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Horoscope for the week of 5.21 - 5.27 || and the dust settles

Good morning starseeds and earth angels alike! This week was insane in terms of changes in the planetary alignment. A new moon in Taurus, Uranus moving into Taurus on the same day and shaking up the collective consciousness, Mars moving into Aquarius into a square aspect with Uranus where we are really called to look outside of our box for answers and action, Venus moves into Cancer causing friction with the Uranian activity (which prompts disruption and change) as Venus in Cancer wants comfort and security and the Sun moved into Gemini yesterday (Sunday, May 20th). The Universe has a great sense of humor and loves to bring all of these energetic changes all at once. God/Source/Universe/I Am Presence never gives us more than we can handle and balances it out with this week- full of some aspects but no major planetary changes. The dust settles this week and we can take a breather from the "crazy" energy.

Tuesday, the Sun in Gemini makes a sextile aspect to Chiron in Aries. This is where we are able to objectively view the events of the past week and our lives and we are able to place it somewhere and put it in perspective. Some stuff may have come up in the past week to brush up against our egos and our faith and Tuesday serves as a sorting day for some of that stuff. It's imperative that we continue to find perspective on our shadow side so that we can use it for us rather than against us with Jupiter moving through a retrograde station in Scorpio.

Mercury in Taurus (our logical mind in a very pragmatic, logic-oriented sign) will be making a sextile aspect to highly spiritual, creative and potentially escapist/transcendent Neptune in Pisces. This serves as a mental fork in the road for Tuesday. We can escape our reality in many ways- through substances, daydreaming, plugging into addictive behaviors and relationships... OR we can choose to ground into the earth and allow this dreamy, illusory Neptune influence to take us into a more balanced and practical spiritual place. The moon will be moving into Virgo which increases the streaming thought reel in our minds and possibly adds to the to-do list. Something I've personally noticed when the moon comes into Virgo is looking around my environment and noticing all of the stuff that I haven't been able to do for lack of time. With all of the aspects and the moon placement on Tuesday, to find a balance is optimal. To be able to find our own time to heal, transform and change, to be of service to others, meditate, get outside and put our angst into a creative outlet are great ways to honor and succeed the planetary energies.

On Wednesday, Mercury in Taurus will be opposing Jupiter in Scorpio. This means that our shadow Self if not paid adequate attention to may show itself which serves to teach us something. If the mind can justify it, Wednesday can be a day of immense growth. The pull between Taurus and Scorpio has to do with making room for both the practical, surface concerns and the deep waters of our subconscious mind. This is a day to keep a to-do list so that we don't let any of the details fall through the cracks, but also a day that we can find immense healing if we let ourselves. The Sun in Gemini will be positively aspecting Mars in Aquarius which means our energy levels and our life force will be burning a little bit brighter and a little bit stronger than usual, so use this to your advantage today to check off the items that are practical and also the items that are deep.

On Thursday, the moon moves into Libra which is when our emotional mind shifts into a place of valuing collaboration and community. When the moon is in Libra we shift into a place of diplomacy and at times of selflessness. Let go of finding a perfect balance from Friday to Sunday... one thing that I have found with the Libra moon folks in my life is that they can strive for the perfect balance when in reality just when the Universe improves one part of life, another one can slip out of balance. Perfection isn't real, but you can utilize this energy to enjoy those around you and lift them up.

Friday, Jupiter in Scorpio will be making a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces and at the very same time Mercury in Taurus will be positively aspecting Pluto in Capricorn. This is a day that provides tremendous relief and healing from the patterns and belief systems that bind us and keep us where we are. A day where self-improvement efforts will bring back double the results and we can find some major growth.

This weekend is the "kicker" in a week full of relatively easy energy. Saturay, Venus in Cancer moves into an opposition with Saturn in Capricorn while the moon dives deep into the sign of Scorpio, eventually coming over Jupiter later in the day on Sunday. Cancer and Capricorn have a lot to do with our maternal and paternal figures, so there may be some triggers that come up around our childhood. Even if you weren't abused as a child, there are nuances that sink in and can actually affect you and your ability to thrive now as an adult. You may find patterns playing out from childhood over and over again (we all have those). At what point do we decide enough is enough? At what point are we going to decide to move forward in our adult lives without those faulty beliefs lingering over our heads? Utilizing the Scorpio moon energy on Sunday, we can safely plunge the depths of these triggering emotions with the conscious awareness that emotions are temporary.

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