Competition in the spiritual community || why it's not real

This post is not astrological, but very important for me to write. This is a topic that has come up for me several times in the past few weeks and when Source is nudging me in a particular direction, I like to heed its suggestion and follow the "pulse."

I'm lucky enough to work as a manager of a metaphysical furniture store in Charlotte, North Carolina where I live. There, lots of healers practice their art and vendors display their spiritually inspired products. This place is called Sanctuary Imports and serves as a space away from the overwhelm of every day life for many in my area. I'm blessed to be able to welcome them with open arms as they share what is going on in their life- spiritual or not. I offer listening and suggestion and when it's appropriate, point them in the direction of a product or a healer I think they could really benefit from.

The spiritual community I take up space in is one of richness and depth with some charlatans, sure, but mostly incredibly talented, grounded and connected beings of cosmic light. From tarot card readers to intuitives to mediums