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Horoscope for the week of 10.2 - 10.8 || full moon in Aries and the self versus the other(s)

Greetings! Hope you guys are having an excellent week- from my understanding it's been either really great or a really terrible one for most folks in my space. It's been a week that comprises of a lot of change both internal and external and this week the change will be built upon and developed further.

Lightening bolt Uranus and rose-colored fog Neptune both change their degrees this week. Uranus dashes from the 27th to 26th degree of Aries and Neptune in Pisces wanders from the 12th degree to the 11th degree. These planets are called transpersonal planets in astrology- they orbit way slower than a planet like Mercury or Venus, so in my opinion, that makes their degree changes more felt. The following is an excerpt from the book Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale on the shifting degrees of the collective mind with Uranus and the collective feels with Neptune.


A fun house.

The playground of the world is both wide open and oddly synchronistic. Anybody can go anywhere and do anything. But sometimes you come up against yourself no matter where you look, and you meet your shadows and delusions coming back at you in every form you are desperate to deny. A frenzy pursues stimulus, entertainment, distraction and diversion. And the world arena turns into an hysterical proposition of thematic echoes making the whole journey too obvious, too direct, too brutal. The only postponement tactic left is to devise whole worlds of self-justification and self-vindication, to harbor you just long enough to let you face the raucous feedback loop that is trying to tell you that being a personality on the loose is a great disguise and is not covering your nakedness and never did."


The man in the moon smiling.

Living on the edge. Poised at many brinks. Swept up in a tide of changes--chaotic and magnificent. Everywhere at once, you are creative and generative, overwhelmed and overstimulated, but primarily exulting in yourself and your emergent capacities. Falling in love with the dance of destiny you find yourself in. Ecstatic release in being able to catch the spark as it flies. Very fast, very strong, very remarkable, and knowing it."


A woman asleep in a ring of flames.

Drama, color, sound. Magnitude and shakings. You dream through it all in an enchantment which simultaneously protects and stifles. An ancestral power of suspended life-force held away, while great events surround and envelop you, yet do not penetrate. You experience a most unusual soul-disposition of deep sleep in the teeth of collective and ancestral events and experiences which are huge and never-ending. Is it a grace or a curse? It can be either. It becomes a grace if you awaken in ripe timing and move on from here. It can be a curse if you stay down under too long and miss the cue to stir and look around and discover that the future has dawned and the old ways have fallen away. Sleeper awake!"

"PISCES 11 A high, crumbling wall.

It is part of a ruin and covered with ivy. Power is stored in the Earth at primal, quickening points. Often, in these places, humanity erects monuments to its own folly. Eventually these merge into the landscape and everything comments upon everything else. Being held between the Earth's wise presence and humanity's dim apprehension of what is really involved here. One side of the feeling nature is so intuitive and psychically astute that you are harboring advanced gifts that can serve Earth evolution in staggering ways. Another side of the feeling nature is contorted with reactions, judgments and condemnations of the collective trends of humanity and of the weakness of the human flesh. These objections and rejections of the human scene rebound upon the self and poison the psychic faculties. It is only when you heal and forgive and renounce the minor key irritable voice, inside and out, that the floodtide of burgeoning awareness of what is arising in this Earth, with all its ripples, can wipe away the false structures and foster the new birth--the tuned-in and blessings-focused outlook and inlook."

-Based on the highly insightful interpretation by Lonsdale of these two degree points, it sort of seems like we're caught between a rock and a hard place. That in order to advance as a society we have to work to let go of our individual grievances, relax and see the beauty present in everything.

On Monday, the moon transitions into Pisces. Here our dreams are especially important as is our felt experience of everything going on in our own little universe as well as an increased sensitivity to what all is going on in the world. The way that Pisces deals with these feelings that could be difficult to deal with as it dissolves into the collective is to zone out by daydreaming and brings itself back by spiritual practices and creative projects. Let yourself move with the ever-changing tides on Monday.

On Tuesday, Venus in Virgo will be positively aspecting Pluto in Capricorn. This is when a soulful connection could be made in romantic or friendly way that shows you something meaningful about yourself. This could be something you are trying to hide from yourself on the low side or something that gives you more work to do on yourself on the high side- it really depends how you look at it because there is always more room to grow. Something could come up if you are already partnered that allows for a deeper, more meaningful and sturdy bridge to be built between you. I would say to be careful not to let anyone influence you too strongly in one direction or the other and to be aware of subtle power dynamics.

On Wednesday, there may be some blocks on the creative front as the Sun in Libra makes a quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces. The quincunx aspect is 150 degrees apart and means that from their place in the celestial bodies spanning 360 degrees they cannot see each other. The Sun is the ego expression, the life force and Neptune is transcendence by way of creativity, escape and spirituality. If you partake in any spiritual activity, you may find that it's hard to disconnect from the issues of this world. The whole point of any activity like that is to be okay with whatever is anyway, so be okay with your humanness and have compassion for yourself if you feel critical of others in your space or if you have a busy mind. This world is not set up for folks to be mindful. Additionally, your usual escape routes, healthy or not, may not be working for you quite as they usually do. If you find yourself indulging in a few drinks, a sugar fix or a drug of choice, this may not hit you in the way it usually does. If your escape is a "healthy" coping mechanism, it could be good to switch it up and do something different.

Thursday brings the attention and energy to understanding yourself in the realm of relationships. The moon will be in Aries, which attunes you to your ever-important needs, your very personal wants and potentially selfish wishes (in a good way). The call of this moon in Aries is to draw your focus back to what satiates you- what feeds you- and to make sure that there is a space for that in your life. To take this to the next level, since this IS Libra season and Libra is inherently very elevated, question how this is being reflected back to you with your relationships with others. Today is a great day to set a new precedent for what you will and will not accept in your relationships. My astrology practice and the clients I have are usually very giving, very loving and focused on making sure everyone around them is okay and fed first thing. Now is a great time to turn some of that giving, loving energy back to yourself and intend that this high degree of self-regard sticks with you to see it fully manifest six months from now. Every day giving back to you, your vessel, your mind, your feelings, your spirit, your essence. Feed yourself. Additionally, Aries is a fire-ball. A suggested meditation could involve gazing into a burning candle after setting an intention.

On this full moon day, to liven things up - lover Venus and soldier Mars meet up for a steamy conjunction in Virgo. This conjunction will make for deeply passionate sex if you're partnered as well as emotional understanding and congruence. Connection to the body and to another's body could prove to be ecstatic. If you're single and don't want anything to do with a partner, take yourself outside and put your feet into the earth and absorb the light side of Virgo which is running in rhythm to the cycles and the seasons of life. The shadow side of our Virgoan tendencies involve criticism and cynicism, which can be resolved by Mother Earth's loving embrace.

On Saturday, the moon moves into Taurus. This is more in line with the body connection as we do have Venus and Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. There is wholeness to be restored if we descend into practices that involve the body. This brief lunation will encourage us to slow down and to savor as we begin and close down the weekend.

On Sunday, we may contend with inner pangs of unworthiness and self-doubt as Venus in Virgo moves into a tricky alignment with Saturn in Sagittarius. Venus in Virgo wants to be a certain way, do things a certain way and appear a certain way for the affections of another, while Saturn in Sagittarius draws our attention to all that we cannot control. This is a crisis or a conflict of sorts and of course Saturn will reign victorious because sometimes the world is chaotic and you can't reconcile or control everything, namely the perceptions of those around you and perceptions we have of ourselves. This is a day to reaffirm your worthiness- that which you already know- and to list (for the Virgo in all of us) what you love about yourself and to shun any feelings of self-deprecation that come up.

Additionally on Sunday, the Sun in Libra will be coming into contact with Mercury in Libra. This will make mental energy abundant and with that comes the turning wheel of thoughts that continues to spin and spin until we convince ourselves of something that is so far off base from our essence, our higher Self. The mental energy can be channeled in a useful and productive way, through learning or it can be balanced by practicing mindfulness. The tendency is to respond negatively to any form of criticism during this short-term conjunction.

Enjoy your week! I'll be doing readings at Sanctuary Imports in Charlotte, NC from 4:00p - 7:00p on Friday, October 13th if you'd like to come see me and celebrate the recent transition of Jupiter in Scorpio!

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