars carries with it some steaminess which can look different for each person. Steamy sex or fights that blow the lid off of your home. Feeling a part of or feeling not-so-much a part of. I feel that in a lot of ways this has to do with our desire to feel special within the community we ascribe to. There is a feeling of tribe to this aspect and with two fixed signs, compromise can be difficult but balance, compromise or integration are necessary parts of life. 

On Saturday, the Sun in Cancer will move into a sextile aspect with Uranus in Taurus while coming into a square aspect to Chiron in Aries. Last week, Mercury went through this exact same trajectory so we may experience the same story playing out with different characters in our lives. When Mercury went through this our mind had to wrap around the overwhelming changes that have been snowballing since Uranus went into Taurus. The grand water trine at the beginning of the week offers an opportunity for healing and releasing for when we go through similar feelings- our ego and life force coming up against major change and an opportunity to connect with our wounded inner child and to handle things differently. The moon will move into Scorpio which leads to a deep dive into the darker part of our emotions which likely will be prompted by something that happens in the external. This is a good time to be among the close people that love and understand you, who call you into the feeling of home. This feeling of home will offer us lots of solace over the coming month. 

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