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Horoscope for the week of 2.19 - 2.25 || Pisces season- passivity in action

Happy Sun-day! Hope everyone presently reading got lots of rest and digest time for the new moon in Aquarius on Thursday- there was some uncertainty and some shadow emotions surfacing during the dark moon phase in Capricorn mostly accompanied by some breakthroughs on the day of and the days after the new moon. A lot of people are sick right now (including myself) which is not uncommon for a new moon phase- the Universe and Source forcing us to rest, relax and be inactive.

On Monday, the Sun moves into Pisces! Pisces season is where we let ourselves dream, imagine, be creative, meditate, get enough rest and passively meditate. Allow what you want and what you desire to come into your orbit in a way that looks very receptive and think about and visualize what you want every day during Pisces season. Now is the time to do ritual and ceremony, get way more down time than normal, create and make use of artistic outlets and work your ability to let go. This is also the time to think about the past year- what you liked about it, what you didn't like about it. Pisces is the last sign, the oldest sign, so it's almost as if a year is a lifetime and the intersection between Pisces and Aries season is death and birth. Our time is limited in these bodies so you can use Pisces season to set the most deliberate intentions possible for the *real* new year at the beginning of Aries season when we are called into action.

Also on Monday, the moon will move into Aries and will make a grand trine with the North Node in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius. Fire grand trines are very inspiring and can remind us of what we're burning for which after that dark moon phase of this last week will be very invigorating. The burn will start from the inside- Aries moon is when our passion and spontaneity is activated, starting the fire. Then from that the North Node in Leo, or our connection with our destiny, will take the fire that Aries moon has started and will connect it to our hearts, allowing us to know what to do to tend the fire and what the practical next steps are. Then, Mars in Sagittarius will encourage us to have fun with this, asking us to put effort forth but to not lose sight of the fact that we are here to play. This aspect will come and go very quickly as the moon moves fast but try to pay attention to your burning desires on Monday.

Wednesday, Venus in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces will come together for a beautiful smooth waltz. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, representing love, relationships, creativity, play, money and what we value. I definitely think this aspect is encouraging forgiveness as Neptune has Christ consciousness which obstructs all boundaries so that light can come in. This aspect will destroy pride in favor of love.

Also on Wednesday, Mercury in Pisces will be making a positive sextile aspect to Saturn in Capricorn, indicating that our wildest dreams and off-the-wall ideas, as long as they are vetted, healthy and in our highest good, can be brought into reality today. The Moon moves into Taurus which will give us the necessary grounding with this step forward as we continue to nurture our fantasies.

On Friday, the moon will move into Gemini causing for our thoughts to move faster. The moon will be squaring the Pisces stellium- consisting of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron. This means that we are really being urged to go with the flow now more than ever, that optimization means letting go of excessive thinking and excessive worrying, which is the moon in Gemini's specialty. Make sure your thoughts are supporting what you want instead of going in all sorts of erroneous directions on Friday and Saturday.

On Sunday, we become more inward and want to stay home as the moon moves into Cancer, which brings cravings of warm tea and a good book in bed and opens a portal for us to feel our feels- and Sunday is a busy day energetically so there are some feels that may arise. Venus in Pisces makes a square aspect to Mars in Sagittarius which may bring some turbulence into our relationships, especially those that are romantic. Mercury, communication commander will be making a conjunction or coming on top of Neptune in Pisces, causing difficulties in communications on the shadow side (which could have potentially negative implications for relationships) and on the high side bodes extremely well for our creative and spiritual bits. The Sun in Pisces will make a gentle sextile aspect to Saturn in Capricorn which screws our head on tightly for the week ahead.

Enjoy your week! For a detailed reading, e-mail and to receive a forecast in your e-mail at the start of every month, visit my Patreon page @ !


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