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Horoscope for the week of 2.26 - 3.4 || virgo full moon & horoscopes/tarotscopes for each sign!

Greetings all! It's been an interesting transition into Pisces season which creates a universal, spiritual understanding but also a lack of clarity and a nebulousness about the grand meaning and purpose of it all. In order to navigate the sometimes murky Pisces waters, the biggest thing we can do for ourselves and our loved ones is to have trust in the process and trust that the universe is taking care of us. There will be clarity that comes through intermittently but a lot of Pisces energy is all about keeping the faith.

On Tuesday, Venus in Pisces will reach out to Pluto in Capricorn, allowing us a window into unconditional love and acceptance around some of the darker pieces in ourselves and others. This is a great day for forgiveness and mending broken fences, especially with the moon in Leo prompting us towards emotional generosity. Emotions run high when Pluto is involved, so it's a great day to channel any negative emotions into our creative outlets.

On Wednesday, communication planet Mercury in Pisces makes a square aspect to the aggressor, Mars in Sagittarius, so Wednesday is surely not the day to have uncomfortable conversation. Words may fall out of our mouths that shoot straight from our unconscious mind like daggers into the hearts of those around us, especially with Pluto, lord of the underworld, in Capricorn also making an aspect to Mercury. Be careful of what you say and also what you think as what you think directly affects your life. Wednesday has the potential to bring about emotions that are buried underneath the surface which can lead to all sorts of projection if we aren't careful. A lot of these issues will be resolved by the Virgo full moon on Thursday.

This full moon in Virgo, across the sky from all of this Pisces season, may give us a reality check. Not too much is clear or real right now in the planetary alignment, so a glimpse of what reality has to say about things could be welcomed and grounding. A ritual for the full moon could include journaling through some unforeseen problems and dissonance that arises when everything isn't quite tangible as it often is in Pisces season. This is the last full moon before the astrological new year in Aries, so use this full moon to do some major visioning and dreaming about what you'd like the year ahead to have in store, if it's more love, work acclaim or fulfillment in life, picture what it is, feel it and see the steps that it takes to get there. You may have to disown old patterns of behavior or faulty ways of doing things- try to isolate what isn't working and release it with this detail-oriented reality glimpse of Virgo energy. Venus in Pisces will be making a trine over to Jupiter in Scorpio, so it's a day to celebrate the love in your life with gratitude.

On Friday, Mercury in Pisces will be making a positive aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio which is a great aspect for advancing ourselves and expanding beyond where we are now. If you're interested in higher education, a work promotion or spiritual seeking, this is the day to ask for what you want and go out and get it. Communication will become light and easier from the squabbles earlier in the week and some of the intensity from the full moon energy begins to dissipate and we can relax into our weekend.

Saturday, the moon comes into Libra, enhancing our want to be around our loved ones and like-minded ones. This is a great day for getting together with friends or for doing something creative or admiring something creative. It's also a great time for looking at our world objectively with a birds eye view to see if anything needs to be augmented to bring greater harmony.

Sunday, the grip on reality that we had when the full moon was in Virgo on Thursday will be a distant memory as the Sun in Pisces will come over Neptune in Pisces. This can make our ego expression and our assertion into our world a little bit foggy and can leave our interactions with others open to projection. Because of this, we may feel a little bit isolated.

Full moon Tarotscopes for each sign || read your sun, moon and rising sign for a well-rounded picture : )

Aries- Four of Wands

This full moon for you will entail fulfillment and happiness on your way to achieving the life you want. This Virgo full moon will light up the part of your chart that has to do with your every day life and your routines- what you put in your body, your health habits and what you fill your days with. Try to see if there are any kinks in the chain that are preventing you from fully actualizing- any nutrients that could be added or pieces that could be removed. You will be fully supported by friends, family and companions denoted by your tarot card.

Taurus- Ace of Pentacles reversed

This tarot card can indicate a missed opportunity in the material realm, be it an opportunity for a new job, promotion or place to live as well as some disappointments on the money or work front. This full moon is lighting up the part of your chart that has to do with play, fun, creativity, joy and your inner child. It's good to bring joy and play into each moment, but Saturn is reminding us of the importance of working for what we want as it moves through its home sign of Capricorn, indicating maybe there are places in your life that you could buckle down to prevent any missed opportunities in the future.

Gemini- Princess of Chalices reversed

This tarot card represents someone in your energy (or you if you have feminine qualities and water in your chart) who may be going through an emotionally challenging time or possibly siphoning off some of your energy by way of being manipulative. Your energy and attention by way of the full moon is being drawn towards your home and your heart space. Sometimes, we can self-sabotage our comfort and happiness and other times we can indirectly self-sabotage by allowing others to sabotage our comfort and happiness. Don't let anyone do this for you by believing in your worthiness of happiness and comfort and then standing up to others-or yourself.

Cancer- The Wheel (of fortune)

The wheel of fortune is an incredibly blessed card if you are aware and attentive of the opportunities presented. This full moon is illuminating your thoughts and speech, so be super mindful of everything you are putting out there to attract the right people and the right happenings to come before you and remain relaxed and at peace enough to recognize them and act on them. If you suffer from negative thinking, try just for this week to be aware of your thoughts and notice a negative thought coming in and replace this with a positive affirmation. Then, watch the beauty and the magic that unfolds under the auspicious wheel of fortune.

Leo- Seven of Wands

This tarot card is directly related to perseverance and asks that you have patience and faith for when you are tested. This full moon in Virgo is shining its light on the part of your chart that has to do with personal finances and your self-worth. If your bank account or your self-esteem has taken a hit recently, the seven of wands is asking that you trust the process and know that you are being taken care of by the universe. Things won't always be as unstable as they are right now.

Virgo- Princess of Pentacles

It's your full moon Virgo, confirmed by grounded and stable tarot card that looks like you truly in your element. New, positive revelations will come to light surrounding your identity and personality and you will be able to align much easier to your higher Self. Consume healthy foods and plan for the future as your energy is unstoppable on this day!

Libra- The hanged woman

This full moon is going to look like a big spiritual release for you Librans this week, illuminating the part of your chart that represents the connection to the collective unconscious and transcendence from the physical body. The hanged woman ushers in to ensure that you take time out to meditate in whatever form that looks like for you, releasing the ties that have constricted you up until this point. Both the card and the house this moon will light up have something to do with escapism, so the want to get away through unhealthy coping mechanisms is there. Choose instead to be intentional and show up for yourself and release what you need to let go of to move into Aries season with grace and confidence.

Scorpio- Two of Wands reversed

This full moon in Virgo has to do with your networks, communities and friend groups. Scorpio on the whole can come with theme of mistrust, so make sure that the friends you are pouring your energy into are pouring their energy back into you for even exchanges to give you an easier time opening up. The two of wands may indicate a shift in direction as per some of your relationships, reminding you and us all that we can't always control the outcome. I encourage you to employ happiness and joy that is outcome-independent because some of you may be starting from scratch this week, tied into the two of wands reversed.

Sagittarius- The Empress reversed

The Empress is all about creating things in your life and reversed, this card could indicate some dissatisfaction with what you are creating. The full moon in Virgo is lighting up the part of your chart that has to do with career. If you are dissatisfied with this area of your life, know that everything is temporary and try to be gentle with yourself. Once you have better perspective which will come after this full moon, work to change your circumstances to put you in a better place in your work, be it by extra certifications or taking the steps to completely rework or change your path.

Capricorn- Six of Wands reversed

The Six of Wands reversed indicates some negative feedback that may have come your way recently or maybe just an internal lack of confidence. This full moon is lighting up the part of the sky for you that has to do with your belief system, so it's a good time to feel, heal and rewire some of those faulty beliefs that cause you to arrive at undesired outcomes. For some, this can cause ego disruption so just take it as it comes and try not to judge yourself.

Aquarius- Prince of Wands reversed

The Prince of Wands reversed could be a firey person in your space that doesn't have your best interest at heart or some self-sabotage could be showing up for you this week, Aquarius. This full moon is illuminating a part of your chart that has to do with the stuff that we bury and try to repress, so your shadow may be coming out to try to stir up a fuss in your life. The full moon is best spent releasing negativity in the form of your actions and people who don't serve your highest good and asking the universe or any deity you believe in to help you to find healing and acceptance for your shadow self.

Pisces- Strength reversed

This full moon is lighting up a part of the sky for you that represents relationships and other people in general. Perhaps an interaction or a particular relationship in your life calls attention to some perceived weakness or vulnerability you feel you have or someone in your life repeatedly makes you feel bad about yourself, denoted by the Strength card in the reversed placement. This card and this full moon is asking that you not give others too much credit and that you try to tune out the outside world and focus on inner strength and core of goodness that resides within you. Focus on the good parts of yourself and build them up.

Enjoy your full moon week!

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