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Horoscope for the week of 6.4 - 6.10 || changing our program and seeing through illusion

Greetings! I hope everyone is having a great weekend and early week so far. One of the things that has come up a lot for me that is unrelated to astrology is abundance versus lack mindset. I've been at the shop that I work at all day and it seems like everyone that comes in here is looking for suggestions on how to get rid of and change their story on money, lack and not-having-enough. To top that off, tonight I am partaking in the wonderful Jess Bubbico's book club, reading a book called "You Are A Money Making Badass" by Jen Sincero. Seems like Source is urging me to give this message. Your self-worth and self-esteem and income, financially and emotionally are connected. Don't be afraid to receive what you need and want. Especially for the Gemini new moon coming up on the 13th of June, you'll want to really uproot your thoughts that are reinforcing the same pattern of not having enough and then affirm that the Universe is an abundant place- that there is enough for everyone and receiving what you are worth isn't "bad" or "evil."

Tuesday, the Sun and Mercury will be conjunct in Gemini making this an incredibly busy day mentally. The Sun and Mercury in Gemini will both be making squares to Neptune on Tuesday and Thursday which may translate to unrealistic, foggy, illusory or scattered thought. Mind your expectations this week- when you haven't any expectations, you will almost always be positively surprised. This is a great week to put your feet into the ground so you don't fly away and sleep on important things that need to get done here on Earth.

Also on Tuesday, Venus in Cancer is making an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Cancer is the mother and Capricorn is the father, so if there are any childhood fears or programs, on Tuesday they may rear their head. It's a good day to remind yourself that you can parent your inner child. This may cause some imbalances of power in relationships and if there is anything that needs to be communicated, I would write some of that stuff down and have those conversations later on in the week if you can help it as it's possible that your intentions can be skewed during this time with all of the squares to Neptune.

The moon moves into Pisces from Tuesday until Friday which will make us highly creative and spiritual but not necessarily very grounded. Keep your expectations in check and rose-colored glasses off if you can help it, but don't be afraid at the same time to dream big (act later).

Friday and the days preceding and following it are going to strike a karmic chord as Mars in Aquarius is going to be conjuncting the South Node in Aquarius and opposing the North Node in Leo. Imagine that your life is a Windows computer and you're trying to run software on it from the year 2000 instead of using up-to-date processing. We can get trapped in certain loops and programs that don't serve us anymore but we keep going with them because they are comfortable and safe. These grooves we get into and loops we get stuck on are going to be glaringly obvious on Friday and days before and after and the best way to navigate this energy is to become acutely aware of your behaviors and thoughts. Awareness is the first step in changing the program. Key into the Aries moon energy, that which loves doing new things and trying out new behaviors and ways of being and looks forward to it like it's an experiment.

On Sunday, the moon moves into Taurus which accesses the energy of savoring, enjoyment and draws our emotional experience into the senses. Good food, great sex and the finer things will be in the forefront of our mind on Sunday. Sunday is usually known as a lazy day- the mind and actions are busy this week so it's okay to take some time away from all of that just to be still and enjoy.

There are a few chances to catch me for a reading this week - by using the "booking" tab on my website or e-mailing me at || I have an online store in the works where I'll be offering written readings - ones where I'll focus on a specific topic and full natal chart readings and forecasts (or "opportunity" readings) ~coming soon~

All my love, M

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