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Horoscope for the week of 5.14 - 5.20 || winds of change // new moon & Uranus in Taurus

This week is HUGE in astrology and it's one of those weeks where I feel honored to write this blog detailing everything that is happening for the week ahead. Four planets/luminaries shift into different signs, one of them being Uranus, planet of change and awakening who only changes signs every seven years AND a new moon in Taurus where Uranus is moving to. As I write this, I know that next week will feel like a completely different universe.

Monday, the moon moves into Taurus gearing up for this explosive and expansive new moon on Tuesday. New moons in Taurus are usually about examining the parts of our lives where we fear change, crave or have security and our attention shifts into our finances. Usually, new moons are in themselves an astrological ordeal where we examine what new seeds to plant and take time for rest and relaxation as the time before we give birth to new life.

This Tuesday, it's going to be a bit different. I imagine that Tuesday is the day where we're all going to wake up, look around and have a wholly different experience of what our lives have become. Uranus is moving into Taurus until 2026!! (Woop woop!) Uranus is the planet that represents change and Taurus is the fixed earth sign that has some issues in facing and embracing change as a natural, healthy part of life. Collectively, since Taurus is by far and away (in my opinion) the earthiest, most rooted sign, certain astrologers I respect and look up to have predicted that Mother Earth, the planet, will be responding to the poor treatment of her. More natural disasters- earthquakes, storms and the likes are expected to surface during this time. The Earth is a living being and she will not stand for the way we have been pumping her resources for all she's worth- expect reactions from this to permeate the minds of the people behind oil scheming and rainforest-drying to shift into a healing of the planet.

Collectively, the way our financial resources as a country may also shift during this time. The last time that Uranus was in Taurus, it was on the tail end of the Great Depression when FDR implemented somewhat socialist policy that promoted more prosperity for all. I anticipate that some of the big businesses will be under fire at this time and that there may be a collapse of the financial structure only to build up something that looks more fair for the lower and middle classes.

On a personal level, this Uranus in Taurus transit will ask that we examine the parts of our lives that feel "too comfortable." We will be moved out of our comfort zones by embracing the concept of change as a constant. Our finances may change, our relationships as we know them may change and our living situations may change as well as possibly our eating habits and our creature comforts. Don't be afraid, for Source energy permeates this world- there is nothing to be afraid of because everything that happens, even if it sucks in the moment, will be for our highest good.

On Wednesday, Mars moves into Uranus-ruled Aquarius. This is when we follow Uranus' lead by finding unusual or unconventional ways of doing our daily lives. This is where we innovate and set new patterns in our lives. We may be upset or bothered by new things that have never bothered us before- new triggers for us to deal with (as Jupiter in Scorpio is asking of us right now) which is a great chance for us to develop new out-of-the-box coping mechanisms for dealing with the shifts we are facing in the world right now.

This Mars in Aquarius transit will be making a square aspect to newfound Uranus in Taurus, which exists as a time where we may be a little bit more restless and less careful when it comes to our surroundings. Mars in Aquarius and Uranus moving through the sign of Taurus (which it doesn't like to do) will have us consistently pushing the envelope- I just urge you to do that in the safest and most comfortable way possible.

The moon moves into Gemini on Wednesday, easing off this new moon energy but not giving us a mental break really. We become mentally busy and emotionally expressive when the moon comes here. Do your best to breathe deeply and consciously, write a bunch of stuff down if that is what is required and use this energy to the highest good by crossing stuff off of your to-do list with the Mars in Aquarius transit shining light on new and exciting things to do.

Friday, our communication becomes discerning and serious as Mercury in Taurus makes a positive aspect over to Saturn in Capricorn. This is where our mind may be on the more practical aspects of life like what needs to be done and the steps to take to go about doing it. Mercury in Taurus will also be making a square aspect to the North Node in Leo which has been steady pushing us to be more heart-centered and heart-led in our lives. Everything in the astrology coming right up until later on in the day is oriented towards thought rather than feeling, which can take us out of our heart space and into our mind. The mind is the liar, the heart knows the truth. As the moon sashays into the sign of Cancer later on, it'll be easier to drop into our heart, but there may be a push-pull effect between what we need to think about/get done and feel/heal about. Balance is key but not easy to find with skies such as these.

On Saturday, Venus moves into Cancer and moves right into a sextile with Uranus in Taurus. Venus in Cancer is security-oriented in relationships while Uranus is the most freedom-oriented planet there is. Depending on us, if we're oriented towards security and comfort or oriented towards freedom and the unexpected, we will either be pouring our love into our partners and friends like a warm blanket, perhaps with a smothering energy, or we'll be forging our own path to go down boldly and unapologetically. The potential is there for alienation of loved ones, so be mindful of the effect your actions have on them and communicate what it is that you need. On the high side, this may breathe a breath of fresh air into your relationships.

On Sunday, Venus in Cancer makes a square aspect to Chiron in Aries while the moon transitions into Leo and the Sun comes into Gemini. This square from Venus to Chiron is all about projection in our relationships - this is a day where any slight critique of us from our partners, love interests, family and friends will feel extremely harsh. Or possibly something about your partner's behavior hits an unworthiness you feel internally. It's good to be mindful of our reactions and our emotions and what they're really about as the moon in Leo has us self-focused or self-conscious on Sunday.

The positive side of Sunday is that the Sun will move into Gemini. I personally love Gemini season - I am super in love with a Gemini and I believe that they are the most misunderstood sign in the whole zodiac - they are polar people able to understand the light and the dark parts of existence and be objective to it. Maybe this is a time where we objectively examine our two polar sides. This is also a great time for learning and sharing what we've learned.

Blessed be! <3 M

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