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Horoscope for the week of 3.5 - 3.11 || mercury and venus in aries & jupiter retrograde and look

Hello all! Hope you are all as happy as I am that the dam finally burst on Thursday and the full moon came and went. Energy heightens around full moon times and if there's a month without a full moon it can feel almost unbearable.

On Monday, the moon moves into Scorpio, adding intensity to this already water-dense planetary alignment with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter also in Scorpio. These are deep, emotional waters and the one thing I personally have been trying to get myself to remember is to be gentle with myself. We have a tendency to want to be productive and do-it-all, but really this Monday is carved out for emotional work. Be easy with yourself.

On Tuesday, Mercury and Venus both enter Aries, taking one step off the Pisces stair and alleviating some of the pressure of not knowing, bringing us one step closer to our astrological new year. Mercury in Aries and Venus in Aries will be hungry for the new- new projects, new love or new life brought into existing projects and existing love. This will make people more assertive so the old adage sticks "if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

Wednesday is the last day that all of the planets are direct so go ahead and get any chores that have needed your attention for a while or any work you have been meaning to attend to but haven't yet. Also, don't be afraid. Retrograde seasons can cause astrologers to put fear in peoples hearts unnecessarily- this is just a time to go back and reflect on what has and hasn't worked in your life in the past so that you can move forward feeling more sure and secure.

On Thursday, the BIG planet ruling over higher learning, philosophy, travel and spiritual source- Jupiter- stations retrograde, the first of many planets to move into retrograde station this year. Everything is going to be okay. Life keeps spinning on and on and sometimes we have no choice but to adjust- let this be your mantra. You will read on astrology blogs not to travel, but all this means is that you should be extra sure in your travel decisions and make sure you have the belongings and resources you need. Jupiter is sometimes escapist in nature, so escapism likely won't be rewarded by the universe. The last time that Jupiter went retrograde, I found that my connection to my spiritual Source glitched out a little bit and what helped me with that was becoming extra disciplined about my meditation practice so that I could reach that height. The concepts that belong to a certain planet just require a little bit more care and attention when that planet slows down and stops.

Also on Thursday, the moon moves into Sagittarius, which funny enough is ruled by Jupiter that is going retrograde on Thursday. When the moon comes into Sagittarius we can shift into a more optimistic or faithful perspective on the high side and can resort to escapism or burning up on the low side. The key with this moon is being sure that your spiritual needs are being taken care of first and then allowing that goodness to overflow into other areas of your life.

On Saturday, the moon will move into Capricorn which will shift our focus towards more practical matters like getting the bills paid and making sure that stuff is done. If your tendency is to get depressed, this weekend may be something to watch out for to pull out the self-care and sadness relief techniques that you have in your tool belt.

On Sunday, Mercury in Aries will be making a square aspect to Saturn in Capricorn where we realize that all of our impulses don't need to be acted on until we think about them a little bit more. This also makes expression of emotions a little bit less fluid, increasing the importance of writing things down before you say them and understanding what it is you need before you ask for what you need. With Mars in Sagittarius making a positive aspect to Uranus in Aries, we still have to be aware of our electrical impulses because some of them could be really good ideas to be thought on before we act. Some of these impulses may have to do with ways that we can use our shadow selves and integrate them to help improve our lives in some way- like how to eradicate triggers because you understand what is behind them- with the Sun in Pisces making a sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.

Enjoy your week lovelies!!


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