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Competition in the spiritual community || why it's not real

This post is not astrological, but very important for me to write. This is a topic that has come up for me several times in the past few weeks and when Source is nudging me in a particular direction, I like to heed its suggestion and follow the "pulse."

I'm lucky enough to work as a manager of a metaphysical furniture store in Charlotte, North Carolina where I live. There, lots of healers practice their art and vendors display their spiritually inspired products. This place is called Sanctuary Imports and serves as a space away from the overwhelm of every day life for many in my area. I'm blessed to be able to welcome them with open arms as they share what is going on in their life- spiritual or not. I offer listening and suggestion and when it's appropriate, point them in the direction of a product or a healer I think they could really benefit from.

The spiritual community I take up space in is one of richness and depth with some charlatans, sure, but mostly incredibly talented, grounded and connected beings of cosmic light. From tarot card readers to intuitives to mediums to reiki healers to light workers to energy healers to tapping experts to herbalists to ritual creators to shamans to priestesses and the list goes on and on.

This blog post was originally born out of a conversation with my partner, a true soul mate, who supports me in my work and in my life endlessly. He was remarking on how easy it is for me to promote other people who do work that is similar to mine. He asked me if that compromised my own business (in his own words).

As he asked me this, my mind drifted into the sea of amazing, enlightened people I am lucky to know. People who have gifts that are different but equally valuable to my own. People who have come to my aid when I needed refuge and healing and people who have delivered ruthless honesty as I had my head stubbornly up my own butt.

I am a reiki practitioner, an astrologer who communicates and vibes with the planets and celestial bodies, I read the symbols and numbers of tarot cards and I'm beginning my journey of teaching yoga as of last month and I am so passionate about the work that I do. I have the most amazing teacher, Lynne Durbin, who I was privileged enough to learn the art of grounding, shielding and protecting myself from energies that don't serve me and other people's work. Lynne taught me to open up in a safe and comfortable manner and to send energy through my hands. She introduced me to Source and helped me to familiarize me with my higher Self.

In my studies with Lynne, I can remember her saying that one of the best things that you can do to raise your vibration, your frequency, so that you can align with the things that you want, is to be genuinely happy for other people in their successes. The image comes into my mind of a "karmic bank" where you can put "karmic bucks." Every time you celebrate someone outside of yourself, you get to put a few karmic bucks in the karmic bank.

Abraham Hicks teaches us (the reminder came from Brandi Trujillo, local sound healer and bodywork wizard, as I asked her permission for her to be included in this blog), that we are all vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe. The clients that we as healers and teachers attract are the people that need the information that we have in that moment- they have attracted us and we have attracted them. And from that, a usually beautiful energy exchange takes place either by way of trading, compensation and knowledge, healing or clearing.

Jessica McGratty, local priestess and CBD wizard, was sharing with me via phone the other day that there is enough to go around. And it is so true! There are enough people who need healing and insight for everyone in the spiritual community and even extending out into the helper fields (therapy, nutrition, coaching etc) to have an abundance of beautiful energy exchanges.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what gifts I have and what gifts I don't have- what I can do and what I can't do. For example, I can understand a person based on the stars at the time of their birth and use the right words to speak right into the heart of them, but I can't keep a plant alive to save my life. My thumb is literally the opposite of green. I can lay hands and use toning to allow people's subtle and physical bodies to shift and release, but I can't see and communicate with people's dead relatives. I can have an open-hearted, focused conversation and connection that can change the course of someone's day and maybe even life at Sanctuary Imports where I work, but I can't communicate, at least consciously, with people's angels, spirit guides and ascended masters. I love myself regardless of what I can't do because of all that I can and even beyond what I can do - I truly love myself for being. Being myself is enough and being myself is what will attract the right clients to me.

Then I thought about all of the people that I know and love dearly who are amazing healers with the capacity for amazing work. Some are listed below:

- Brea of Musa Moon (herbalist, small business owner, healer and mother) once put together a conconction that helped me to start my period when I was two weeks late and not pregnant. She welcomed me into her space with genuine authenticity and she is grounded AF. She has a wonderful ability to intuitively come up with the right herbs and essential oils needed for health problems and rituals to create change.

- Brandi Trujillo (sound healer, bodyworker, truth-teller and mother) along with her business parter Austin Shook come together as Focused Alignment to create the most magickal sound healing journeys that me and my partner regularly frequent for pain relief, spiritual growth and to navigate the shift of being a person on the planet at this time. The sounds they create are not of this world and neither are the changes that result in my body from their sounds.

- Amy Williams (author, therapist, essential oil guru and creativity expert) has a brand called Wanda Petunia, the self-care pig, and in the course of a conversation can completely change my perception of myself. Talks with Amy can shift my perspective into a place of self-love so quickly.

- Heather Darnell (tarot card goddess, magick practitioner, energy worker) has a mind for social justice and change and gives the most psychological and in-depth tarot readings- her "no-bs" way of going about it don't allow for me to stay stuck in my constructs.

- Jess Bubbico (intuitive, life coach and women's empowerment ingenue) and her readings have allowed me to relinquish my old paradigm with grace and ease to step into a more empowered now.

- Laura McCleod (reiki healer, viking goddess and jewelry creator) has an amazing ability when it comes to reiki! Her reiki is absolutely wonderful and feels like such a big hug. Her intuition is so on point and her jewelry resonates at such a high frequency.

All of these people have things that they can do that I can't and I have stuff I can do that they can't- but it doesn't matter because we are all enough and all incredible even without our work. I support others endlessly because I believe in the work they can do (and maybe some self-serving part of myself knows that the referrals and the love I send out will come back to me).

Thank you for taking the time to read this soul-generated article- I hope you lift up those around you today as well as yourself!

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