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Horoscope for the week of Nov. 6 - 12 || higher Self embodied

Hello earth angels and starseeds alike! I hope the full moon in Taurus treated you well. This full moon in Taurus served to help remind us not to forget about our physical vessel or the mundane as we are faced with extraordinary challenges like meeting our madness in Scorpio season. On top of the full moon, we had Venus in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries, which called for all kinds of out-of-nowhere surprises, especially in regard to our relationships. This is where we run into problems that require creative solutions as well as a merging of intuitive and intellectual faculties for decision making. This combined with the *occasional* emotional turmoil that the sign of Scorpio brings surely made for an interesting day, hopefully in a positive direction.

This week the North Node in Leo, which is calling us to reignite the spark of the divine child archetype, is moving from 20 degrees to 19 degrees of Leo. The following are excerpts from my favorite book by Ellias Lonsdale called "Inside Degrees" -

"LEO 20

A black pearl hidden in an oyster. Working very hard to find again what is lost, to get at what is conspicuously missing, it takes tremendous inner forces to restore the pearl. But most of all, you must vanquish your pride and acknowledge from the core of your being that going through this world without your deep soul intact is hell. If you seek, you shall find. If you ache, you shall come to a restored wholeness. But not without the suffering, the grief, and the facing of the void; initiation in the depths. It is a superb path if you have the courage and stamina for it. But midstream it is cauterizing, corrosive, and deadly; appearances are deceptive; nothing is as it might seem for a while. What matters supremely is guts and integrity.

LEO 19 A hummingbird feeding at a trumpet vine. Heightened perception exquisitely poised, brilliant and as fast as can be. You have the genius of seeing things, knowing things, and being there. Overflowing with destiny-bounty earned over many lifetimes, yet you bring all this through with a fine-tuned ability to land in the situation at hand with only as much as can be worked with. You are guided to follow an extraordinary course through the world, which features the perfect opportunities to tap what is inside in so many different ways. The blessings, the grace, the heart's wonder are superfull. As this way of being ripens and matures, it becomes even better. Then you begin to draw out from others the same kinds of marvels and wonders, and to make it possible for the vibrancies to spread and grow. With a wildfire capacity to spread good news and bring affirmative realizations wherever they are needed in generous profusion, you work with ever more effortless capacity to bring this world alive."

- I am actually really excited for this. I think that whenever one gets slapped with new challenges, they really have to strip down to the essentials, to the core of things. If we have graduated from this, then what is to come from that will be abundant in many forms and more importantly, it will be easy.

On Monday, the moon moves into Gemini, causing for a faster experience of our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes this can create some restlessness and with awareness for that potential we can work to cultivate the opposite. I urge you to continue feeding your body in the way that the moon in Taurus creates a longing for- take that sign with you and take care of yourself to combat a busy mind this week.

On Tuesday, our romantic relationships may take on a more possessive nature as Venus moves into Scorpio. The weather gets colder outside and people naturally want to couple up, which some folks to lean a little bit in the grasping direction. The way to deal with this urge to merge when it is not safe or doesn't feel right intuitively to do so is to really dig deep into your personal freedom or creativity. If it is safe to enjoy this deep intimacy with another, try to remind yourself of the transient nature of literally everything and accept that one day things may change. When you hold too tight to something, it may fly away.

The moon in Gemini will oppose Saturn also on Tuesday which could cause us to feel like we can't freely express our emotions. If you don't have the words or they aren't coming out exactly as you planned them, it's a better day for writing things down rather than having an uncomfortable conversation. Try to have challenging conversations on Friday or Saturday if you can help it at all.

On Wednesday, the moon moves into Cancer. I'd love to see everyone that is reading this to practice self-soothing during a rather emotional time (one where holidays are coming up and seasonal depression could potentially start to kick in) by mindfully creating sensory experiences. Hold firm to soft things and hot cups of tea- today may feel pretty introverted so there's no need to force yourself to be outward. This also could be a great day to do some self-improvement or growth work.

On Thursday, the Sun in Scorpio will positively aspect Pluto in Capricorn, allowing for an effortless realization about the nature of who we really are which could turn a major page in how we understand and exert our life force and energy on a day-to-day basis. Mars in Libra will also be hiding from Neptune in Pisces, so there may be some creative blocks that come up in regards to our efforts, but the moon will still be in Cancer so it's a great day to continue focusing on and making improvements to the inner.

On Friday, the moon moves into Leo, allowing us to take the two days we spent inward and let it out. When the moon is in Leo, creative expression is the name of the game. The North Node will be crossing over the moon in Leo on Saturday, allowing for some felt experience of fate over the weekend. Listen for intuitions from higher sources and regardless of whatever happens, listen to your heart and you will be learning the lesson of this North Node transit.

Also on Saturday, Saturn in Sagittarius will be positively aspecting Uranus in Aries where we may see rewards real-time for our efforts. It'll be a day of heightened intuition (on 11.11, funny enough) where we'll more effortlessly be able to transcend any real-world blocks in our path. It's important on this Saturday to not let our ego get in the way of what our higher Self wants for us to experience, as the Sun in Scorpio will be squaring the North Node in Leo. Sometimes we have to relax, surrender and take ourselves as we know them out of the equation.

On Sunday, the moon comes into Virgo, easing off of the North Node, allowing us to relax a little bit around the higher Self and intuitions- not to say that side of things isn't important but it's a lot for our human bodies and our nervous systems to comprehend. It's optimal to strike a balance between the ethereal and what is on this planet because as my teacher Lynne always says, "this is where we are." Take Sunday to nourish your bodies, feed your mind with good information and get yourself ready for the week ahead, wrapping up any last minute chores that need to be taken care of and the likes.

Enjoy your week! For a more detailed reading, message


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