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Horoscope for the week of 4.16 - 4.22 || Taurus season // releasing attachment and savoring the mome

Greetings everyone! I hope your New Moon in Aries is treating you well thus far. The week ahead continues the theme of intense energy, potential surprises and changes that have been a part of this Aries season. This week we close the door (at least partially) on Aries energy and say "hello" to Taurus energy. Mercury moves direct today (Sunday) and so a confusing chapter of communication and interactions with our technologies is ending, thankfully <3

Monday, the moon moves into Taurus which is really good stability to key into for the beginning of this week. Grounding into the core of mother earth will allow us to operate from a place of balance and if you make that connection every day this week then you'll be more stable during some of the chaotic transits that take place this week. This is a great time to go outside, move your body and eat really delicious food- to savor. When the moon comes into the sign of Taurus, this is a great time to honor the creative ideas that come to us by expressing them.

On Tuesday, Chiron moves into the sign of Aries. It's interesting to me that Uranus, the planet of transcendence, change, surprises and rapid advancement is wrapping up its transit in Aries and will begin its transit through Taurus in May, while Chiron is finishing up its time in Pisces and moving into Aries. Uranus in Aries has been changing who we are so that we can help to transform the planet- a lot of new age healers and feelers speak of a global shift or a global awakening, and Uranus has been directly a part of that, with various transits helping to bring the parts of us that aren't as favorable or are stuck in old programming up and out while helping us assimilate and integrate new traits, thoughts and ways of being. Chiron following the same trajectory until 2027 is going to challenge some of our new ways of being to see if anything needs to be further broken down and assimilated. Aries is all about our Selves and Chiron as the wounded healer comes in and says "Are you honoring yourSelf? Are you listening to your instincts and your intuition? Are you taking care of yourself how you need to be taken care of - mind, body, soul and spirit?" Now is the time to reflect on these questions and answer them.

Saturn moves into retrograde station in Capricorn on Tuesday. Uranus and Chiron's trajectory through Aries along with Saturn in Capricorn are all asking that we bring our new and improved selves into our workplace- for a lot of people it means taking a leap of faith and doing something totally different- something that feeds your spirit. This Saturn retrograde station will be asking us to review and reflect on whether or not we've been honoring ourselves at work. Have we been giving our power away in the workplace? Are we working the right amount of hours for us? Is it too much or too little? Your body will tell you your answers to these questions so listen closely.

Venus in Taurus also makes an opposition to Jupiter in Scorpio on Tuesday which can mean a couple of things. Any time these two blessing planets are talking to each other it's usually positive and could bring revelations. Jupiter has to do with expansion and Venus has to do with relationships- Taurus and Scorpio are on the axis of possession. Be mindful and attentive of a few things during this quick transit: possession, attachment and stubbornness. People are not property and the only behavior you can control is yours. Buddhist teachings share that attachment leads us to suffering and while it's impossible to go through life without making attachments, let go of the need to grasp and control on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This is the most stubborn axis of the zodiac, so just be sure that you are open to compromise if it feels right.

Venus on Taurus will also be reaching out to Pluto in Capricorn, bringing deep and soulful connection on the positive side. On the shadow side, this will bring up more of the same potential possessiveness and attachment issues being called up to the surface. Loosen your grip on the way that things are supposed to be for best results.

Wednesday is the last day of Aries season and it comes with a BANG! The Sun in Aries will make a conjunction to Uranus in Aries which could potentially call forth some surprises and unexpected twist and turns. Expect a lot of energy from Wednesday in your environment and in your internal space as well with the moon moving into Gemini, creating restless mind and rapid thought. Slow your breathing down and try not to make any sudden decision out of emotion- emotions are transient.

Thursday welcomes in Taurus season! This is where we are able to catch our breath from Aries season, especially Wednesday, and smell the roses, enjoy and savor the experience of life from moment to moment. This is when it's great to go outside and put your feet on the earth and be grateful for the ability to do so. Creative projects that were initiated in Aries season begin to get off the ground and our value and self-esteem come to center stage. Hopefully, our ego exists stage left as we allow our higher Self to come through and shine. Taurus season is a great time for you to work on your value structure and your self-worth and to not let these things be defined by forces outside of yourself.

On Friday, the moon moves into Cancer blessing us with a broader experience of human emotion. The weekend is pretty calm and a gentle introduction to Taurus season- it's a really good time to go outside, to lay in a hammock weather permitting or to experience the connection between your emotions and your body by moving in meditation. The moon in Cancer is not a time where we crave to be super social but rather a time when we delight in the comforts of home and the comforts of our chosen families. This is a great time to share hearts with one another.

On Sunday, the moon moves into Leo which brings back our drive to be more outward- this is a great time especially with the sun moving into Taurus this week to work on any creative projects or artwork. This is a day where if you get the urge to dance, dance. If you get the urge to sing, sing. Don't let yourself be bound by what you think you should do. Pluto moves into retrograde station which means we'll be doing (even more f*cking) shadow work (yay!) as things bubble up to the surface and we deal with them and let them go. For Sunday, however, I encourage you to enjoy. Pluto will be in retrograde in Capricorn for the next six months so there's plenty of time to face the demons that hold you back, but Sunday just let your heart shine fully and unapologetically.

If you'd like to purchase a more detailed reading, e-mail and I hope you have a lovely week!


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