Horoscope for the week of 5.7 - 5.13 || on inner listening

Hello all! I've missed you. Hope everything is going well on your end starseeds, earth angels and loved ones.

To start off the week, there are some pretty harsh aspects between inner, more personal planets and outer more collective planets. Not to scare anyone, transits are to be transcended. If anyone has read "The Four Agreements," this is definitely a week to read and re-read that book. This week Mercury takes quite an interesting journey so it's time we redirect our attention to our communication. With Mercury in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, we may be tempted to talk and talk and to drive our point all the way home without paying attention to what it is we're actually saying. Sometimes, what is required is the ability to listen and this is the theme for the week: listening. Listening to your own inner voice and listening for the inner voice of others. Pluto represents things that are hidden and Mercury in Aries wanting to talk over people and get their point across can miss things in the underbelly of the conversation. If we're more mindful and move slower in our communications to ourselves, others and our higher power or Source, we won't miss as much.