Horoscope for the week of 6.11 - 6.17 || gemini new moon + mercury & venus change signs

Greetings loved ones and starseeds! This week has been a big one- even though there weren't very many changes in signs of planets, there were some aspects pointing to us needing to break out of our programming, such as the Mars-South Node conjunction in Aquarius making a square to Uranus which recently stationed in Taurus. In the last blog, I wrote about our lives, bodies and souls as computers and the fact that we're trying to use processing systems as old as 1985 and we're wondering why it doesn't work anymore. The energy as of late is requiring that to level up, we let go of a myriad of different thoughts, beliefs and loops we've been stuck in for a long time. The energy as of late also really supports us when we decide to step out into the unknown and break this programming.

This week, we'll have a new moon in Gemini on Wednesday the 13th. New moons are very effective at releasing the old- digging up the dirt so that the new can be planted. As we come into the week, the moon will be in Taurus which is easily the least adaptable to change of all of the archetypes of the signs. Whenever the moon is moving through the sign before the new moon, it's called a dark moon. On Monday, it's important that we be very aware of the resistance that comes up when we know that we need a change- if there is any fear, worry or doubt that is holding us back, it's important to remember that once we release and set free parts of ourselves that don't serve us on the new moon, we create a vacuum and what fills that space will be of our higher good.