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Horoscope for the week of 10.9 - 10.15 || oppositions in action + Jupiter in Scorpio *~*~

Hello humans and aliens! Hope you're having a lovely rest of your weekend and that this continues into next week. I would like to make a PSA about the transits for the week - if you look online at some astrology blogs, there will be doom and gloom galore. Don't play into this fear-mongering and know that you set the tone. We are co-creators of our lives which means through our intention WE make the call for what happens to us and the way we perceive what happens to us. How can we learn and grow and allow the changes to wash over us without overpowering us? How can we continue to understand that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience? Pay this some mind as you move through the potentially challenging energies for the week.

Taskmaster and the Father of Time, Saturn, transitions from the 22nd degree to the 23rd degree of Sagittarius. Saturn's movement again after its direct station has been heavily felt as big sweeping change, along with most other transits playing out the past few weeks. The following is an excerpt from the book Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale -


A woman wearing many tiny bells.

Methodology, technique, the how of things. Immersing yourself in the field of new ideas, fresh approaches, and innovative paths, imaginatively and energetically. Exposing yourself to possibilities, visions, ways to evolve. The body's wisdom musically in touch and in tune, sensing the resonance of cellular awakening. Eager and enthusiastic and bright, you have given over to the process. Always in midstream. Seizing upon opportunities, challenges, openings. Needing to know just how it feels at the micro levels. What is it like to be free, to be joyous, to be unrestricted, here in the body, in the world? You seek the full-on motivating spark of knowing what it feels like to be tuned out and discovering what it really means to be tuned in all the way."

- Saturn is the ruler of the obstacles and challenges we go through in life. He basically kicks you on your ass only to glean it and put it on a pedestal- Saturn never does anything that isn't in our highest good, he simply swiftly removes all that isn't aligned with our purpose. Kinda seems like we'll be rewarded for the positive changes with Saturn moving through this degree of Sagittarius.

On Monday, there will be some trials involving Pluto. Mercury and the Sun will still be together in Libra both making square aspects to Pluto in Capricorn. The question we are being prompted to ask ourselves is- do we value money, power and achievement over our harmony in our relationships with others? It's possible that this aspect shows us something unflattering regarding the other people in our life. This realization is probably not going to be anything new, but perhaps something we've closed our brain off to because it doesn't look pretty on the surface. Does your need for balance and harmony in your life deter you from having those tough conversations and making the tough calls? I think this is also causing us to realize that when life is easy, it isn't as rewarding. These aspects will ask us to prioritize our growth over ease.

Also on Monday, the moon will be in Gemini, so watch the turning wheel of thoughts in your brain for kinks in their chains and try to calm the nerves in healthy ways. Sometimes our mind tries to trick us into unflattering or negative patterns of thinking and then behaving as a reaction to those patterns. Awareness will help you withstand the test of this short-term lunation.

Tuesday is a big day! Jupiter, the planet that expands and brings faith moves into Scorpio. Jupiter has been moving through Libra which has really brought the right people into our lives at the right time to help us as we move on into this new world. We've been working on crystallizing our newfound identity to take with us as the world turns on its axis with the lengthy Uranus in Aries transit and now we've attracted the people that will be with us on our journey forward. With Jupiter in Scorpio, the intimacy will run deep with these people who may or may not be new in your life. Anything that is kept secret or hidden will be brought to the surface and on a grand scale we can expect some major truths coming out politically as well as whistle blowing as the mighty are on their way to falling. If you've manifested a divine partnership as a result of this Jupiter in Libra transit (I have- not on purpose but just a result of the winds blowing) then your intimacy and the urge to merge will be taken to the next level. Scorpio is all about tests and the wisdom that come once you pass them.

Speaking of relationships, Venus in Virgo will be opposing Chiron in Pisces on Tuesday as well. This is suggesting that we will have to release old habits or ways of being in relationships to make room for the new. When Chiron is in Pisces, fear of the unknown is highlighted and the tendency is to grasp on or to hold on when you realize that the world is full of an organized chaos and that you can't really control the stuff of things outside of yourself- your thoughts, your intentions, your actions. You can't control other people or their decisions. A big help to this transit will be to dig your teeth into some nonattachment work.

On Wednesday, Mars in Virgo will be making a square aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius, not only further prompting us to let go of the uncontrollables, but asking us to zoom out and relax a little bit around the details. Our tendency in this Mercurial, fast-paced, day-in-day-out world is to work ourselves into the ground, which Mars in Virgo also does. I have this placement in my birth chart and I constantly have to remind myself to chill the f*ck out. Saturn in Sagittarius, especially on the degree listed above, is really asking us to relax enough to enjoy life. Work isn't everything and the practicality and the details that it takes to do life can wait while you enjoy and savor the moment. The moon will be in Cancer so my suggestion is to do this by making a cup of hot tea, wrapping yourself in a blanket like a sushi burrito and watching a movie as well as sharing time with those dearest to you. Reflect and receive and resist the urge to go and do.

On Friday, the moon moves into Leo, giving us an added energy boost since the Mars-Saturn square may have us feeling kinda drained energetically. It's Friday the 13th, but this is one of the most chill days of the week. You can benefit from this moon in Leo lunation by doing something creative, romantic or expressive. Where there's an outlet, there's a way for the stuff accumulating from earlier this week to travel out.

On Sunday, Mercury in Libra will be opposing Uranus in Aries. The energy of this moving transit could bring a flash of innovation or could bring a highlighter to the text of your life that you have missed. This could call to question the desire to collaborate in communication with people in your life in a certain conflict with you expressing your individuality in all of its many forms. Our minds will be busy and Sunday has the possibility for experiencing downloads of all kinds of spiritual information. Just be open and ready, willing to receive it (which the rest of the week will help you to prep for).

Mars in Virgo will also be opposing Chiron in Pisces. Notice that a lot of the energy this week has to do with opposing forces and points of contention that need balancing. This transit specifically has to do with the part of ourselves that is focused on doing and also the part of us that wants to be right. If you hold onto the concept of being right and the concept of having all of the answers, coming from a place of a lack of humility, you pose the potential of the universe to thwart your action and swiftly show you just how wrong you are. If you remain humble and open, this could open up new routines, new additions to your lifestyle and new ways of doing this that allow for more room to grow and expand, as well as get closer to the purpose of your soul. The moon will be in Virgo, allowing us to become in tune with the cycles and seasons of nature and of life on the high side, but can also tune us into crippling self-doubt and criticism of others on the low side. Be mindful of this tendency to criticize and to make mountains out of molehills when in reality everything is just fine and exactly how it needs to be.

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