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Horoscope for the week of 11.20 - 11.26 || levity and understanding // Sagittarius season*~*

Greetings earthlings and aliens alike! I hope you all enjoyed the release that came with the new moon in Scorpio this weekend- for me, Saturday felt like releasing all of the old stuff I don't need and then stepping into a new portal for me to then adjust. Things are shifting around and this may not even feel like the same world to you if you are in-tune with the vibration of the transiting planets.

I'm really excited for this week! Sagittarius season is upon us which means that Scorpio season is over. Not to say there is anything wrong with the sign of Scorpio or Scorpio season, but this Scorpio motion of the Sun was particularly slimy due to Jupiter's recent movement into Scorpio. Jupiter has been allowing all of the stuff we have been hiding from ourselves or from others, our shadow and the likes, to not-so-politely come up and so a lot of Scorpio season has been us adjusting and dealing with the reverberation of that. Not to mention that Venus has been in Scorpio, which is calling all relationship issues to surface and Mercury has been in Sagittarius where it's not entirely comfortable. Mercury always wants a solid, concrete explanation of things and sometimes in Sagittarius it can be impossible to know exactly what is happening which requires a grave deal of trust in the universe. It has officially entered into its shadow phase which is when it gets closer and closer to moving into a retrograde station, so some communication has been foggy and thoughts nonlinear. However, Neptune moves direct this week so at least we'll be able to act on our intuition and octave of higher knowledge.

The North Node in Leo, calling us to be open hearted and connect more with the creativity of our divine inner child, is moving from the 18th degree of Leo to the 17th degree of Leo. The following is an excerpt from Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale, in my opinion the most valuable astrology book on earth:

"LEO 18 A rose bush. Many buds, but no flowers. Remaining inside while feeling urgently, outwardly called, you stay put and hold steady in the face of immense pressures and demands. The greater the onslaught, the more adamant the determination to stick to your own lights. Knowing inside that you cannot spread around what you bear, for you are seeking to regenerate the Earth, and every social sphere speaks a different language from the Earth's inner call. It is not possible to tune out what lives within. You must abide with fierce integrity in the center of things and never stop no matter what. For you are giving a legacy to the future and it has nothing to do with momentary events and trends. You are working for what lasts, and everything else seems dim, peripheral, and purely customary.

LEO 17 Elegant black women sitting on a porch and fanning themselves. Rising superior to apparent limitations, you defiantly renounce the letter of the law to salvage the spirit of the law. Puncturing pretense. Breaking down power and control structures. You are militantly outrageous, antitraditional. Pulled forward by a vision, a knack, an instinct for what this Earth asks and demands. On fire with the power of radical changes, you feel in your cells the next stage in evolution. Ignited by the sense for being selected out as the quintessential representative of progressive currents, you dramatize yourself, your cause, your expanding awareness. You want to make sure everybody knows that something new is going on around here, and that it will not stop nor take a back seat to anybody or anything."

- This degree shift is asking us to take the revolutionary that has been brewing and percolating inside of us into the world, affecting change in our community and in our lives. Sagittarius season can have us be rather brash, so of course to provide a balance some tact and kindness in regards to all others is required to effectively move through this change.

Saturn moves from the 26th to the 27th degree of Sagittarius, drawing closer and closer to Capricorn where it will stay for a few years. If we have been hardworking and diligent, we will be rewarded. The trick with Saturn's transit through Capricorn is to just keep pressing on and just keep building our skills and growing as humans and in that instant, we will be rewarded. The following is another excerpt from the best astrology book ever written:


Climbing the steps of the pyramid of the sun.

Classical Maya civilization reenacted in fresh forms. Always having the Greater Sun beating down, always aware of the vaster picture. You tap a sensibility that is profound and extraordinary, the greater Gods and the human scene juxtaposed mightily. In tune with progressive evolutionary currents, you work very hard to reinstate the sacred upon the next spiral. Tuned in to what is really happening here. An expanded space for dreaming, remembering, conceiving, visualizing, and creating. Absolutely knowing that the galactic forces are integral to every breath, and moving toward true galactic citizenship with a passion.

SAGITTARIUS 27 Siamese twins talking to each other. Intimate exposure to currents, energies, and contexts which turn you inside out and upside down. Being hyper-impressionable, supersuggestible, and uncomfortably close and awkward. Nothing feels right. Nothing goes where it is supposed to. However, something entirely different is on its way. It is a matter of outlasting the fate of the past and resiliently coming back to life by surprise. The return is orchestrated by invisible forces. You're captivated by strange old stories with an incestuous, serpentine entrapment to them, and called utterly beyond all of this. You have the capacity to release and renounce the most confounding combinations of factors, and to leap vibrantly into unknown country with barely a scratch, everything going your way."

- This takes us back to the amount of trust we are having in the universe- it appears that when we turn our will over to Source and allow it to move through us, flowers grow. If you try to curb what is happening by imposing your ego onto it, it appears as though you will be thwarted, so even when things don't make sense in this degree change, just allow, let go and receive the changes for exactly what they are.

On Monday, Mars in Libra makes a lovely sextile aspect towards the North Node in Leo, allowing for some of the relationships we've cultivated lately to give back to us as an extension of being. This is an easy aspect that poses as a blessing from the universe and will bless all our collaborations.

Every week has a nexus of power that allows for an explosion of powerful feelings in our inner and powerful interactions and circumstances in our outer. Tuesday is *that* day. The Sun will move into Sagittarius on Tuesday! Happy Sagittarius season and happy birthday to all of my lovely Sagittarius Sun readers. Sagittarius season brings with it an idealistic curiosity, a desire to move about and a heightened importance placed on learning of the spiritual variety. This will allow our life force to want to keep moving forward, past all of the "negative" or shadow stuff that Scorpio has been/is still bringing up for us and into the light. Embrace your inquisitiveness, light side and visions for the future, even if they are BIG. Sagittarius doesn't do anything half-ass or in a small way and they also won't do anything they don't absolutely want to do at their core. By the end of this Sagittarius season, Saturn will almost be done in Sagittarius, allowing us to come into some major clarity about the lessons we've been learning for the past two and a half years.

Also on Tuesday, Venus in Scorpio will be making a "positive" sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and a contentious square aspect to the North Node in Leo which may curb the gaiety of this entrance into Sagittarius season just *slightly.* This transit may highlight some blocks or issues centered around the heartspace, potentially from a place of self-sabotage. Allowing your heart to remain open could potentially be challenging on Tuesday but those who at least make the effort to soften around their heart, doing their best to find self-compassion and self-love and the same for others will be in the best shape when it comes to navigating this tricky transit.

On Tuesday the moon moves into Capricorn, drawing our emotional attention to all things practical and achievement-oriented. This is the last day of Neptune's retrograde station which in a way has prevented us from acting on a lot of our deeper knowings and intuitions, so all of the stuff we may feel "behind" on could work us into a frenzy if you are disposed towards that, or could make us feel lethargic or like we want to give up. A mixture of both productivity and rest with attention paid to the needs of the physical body will help us navigate this short-term lunation.

On Wednesday, Neptune moves direct in Pisces! This is where we are finally able to take some of the seemingly useless stuff popping up in our intuition and in our dreams out into the world, manifesting real time. 99% of the magick of manifestation is belief, so if you believe that what you seek and what you wish for during Sagittarius season will come true, so it will. The moon in Capricorn can highlight our cynicism and bring up some deeper emotions that we will be tempted to stifle as the moon crosses over Pluto in Capricorn, but if we can key our life force into faith and optimism provided by Sag, we'll be able to express and release some of our emotional baggage out in a creative and healthy manner. I would be wary of drinking, drugging and other forms of escapism because the want and the will towards these sorts of activities can be high on our want-to-do list.

On Thursday I will be reflecting on the hardships put on indigenous people by the American government and spending time in gratitude for the blessings of mine and those closest to me.

On Friday, Mercury in Sagittarius will be making a contentious square aspect towards Chiron in Pisces. This is right after the Thanksgiving holiday, so my guess is that some of us will have stuff come up for us after we eat dinner with our families. With holidays, expectation is the root of all evil. This Mercury-Chiron square is a rather short-term transit which will call our attention to the intuitive parts of us that were shut off in childhood and call us to reflect if we were brought up to think we weren't enough- smart enough, "good" enough, etc. Sagittarius and Pisces, even though they're later on in the zodiac, comprise of a childlike faith and wonder, so even if stuff isn't coming up for you, it could be good to be creative or do something that allows you to see the world more saturated through a child's lens. The moon moves into Aquarius which gives us more lighthearted sensibilities than when the moon was in Capricorn, allowing us to unlock that childlike part of our brain for healing or for fun.

On Saturday, Mercury in Sagittarius will be making a positive trine to Uranus in Aries which will allow for a brief moment of insight into things we've been wondering about during the confusing past few weeks. This is one of those days where it's wise to start with a notebook by your bed and keep it with you all day long because we'll have some higher-order clarity if we are open. The moon will move over the South Node in Aquarius, possible provoking some deja-vu or past life remembrances, making this a day that promotes intuition and understanding.

Sunday poses an opportunity for healing a part of ourselves that has been wounded previously in relationships with Venus in Scorpio making a positive trine over to Chiron in Pisces. This is a great day to resolve an argument or to make apologies if it is safe and necessary to do so. The moon will also be in the sign of Pisces, heightening our daydreaming and escapist tendencies and will add a tint of rose to our glasses. The important things to do with the moon in Pisces for those who aren't comfortable in such a dreamy and universal space is to create and to meditate.

Hope this week treats you well! For a detailed reading, please e-mail Happy gratitude week.

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