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Horoscope for the week of 4.9 - 4.15 || new moon with a side of shadow work

Greetings all! Even though last week had significantly less planetary activity than we've been getting lately, it was still rather sobering and quite uncomfortable. If you felt that way, you are not alone- in my life and the lives of those around me it was pretty much across the board. I definitely abide by a spiritual Source, which makes things easier. I was just talking to my friend about how it is so much easier to do life when you imagine that this life is a part of your soul's journey and literally everything that you encounter is a part of your soul's growth- almost like a game. Yesterday, a wise woman I know reminded me that during tougher times, you can ask, "what am I learning?"

We begin the week on Monday with a lot of fixed energy as the moon moves into Aquarius. We also have Venus in Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio and the North Node in Leo, making for a wide grand square. Be mindful of stubbornness during this time- fixed energy causes us to want things how we want them and can make us less adaptable. As a person with some control issues, I love to release control and my will over to Source, and that way I will encounter exactly the situations I need to. Flexibility and adaptability will serve us well on Monday. The moon in Aquarius gives us a good sense of humor as well as a very objective viewpoint from which to view the day, which is our release valve. There may be some obstacle and some tension in the world today- remember that what you can "control" is you.

On Tuesday, Venus in Taurus will be making a square aspect to the North Node in Leo. Venus is the planet of love, relationships, creativity and play in its home sign of Taurus, the creative, the sensual. The North Node in Leo is calling for a collective heart opening as our destiny. The trick here is to not get all caught up in self-preservation and to soften our heartspace and be open to what the universe has in store for us. (This may be felt on Monday also).

Wednesday, the Sun in Aries makes a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This is an aspect of our darkness bubbling up to the surface, certainly provoking a little bit of shadow work. The Sun in Aries is the ultimate personal ego, the Sun being the luminary of the ego, the life force and the sign of Aries is very quick to assert itself when it comes into the position of the Sun. Pluto in Capricorn is dissatisfaction stemming from society, the systems and the powers that be. This aspect is sure to cause some disruption, some tension- and it may be in conversation with others, at work or with our loved ones that something comes up about them or the situation that we don't like. Look in that mirror! Traits show up in others in ways that are intended to show us what we don't like in ourselves, so dig deep on Wednesday and try not to point the finger out even though it's so much easier that way.

Later on Wednesday, Venus in Taurus makes a positive aspect to Mars in Capricorn. This is definitely a hot aspect- Venus in any aspect to Mars creates heat in our love and sex lives. In Earth signs however, the question we are being asked is, "how practical is this relationship or situation I'm in? Is this something that is going to serve me for the long haul?" Questions for consideration, but know that if you are in an intimate relationship today that heat will be hotter than usual.

On Thursday, the moon moves into Pisces giving us a very active imagination and dream realm. The moon in Pisces is a water sign and is quite emotional, but usually doesn't hold onto much and can move on from quite deep emotions rather quickly, so it's a good day to allow the emotion to come and go and to honor the transience of our experiences.

Venus in Taurus is making a sextile or positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This is a highly creative aspect if you have any creative outlets or you do creative work for a living. This also has to do with projection in our relationships and potential fantasizing. For me personally, at times in my life it has been really hard to distinguish what is going on in my head regarding my relationships and what is going on in reality. It's good to stay in the present moment and not project too much in the future, and to make sure that your idealizations and your reality add up to prevent heartache in the future.

On Saturday, Jupiter in Scorpio will be making a sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn- we can expect to see more politicians and famous people have their stuff brought up and dragged as a result. On a personal level, this aspect is going to require shadow work and patience. Be mindful of where you are placing your power and locus of control the next few days and if stuff comes up, feel it, honor it and release it. Mars in Capricorn will be making a sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces, which I imagine softens the workaholic and can make our concentration a little fickle. This makes for a very dreamy and imaginative day, but isn't always the best for getting work done so try to take care of what you need to take care of before the weekend so that you can enjoy something spiritual, creative and outdoorsy if you can afford it time-wise. The moon moves into Aries on Saturday which may make our energy a little bit scarce, so it's a good weekend for a whole lot of resting, processing and just being.

Sunday is the new moon in Aries! This new moon will be squaring Mars and Saturn so there's definitely room for some metaphorical voices in our head to pop up and show us where we can be doing more in our lives or telling us that we can't. Try not to listen to those voices- they'll subside with enough relaxation, rest and perhaps it'll be a good time to take pen to paper.

This week is all about our relationships, ourselves and a nice dash of shadow work with all of the Venus and Pluto aspects. Be patient with yourself and others, find time for quiet and stillness and be sure to get lots of rest, especially over the weekend.

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