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Horoscope for the week of 6.11 - 6.17 || gemini new moon + mercury & venus change signs

Greetings loved ones and starseeds! This week has been a big one- even though there weren't very many changes in signs of planets, there were some aspects pointing to us needing to break out of our programming, such as the Mars-South Node conjunction in Aquarius making a square to Uranus which recently stationed in Taurus. In the last blog, I wrote about our lives, bodies and souls as computers and the fact that we're trying to use processing systems as old as 1985 and we're wondering why it doesn't work anymore. The energy as of late is requiring that to level up, we let go of a myriad of different thoughts, beliefs and loops we've been stuck in for a long time. The energy as of late also really supports us when we decide to step out into the unknown and break this programming.

This week, we'll have a new moon in Gemini on Wednesday the 13th. New moons are very effective at releasing the old- digging up the dirt so that the new can be planted. As we come into the week, the moon will be in Taurus which is easily the least adaptable to change of all of the archetypes of the signs. Whenever the moon is moving through the sign before the new moon, it's called a dark moon. On Monday, it's important that we be very aware of the resistance that comes up when we know that we need a change- if there is any fear, worry or doubt that is holding us back, it's important to remember that once we release and set free parts of ourselves that don't serve us on the new moon, we create a vacuum and what fills that space will be of our higher good.

Neptune is preparing to move into a retrograde station in the sign of Pisces, so it's come into its shadow phase. Neptune represents illusions, dreams, transcendence and escapism. One of the things that intuitively came to me when I sat with this is that we are coming into a time where we are able to recognize our Sovereignty with more ease. The paradigm of needing to look outside of ourselves for answers is becoming extinct while our higher Selves are becoming more accessible. People are coming away from traditional religion in favor of more ancient "new" age wisdom (like astrology!) but we're still so accustomed to looking for someone to tell us what to do. I believe this Neptune retrograde station will for better or for worse force us to go inside ourselves to connect to what we know on a cellular level to be true.

On Tuesday, the moon moves out of its dark phase and into the sign of Gemini. Our minds are going to be very active with a lot of different possibilities right before us. Reverend Rebecca Nagy today brought up an excellent point- that we should during this mentally busy time look toward the gap between our thoughts and that is where the wisdom lies (and we can access it!)

Mercury moves into Cancer which puts our logical mind in a much more watery emotional place. Our instincts can be to become more private when it comes to expressing ourselves and to go more inward. Our emotions and our bodies tell us a lot of valuable intuitive information and we can use that to navigate our life when Mercury comes into Cancer. Be cautious not to bottle your feelings- instead find healthy and creative channels for them to flow so they don't form a blockage for you to deal with later.

Tuesday and Wednesday form a nexus of energy this week.

On Wednesday, set intentions for patterns of thought and belief that you want to release with the new moon in Gemini. Even though Gemini is a rather extroverted sign, we may feel more inward and mentally busy, so be prepared to take a pen to paper to get out the thoughts you want to release and burn it to seal it off.

Venus, planet of love, sensuality and play comes into Leo, the ruler of the heart in medical astrology.Our love expression becomes bigger and we may be very generous with ourselves and our wallets- our tendency to indulge is there with Venus moving through this sign. Leo is a fixed sign and doesn't really like change as a result of that, even though change is in the air. Be sure to continue to be flexible in your relationships as Venus moves through this sign.

Also on Wednesday, Mercury in Caner makes a sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus while it makes a square aspect to Chiron in Aries. The way that we are viewing the world and interacting with it may be proven ineffective and needs to be changed, or as my friend Mandy Godbey said eloquently- upgraded. Don't be afraid of making some upgrades and be sure not to hold on too long to hurts or resentments because too much of that will burn a hole in your esophagus.

On Thursday, Venus in Leo moves into a square with Uranus in Taurus. When I think about attachment and I think about the signs that have a hard time with it, I think of the fixed signs, Leo and Taurus. Change is something that these signs really have to ease into, but Uranus, the planet of sweeping change (upgrades) has other plans for them. Seeking only external security is not something we should be infatuated with at this time- external security is not real as the foundation shifts beneath our feet. In every part of our lives it's important to work on non-attachment. The moon will move into Cancer making our emotions heightened. On Friday, Venus in Leo makes a positive aspect to Chiron in Aries. I love positive aspects to Chiron as they bring healing to the issues of the particular planet aspected. Venus in Leo has to do with the relationships that are closest to our heart and over the week Venus sees some difficult aspects so it's almost like this week our love relationships take a healing journey- we may be triggered in the middle of the week only to face a quick, healing resolve later in the week. Our ability to express about it may be thwarted so we may be feeling more inward and a little bit more serious as Mercury in Cancer makes an opposition to Saturn in Capricorn. Here we learn that some things are meant to stay a little bit close to the chest- what is important to us rises up to the surface and shows itself as we become more discerning about how to spend our energy and time.

The moon moves into Leo on Saturday and will move over the North Node, giving us a glimpse of destiny and hope to hold onto.

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