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Horoscope for the week of 1.22 - 1.28 || Mars in Sagittarius and our childlike sense of wonder

Hello all! It's been an interesting week with the Capricorn new moon and the entrance of Venus and the Sun to Aquarius where we begin to plan for the future and also shift our focus and our vision to how things affect the world around us, towards the collective. This is a great time for developing friendships and working on our networks and support systems.

On Monday, the moon will move into Aries, making it a proper time for some self-care. How are we to adequately serve those around us without taking proper care of ourselves? Tensions might run high as Aries is a fire sign, but there will be a lot of physical energy for getting stuff done in our immediate environment as well as burning off some steam by way of exercising. During this moon phase it's important to remember that selfish isn't always a bad adjective and that sometimes we have to tend to ourselves and take care of ourselves.

On Wednesday, Mercury in Capricorn will be on top of Pluto in Capricorn, which calls a few different possibilities into question. The first thing to caution you against is to use your word for the power of good and not for evil. Be cautious of your word on Wednesday because there are a chance that real and potentially dark insights about yourself could surface and Pluto has a lot to do with the power of projection. It's often hard for me to remember this, but a lot of times when you find issue with someone in the world it connects directly back to you. People put up mirrors for us and so pay attention to what almost comes out or what does come out of your mouth because it likely connects directly back to you. The moon is in Taurus which will help ground out some of these darker, shadow-side realizations and will remind us to nurture our bodies as our vehicle first.

On Thursday, Mercury in Capricorn will be making a gentle sextile aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio, allowing us to express the realizations we may have had on Wednesday in a way that doesn't feel very uncomfortable. Take a pen to paper because these insights will be really good to look back on later. This also helps us understands our motivations behind our behavior. A lot of the things we do as human beings can come from a place we don't understand, so be prepared for a lot of insights into the why of things in the middle of the week.

On Friday, Mars (our physical energy and vitality, our will to do things and exert as well as our aggression) will come into Sagittarius. Sagittarius is not a realistic sign which some may see as bad thing, but as an equally unrealistic person I see it as a great thing. Mars in Sagittarius people are seemingly able to perform magic and do the unbelievable and it's because of their belief in the unbelievable and their childlike, saturated view of the world. Take a page from their book and don't be afraid to be a little idealistic while Mars is in this sign (until March 18). Shake up your routine and step outside of the limited belief structure and box you keep yourself in and I promise to do the same.

On Saturday, the moon comes into Gemini, gifting us with a rather restless and therefore productive weekend. Our mind is primed for learning, so educate yourselves on something you've always wanted to learn more about. If there is any anxiousness, do something that calms the nerves like deep breathing, meditation or exercising, but otherwise it's a great time for leaning in to the more mental and busy side of life.

This is only exacerbated by Sunday's transit of Mercury in Capricorn making a square aspect to Uranus in Aries. Our mental energy will be leaping off of the page, making it a great time for creativity and any artistic endeavors. I'd never encourage coloring in the lines but be careful not to be too reckless, putting your physical body or relationships in danger because you feel an impulse. On a subtle level, this is all about our individuality versus the systems we have to make ourselves fit into. This also has to do with our inner parent and skeptic versus our inner child and expansiveness. Just be aware of some of these more existential themes and use your intuition to know how to deal with them. The systems as we know them are changing.

Thanks so much for reading! For a personal natal chart reading, e-mail and I hope you have a lovely week! <3 M

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