Horoscope for the week of 6.18 - 6.24 || grand water trine & healing * CANCER SEASON!

Greetings everyone! Last week there were some planetary changes - Venus moved into Leo, Mercury moved into Cancer which brings our mind and our love/relationships right down into the center of our chest. Energy can get stuck in that chest area during transits like these, so be sure that there's energy moving up out of the top of your head (meditation) out of your hands (healing, crafting, drawing, creating, expressing) and down your feet (grounding) to prevent a blockage. We had the new moon in Gemini last week which was very felt for me and many others in my life! So many negative, pervasive thought patterns crept up to the surface for the sake of releasing them. 

On Monday, Neptune moves into a retrograde cycle, instantly gliding into a grand water trine with Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio. The best time to do self-study and spiritual development is when Neptune is in retrograde because our intuition and our etheric nature is internalized. Usually situations come up for us that we have to use our own intuition for (and we don't get to look outside of ourselves for the answers). Some dreams may come up for you to take note of so be sure to write them down. This is a time of heightened intuition for most, so if you feel something in your bones or if you see/hear more intuitions than normal, just consider it part of this planetary process and trust it. Neptune is the part of us tha