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Horoscope for the week of 12.4 - 12.10 || the underlying dance of trust

Good afternoon loves! This has been quite a week of surrendering to the process, releasing and letting go of old patterns of thought and behavior to new, more supportive and stable ones. Today (Sunday) Mercury finally began its retrograde station after being in its shadow or pre-retrograde phase seemingly forever. Time starts to slow down and we all begin to beg the question, "why?" Mercury, or our logical minds, want to have the answers for everything and in Sagittarius the quest is for truth. One piece I'd like to hammer home is the idea that we don't have to know all the answers logically, that the universe is working in our favor and Source is behind us regardless of the wheels that are or aren't turning in our lives. Trust is the theme of the times these days.

The North Node, Uranus and Saturn all change(d) degrees this week or last. The following degree interpretations come from the book Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale (in other words the best astrology book ever written, personal opinion):

"ARIES 25 A great dragon asleep in a cave. Storing up for centuries all of the best goodies for the time when they are needed, meanwhile, you are cast loose between source and destination, buffeted by strange winds and held firmly between the ancient past and the near future. Karmically held in the balance. Truly having nothing to do until waiting is fulfilled. But where there is nothing to do, mischief and mayhem proliferate. You participate in karmic scenarios, elaborate dramatizations, variations on the theme of nobody home and nothing happening yet. Supremely restless while deeply restful. If there should come a time when all the signal flares go off and give the go ahead, your stored up power and resources shall prove to be absolutely incredible. From way back when to the promised time, you feel a projectile of intent to hold on no matter what. In a cross between a crazy deal and the purest vows of commitment not to push the river and to wait for the universal waters to flood their banks and bring you back alive, right on time for futures unlimited.

ARIES 24 A harp which plays itself. Joy and freedom are perfect companions along the greater way. Joy celebrates existence with a passion and a power and a fervent insistency. Freedom keeps on opening the context to make it more universal, more resonant, and more karma-free. Moving along this way is a creative feast of self-discovery and exploration of the edges. When selfhood is free to improvise and is open-ended, it is an unqualified blessing. You most especially demonstrate and embody a self-generative style and substance that is wildly needed and inspirationally infused into the collective bloodstream. So that we can get on with innovations and limitless worlds, and feel confident that there is somebody there pioneering the bold reaches forward who is too foolish to stop for anything."

- I've noticed a sweeping restlessness, feeling like we aren't accomplishing much of anything while accomplishing everything internally. This is another excuse to give yourself some patience self-love, to thank yourself for everything you've done thus far and keep moving forward, renewed and rejuvenated.

"SAGITTARIUS 26 Climbing the steps of the pyramid of the sun. Classical Maya civilization reenacted in fresh forms. Always having the Greater Sun beating down, always aware of the vaster picture. You tap a sensibility that is profound and extraordinary, the greater Gods and the human scene juxtaposed mightily. In tune with progressive evolutionary currents, you work very hard to reinstate the sacred upon the next spiral. Tuned in to what is really happening here. An expanded space for dreaming, remembering, conceiving, visualizing, and creating. Absolutely knowing that the galactic forces are integral to every breath, and moving toward true galactic citizenship with a passion.

SAGITTARIUS 27 Siamese twins talking to each other. Intimate exposure to currents, energies, and contexts which turn you inside out and upside down. Being hyper-impressionable, supersuggestible, and uncomfortably close and awkward. Nothing feels right. Nothing goes where it is supposed to. However, something entirely different is on its way. It is a matter of outlasting the fate of the past and resiliently coming back to life by surprise. The return is orchestrated by invisible forces. You're captivated by strange old stories with an incestuous, serpentine entrapment to them, and called utterly beyond all of this. You have the capacity to release and renounce the most confounding combinations of factors, and to leap vibrantly into unknown country with barely a scratch, everything going your way."


"LEO 17

Elegant black women sitting on a porch and fanning themselves. Rising superior to apparent limitations, you defiantly renounce the letter of the law to salvage the spirit of the law. Puncturing pretense. Breaking down power and control structures. You are militantly outrageous, antitraditional. Pulled forward by a vision, a knack, an instinct for what this Earth asks and demands. On fire with the power of radical changes, you feel in your cells the next stage in evolution. Ignited by the sense for being selected out as the quintessential representative of progressive currents, you dramatize yourself, your cause, your expanding awareness. You want to make sure everybody knows that something new is going on around here, and that it will not stop nor take a back seat to anybody or anything.

LEO 16 A red-faced man, tears running down his cheeks. He is laughing convulsively. In the warp between the worlds, being a representative of one world in the midst of another and being almost invisible. Tending to disappear off-screen and reappear somewhere else. Transported by a special destiny, slipping by the borderguards. As the uproar happens the deep observer looks on at the role the self is playing, which is so incongruous to who one is truly. But the karmic instructions are to play along, and later all shall be revealed. This is a very peculiar soul condition--taking all the loose ends and finishing them off, to be sprung into a different realm at last."

- If we wait, hold on and trust the process we will be rewarded greatly for this. Relax, release, let go and trust.

On Tuesday, Chiron moves direct in Pisces, allowing for some new emotions to come up and flood us with new vulnerabilities and things to move through. The question is, how can you unlock the usefulness of your pain and vulnerability? In Pisces for best optimization of Selfhood we "should" (in quotes because I don't really believe in that word) use it to funnel a greater sense of empathy into the collective. The moon is in Cancer which will put us in our ability to feel, to nurture and to empathize with ourselves first and then all others.

On Wednesday, Mercury will pass over Saturn in Sagittarius once more on its way backwards. This will take us back into the past few weeks where it would behoove all of us to examine and reflect back on where our thinking wasn't productive for our highest good. Are your thoughts self-destructive? Mercury and Saturn will both be positively aspecting Mars in Libra, allowing for us to take our challenges and problems we're working through during this Mercury-retrograde-Saturn-sandwich to other people who can reflect back or cast light on something perhaps you may have missed or glazed over.

On Thursday, the moon moves into Leo, allowing for some ease of expression which I anticipate will sweep through like a breath of fresh air. With Chiron's direct station, a lot of stuff will be coming up for us all, so this is a great time to spend doing something creative you love to do and to speak love from your lips.

On Friday, the Sun in Sagittarius will be positively aspecting the North Node in Leo, which will provide a glimpse of personal understanding from Source energy. Sagittarius and Leo are two spiritually vibrant signs, so this energy will be felt as a flame lit from the inside and a knowing that even when we are on shaky ground, we will be okay as long as we stoke and tend to the fire of our passions.

On Saturday, the moon will enter Virgo as Mars enters Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio is a great time for digging deeply beneath the surface, underneath the hood of our "car" to get to the root of what emotions or stuff we have yet to work through are preventing us from fully actualizing. The moon in Virgo will take some of the emphasis out of the feels in a week where it seems like the feeling waters will be overflowing, allowing us to draw into the mind for the purposes of learning in a useful way. The energy the past few weeks has been rather ADHD and all over the place, so with Mars in Scorpio we will be able to sit and focus, at least for a little while.

Sunday is a big day with Mercury in Sagittarius making a positive aspect to Uranus in Aries while it squares Chiron in Pisces AND Venus in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces. Things to be wary of on this day are projections in relationships (where we could be enjoying the present moment with our loved ones) and communications or occurrences that bring up our wounding and pain. The blessing on this day is the positive aspect to Uranus, which much like Friday will provide some insight and innovation from our higher Self to help us better understand all the crazy energy lately, if not with our logical mind than with our higher mind.

Have a great week! For a more detailed and private reading, e-mail me at or catch me at Sanctuary Imports from 4:00pm - 7:00pm Friday, December 15th or 29th! <3

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