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Horoscope for the week of 4.23 - 4.29 || full moon in scorpio

Good morning! I hope last week treated you well with the new retrograde stations of Saturn and Pluto and the movement of Chiron into Aries. For me, these influences were very felt on an energetic level. I felt tired, more aware of my limitations and a little bit overwhelmed with all of the work I had to do. I had headaches every day which were a call for me to rest more, close my eyes and tune in. Saturn and Pluto are calling us to pay attention to what is going on inside of our bodies and honor that if you can.

On Monday, the moon moves into Leo, a nice bit of levity to start off the week. Leo in the sign of the moon reminds us of the fun, creativity and light-heartedness that we need. Do something that feeds your soul today.

On Tuesday, Venus moves into the sign of Gemini! This is where our need for love and the need for communication walk side by side. Especially because Venus will come into Gemini and immediately aspect Chiron in Aries- this may look like needing to get something important off your chest or becoming a conscientious observer of what is going on in your close and personal relationships. Venus in Gemini wants to talk, be spontaneous and has the capacity to observe everything- positive and negative. The rose-colored glasses come off and we are able to see things as we really are without letting that bum us out.

On Wednesday, the moon moves into the sign of Virgo. When the moon moves into Virgo our mind and emotions shift over to where we are most needed. Our mind can race when the moon comes into this sign, so use your breath and your coping skills in case your negative imagination gets away from you. Virgo at its best is very in tune with the cycles and seasons of mother earth, so perhaps you get outside and put your feet and hands right in the dirt, honoring the earth.

Thursday is going to be a lot. Mercury in Aries will be making a square aspect to Saturn in Capricorn while Mars and Pluto will be conjuncting (together) in Capricorn. This is a difficult combination because Mars and Pluto come together and create an increase in sex drive, internal heat and anger. Mercury in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn will create a barrier to expression of some kind- specific to each person. The good thing about this aspect is Mars and Pluto create ambition and laser focus but the thing that can be difficult about this is that the channels for expressing this focus may not be quite open. This is a day to keep a notebook and a pen by you at all times to jot those bursts of inspiration down as well as anything that you can't say without hurting anyone. This is a great day to do kundalini practices or tantra to raise the energy consciously, being mindful of the ego.

On Friday, again an infusion of levity comes in (like Monday). Mercury in Aries is going to be reaching out to the point of destiny, the North Node in Leo. This is where our communication becomes unrestricted and more heart-filled. If you let Thursday's energies get the best of you, Friday is the day where there's more of a resolve. The moon will move into Libra where we are more social and harmony-focused, more prone to compromising and loving, so if you have the opportunity to socialize, Friday is a great day for it.

Sunday the moon moves into Scorpio and then later on in the day, the full moon in Scorpio occurs. The best way to describe the combination of Taurus and Scorpio is to imagine there's a well. The earth around the well that supports it is Taurus and the well itself is Scorpio energy. If you're doing any ritual around this full moon, I highly recommend doing some earthing and releasing your deeper issues into the earth, whether you burn them or even just vocalizing them. A lot of times we are afraid to get into deep waters, to get into emotional places, because we're afraid we won't get back up and out. The Sun is going to be positively aspecting Saturn in Capricorn so there are grounding fail-safe's all over the place for you to have a raw and opening display of emotion.

If you'd like to purchase a more detailed astrology reading, e-mail me at and I hope you have a great week! I'll be posting on Instagram @meredithsluckystars and Facebook: Meredith's Lucky Stars Astrology quite often this week. <3

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