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Horoscope for the week of 1.29 - 2.4 || full moon in Leo + the heart space

Hey all! This was a very interesting week with Mercury conjunct Pluto and Mars moving into Sagittarius. I've spoken with lots of people who experienced drastic changes that came out of nowhere and possibly affected them on a deep level in the middle of the week and by the weekend they were feeling much better and much more whole- more optimistic and hopeful about the future. I experienced this in my own life also. The craziness doesn't end here as we have a full moon this week on top of the North and South Nodes- points of karma and destiny- so expect a lot of deja vu and interesting coincidences in a world where there is no such thing as a coincidence.

On Monday, the moon moves into Cancer, giving us a space to feel and to heal the transitions of last week and a more emotional disposition. Creature comforts are important when the moon moves into Cancer- a hot cup of tea, paper and pencil as well as a soft blanket can help us all to stay present moment. Venus in Aquarius will oppose the North Node in Leo which will give us a little sneak preview about Wednesday's full moon lunar eclipse in Leo. This aspect will call our relationships into question. The North Node in Leo is asking us to get deep into our heart and feel all the turnings and yearnings happening there while Venus in Aquarius is more objective, more birds-eye-view. As humans, sometimes it is uncomfortable to feel even if what we feel is positive. Don't rush out of your feelings if you want to learn all that this North Node cycle has to teach you.

On Wednesday, there is a full moon lunar eclipse in Leo! Think about six months ago when (at least in North Carolina where I live) we were all sitting outside with our silly little eclipse glasses- the Sun was in Leo and the moon was in Aquarius. We all majorly leveled up around that time. I want you to call to mind whatever you were focused on manifesting or working towards around that time. Usually if you wait six months after any regular full moon you will be able to see the fruition or effects of what you were after. However, with a complete total eclipse full moon six months before a full moon lunar eclipse ON the North and South Nodes- this is big stuff, life-altering and game changing events and realizations. It could behoove you to journal about what you were hoping for around that time and just see the results of the seeds you planted. Otherwise, this is going to be all about ourselves versus other people. Our hearts expression and the expression of the collective mind. Our tendency to be self-centered versus our tendency to be self-effacing. Our tendency to be mostly in our heart or our feels or our tendency to be mostly in your mind. Where do you fall on these scales and these levels?

Mercury also moves into Aquarius, allowing our minds to be where we are with these concepts and ideas. Mercury in Aquarius is the erratic genius that can't sit still with innovations not of this world or of this time period. Pay attention to what comes into your head because it could take you that much further, even if it's not conventional. A good exercise for this Mercury in Aquarius transit is to try to put concepts together that don't make logical sense and see how that lines up.

On Saturday, Mercury in Aquarius will make a positive aspect to Mars in Sagittarius, giving us an extremely unusual, yet productive day where we can majorly advance our efforts by not putting ourselves or the way we do things in a box. Go about things in an unconventional way and you will see greater fruits of your efforts. Also on Saturday, the Sun in Aquarius will oppose the North Node in Leo. This is the same axis that the full moon lunar eclipse will play on as well as the Venus-North Node opposition on Monday. This again brings up themes of the head versus the heart. With the moon in Virgo, we may be overly reliant upon the thoughts in our head, prone to overanalyzing and mentalizing vibrations that come into our field. It may be better for us to consider the way we feel about something in our heart-space rather than ruminating in our head or maintaining a safe distance from something that we want and vibrationally align with. Do things that feed your heart.

On Sunday, Venus in Aquarius will be making a square aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio, which is an aspect that requires balancing. The whole Jupiter in Scorpio transit is going to be bringing up stuff we've been repressing on a collective and personal level. Some of the ways these repressed thoughts, feelings and actions can come up is in dreams and circumstances you find yourself in. A lot of this can be particularly painful and all that this aspect is reflecting back at us in this instance is that the only way out is aligning to love. Love is the highest state of consciousness and if we can reflect love back into areas of resistance, it is the best way to actively change our circumstances.

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