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Horoscope for the week of 5.28 - 6.3 || full moon in Sagittarius // thoughts vs faith

Hello beautiful souls! This week past has a very heavy feeling to it and I can assure you that the upcoming week is much lighter and brighter. We've all been adjusting to the Uranus in Taurus energy which is a lot more lethargic and slow-moving than the vibration of Uranus in Aries. I think that a lot of this heaviness is coming from Mother Earth and Uranus in Taurus has a lot to do with the healing of the planet. An adjustment time is reasonable for us to adjust with the shift that this new planetary energy brings. This week has been adjusting and allowing some of the dust and the changes to settle- allowing is a big piece of it.

On Monday, the Sun moves into a sextile aspect with the North Node in Leo as the moon prepares to move into Sagittarius on Tuesday and moving right into a full moon. The North Node is the destiny point and has to with what we need to integrate. Leo is the sign of the heart and the general message with that is if your heart isn't in that job, that relationship or literally any situation then it is simply not going to bear fruits. Monday looks like seeing a glimpse of that. Be on the look out for new things that you would love to learn about to incorporate into your beingness.

As we shift into the very high-energy full moon, the Sun being in Gemini and the moon being in Sagittarius, the focus narrows in on our thoughts, beliefs and faith. Sagittarius is one of the signs gifted with manifestation, so make your intentions known to the universe and try not to let your thoughts and skepticism get in the way of your faith and spiritual awareness. Being a very thought and thinking oriented person myself, I know how difficult it can be to make intentions or to seek to manifest something by visualizing it, feeling it in my body and let it go without endlessly worrying whether or not it worked, which undercuts your whole effort. From a practical place, setting your learning intentions and goals and really underlining what you would like to learn over the course of the next six months.

Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) are capable of such alchemy and transformation, so it's a really positive day and week to open yourself to the magic of transformation and change.

(Side street: My partner is a Gemini Sun and Sagittarius moon- born on a full moon- and he is a wonderful example of how to best utilize this energy. He never lets anything gets in the way of his attempt to integrate more knowledge, is always reading or learning something and is always seeking to do better and be better. Be like Buck on this full moon).

Also on Tuesday, Mercury moves into Gemini into an opposition with the moon. Mercury in Gemini is very thought-oriented, causing our mind and our practical reality to be very busy and potentially scattered. Mercury in Gemini also has a massive focus on learning. One thing that we can learn from Mercury in Gemini is how to learn about a bunch of different things and put them together in a very cohesive and digestible form - perhaps that's for our business, our relationship or simply for us.

On Wednesday, Mercury in Aries makes a sextile aspect to Chiron in Aries which could point to a communication that points to something that makes us uncomfortable about ourselves. People are mirrors for us and often times when we recognize it, it can be a positive form of reflection for us. If not, projection can take hold and we can pin our hurt on someone else, which isn't fair for either of you. Be mindful of what you say to others on Wednesday and be sure not to make assumptions about people, their intentions and what they have going on.

On Thursday, the moon will be moving into Capricorn, indicating a time where our attention commonly turns towards material matters and we become very future-oriented. There is a realism to the moon in Capricorn that can be sort of a depressing effect and that is where our meditation practice comes into play to assist in lightening us during that time. The erratic energy brought on by the full moon will begin to ground, which is a very positive thing, allowing the seeds at the full moon to become buds.

Friday is a day where our motivation, our energy levels and connection to Source wisdom and the collective shifts will rise once more. Mercury in Gemini will be making a trine aspect to Mars in Aquarius. Mars is in shadow phase about to slow down and stop, or move into a retrograde station. This can indicate that our will and our drive will begin to wane just a little bit, so this is actually a very positive aspect at this time. This also has to do with our minds, our thoughts, our inspiration and the intuitive/spiritual pulse (as Mercury in Gemini will simultaneously be aspecting the North Node in Leo). All of the following will shed lots of much-needed light on how to do your work, professional and personal, in a new, more creative and heart-centered way. The old way simply will not work anymore as old paradigms continue to die off and morph into something better. Keep an open mind on Friday, first and foremost.

On Saturday, Venus in Cancer will be making a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces offering a watery aspect for a potentially much-needed emotional release and healing if we allow for it. This is a great day to seek out energy work, healing and to become highly curious and creative.

On Sunday, the moon moves into Aquarius which is a really good moon placement for looking at things both objectively and optimistically. The tendency can be to run from feelings or to shirk away from them and this bottling doesn't do anything for anyone, especially because it will only come out later. Emotionally finding a place for something right away, whether through writing, meditation, visualization or a creative project- it'll be good to deal with things as they come up with the moon here.

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