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Horoscope for the week of 12.25 - 12.31 || happy holidays!

Happy holidays to everyone! Hope everyone is honoring their boundaries and not feeling obligated to spend time with people who make them feel bad- holidays can be very obligatory and we have to remember that we don't "have" to do anything.

Today (Monday, Christmas) Venus moves into Capricorn and comes overtop of Saturn. Venus in Capricorn takes an extremely sober, practical view of romance and love. If someone doesn't serve a practical purpose in her life, Venus in Capricorn simply does not see a point. Instead of a romantic, fanciful viewpoint of love, Venus in Capricorn takes an extremely pragmatic approach. Venus on top of Saturn in general can either restrict our expression of love and romance or can make us feel rather serious, geared towards more of a commitment. We may be thinking about the future with the person we spend our time with or what we want the future to look like with a partner, if single.

On Tuesday, the moon moves into Aries, allowing for us to redirect our attention away from our loved ones and focus more on ourselves. I consider selfishness to be a good thing- when we're looking out for ourselves first, we are able to serve others from a more stable and even place. The moon in Aries allows us to pay attention to our wants and needs and meet them. Be careful of a rising temper as the moon in Aries will be making a square aspect to the Sun in Capricorn, which prefers to keep things cool, calm and collected. Be sure to speak your truth in a kind and loving way. Do no harm, but take no shit.

On Thursday, Mars in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and the moon in Taurus will be making a grand sextile aspect, indicating a day of rich imagination, bodily sensation and good concentration. This is particularly strong for spiritual or creative pursuits as well as arriving at intuitions using the body as our vehicle. Pay attention to the sensations felt in the body and what they may mean for your next move forward.

On Friday, we get a peak at our destiny as Mercury in Sagittarius makes a trine over to the North Node in Leo. Mercury desperately wants to know the answers and is in its "fall" position or lacks strength in Sagittarius, so the answers have been elusive to us for quite some time now as Mercury took its retrograde motion in Sagittarius. Usually Mercury only stays in a sign for around three weeks and Mercury has been traversing the broad fires of Sagittarius for over a month and a half now, dragging out the answers to the "why." Every time Mercury has positively aspected the North Node, an important point based on the moons axis that reveals snippets of truth to us. Pay attention to the messages that you receive on Friday, internally and externally.

On Saturday, the moon moves into Gemini, gearing up for the full moon (on Monday, January 1st, 2018). The moon in Gemini is restless, but brilliant, with a need for stimulation, movement. New ideas and thoughts pop in almost constantly in this moon position. Usually a few days before the full moon, there's already a building of energy. The full moon will be occurring in Cancer, the sign of motherhood and so I really want for you to pay attention on Saturday and Sunday to what you want to "baby" or to nurture on the full moon in Cancer, occurring at the start of the new year (in the Gregorian calendar). My new year is at the start of Aries season in late March, so what I would suggest is that you think about what you want to gestate, beginning to postulate, dream and think about what you want to create for yourself when the flowers begin to bloom in the spring. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is an incredibly verbal planet, so it's optimal that you write everything down.

Have a great week!

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