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Horoscope for the week of 9.25 - 10.1 || when you blink and it's over // jupiter-uranus + Pluto

Greetings! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. There have been some deep feelings to feel Saturday and Sunday with the transit of the moon through Scorpio. This is quite a week we have coming up! This is one of those weeks where there's no shortage of movement and not a break really in sight. We're walking up the mountain and we're looking for a place to stop, sit down, breathe and relax and we are coming up short on that place. Instead, we have to draw from our inner resilience and reserves of energy to be able to keep moving up the mountain. We can stop when we reach the top and as long as you're taking steps, even small ones, you should be okay this week. This is one of the stretches of significant transit after significant transit where things are changing all the time. Surrender the outcome and let the new wash over you.

Saturn finally comes off of the 21st degree of Sagittarius this week! Saturn went direct in late August but it has been stopped on the 21st degree and is finally going to be moving. The following is an excerpt from Ellias Lonsdale's "Inside Degrees"-


Toads singing at night.

X marks the spot. Plugged in to universal currents of energy and awareness. You listen and look toward the collective, universal voice and resonance, pervasively sensing how the inner worlds synchronize with the outer worlds. A magical, shamanic realm in all respects, working from the sacred circle and the cone of light. Alchemical transmutation from state to state and world to world. In touch with the borderline, hugging the edges. You feel especially keen to taste and feel what needs to happen, what wants to arise, tapping the pulse of the times and speaking for all of those who stay tuned in for further developments."


Blackbirds flying out of a pie.

Darkness seeks release by the right vessel, at the right time, in the right place. You must be able to contain the darkness and to form it into an exquisitely sculpted-out seething chaos, and then discover your willingness and ability to reverse field, to give over the very thing you took as your own. This comes the hard way, by enduring the ravages of living in a volatile chaos almost as victim and then seizing command of your own vessel. Until you do it, the darkness leaks out around the edges and fosters the worst all around. Usually, triggering so much subtle destruction and indulgence in the negative brings you up short, and triggers the final reckoning and the huge release, sending darkness on its way and opening a space for light to flood through and start a new cycle, where the old had seemed to be decadent and established for the duration."

- Saturn moving into the 22nd degree of Sagittarius is where we need to watch our darkness and our shadow. If we don't regularly attend to this side of us, especially with Pluto moving direct this week, it will seep into other parts of our life. Some kind of shadow filtration system is necessary while Saturn is here.

On Monday, communication takes a hit with Mercury in Virgo making a square aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius. There may be some reticence to expressing whatever is on our minds with those around us, and some trepidation is okay. Usually whenever I don't feel like speaking about things, I feel comfortable with writing some things down. Today may be a little more externally quiet. One thing that happens with this aspect in these signs in particular is that Mercury in Virgo is extremely focused on the details and the individual links in the chain, carefully and calculatedly examining them. Saturn in Sagittarius is really encouraging us to widen our scope and ensurethat there's nothing going on that could trip us up towards the edges or on the outskirts. This will be a day of realism and there may be some issues expressing what we feel, especially in regards to work.

The moon moves into Sagittarius on Monday as well, which may key into our need to escape and wander around. The emotions become firey and truths may be revealed at this time. This is a great time for spiritual seeking.

On Wednesday, Mercury in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces which means we'll do well to unpack something that has wounded us. There could be some existential thing or something emotional going on in the collective that really affects you on a personal level. A balance between the practical and the imaginative is necessary to move through this aspect with ease of motion. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition on the Libra/Aries axis will become exact on Wednesday, even though we've been feeling the build up of this for about a week and a half. This aspect is going to churn some major change for all of us, with potential surprises lurking in the realm of relationships- the relationship that we have with our small selves and our Higher Self and the dynamics between that and the dynamics between the people in our lives, their small selves and their Higher Selves. Radical compassion for those around you, care and keeping of finances and recognizing that the most important relationship you have is with yourself are some things to keep in mind on this Wednesday. The moon moves into Capricorn on Wednesday which will orient us towards achievement and material stability. It also may make our emotions a little bit difficult to access.

Thursday is the star of the show this week as Pluto will be stationing direct! This direct station of Pluto will be widely squaring this Jupiter-Uranus opposition and will only contribute to the fullness of the surprising events to come. This Pluto retrograde transit has been going on since April 20th of this year and has asked that we go inside ourselves for some deep reflection, especially around power, money and the need to succeed. If there were any strong attachments to people or material things, we may have been forced to let them go during the past few months. All of this need for reflection and letting go will make much more sense-not right away, but as Pluto presses forward just slightly. The big reveal of the cosmic reasons as to "why" will be revealed in the next month. On a collective or political level, this will bring in some whistle-blowing and truths coming out. On a personal level, this could bring some secrets or things we were desperately trying to bury to the surface. The moon will move over this direct station of Pluto, causing some emotional plunging and agitation which will be followed by such wisdom.

Friday may add some confusion to our love lives and relationships in general as Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. Venus grows a little colder and a little more distant when it moves into Virgo and is less sure of herself. In opposition to Neptune, it could be easy for one to be duped or played by the illusion of something transitory as real, stable and enduring. Juxtapose this with the movement of Mercury into Libra, which wants to hold a very impartial and objective frame of mind and the opportunity for balance is there. Key into the creative part of your mind- Mercury in Libra has a lot of insight into art and aesthetics and can take you out of the emotionally dreamy and delusional atmosphere Neptune is providing us in our relationships. It's okay to not exactly take things at face value or make any major decisions surrounding yourself and other people until Sunday or so.

Saturday, the moon will move into Aquarius which gives us a little bit of a break from the chaotic, dark and emotional energy that comes with the moon being in the sign of Capricorn, moving over the Pluto direct station. This will give some comic relief and perspective on the situations playing out in our lives. The moon will be happily aspecting Mercury in Libra, allowing new ideas and new thoughts to come forward after being in sort of a holding pattern moving through some turbulent energy. It's appropriate to get out there and socialize, allow the spirit of fun to take over and appreciate those who you are in community with.

On Sunday, Mars in Virgo will be positively aspecting Pluto in Capricorn. Our resilience and our energy will be boundless- we'll be able to handle all that we have to handle and more. We may have more energy to take on some of the challenges life has presented to us this week. This aspect puts a blessing on spiritual work, physical activity and focus- a great day to reflect and to place constructs, people and ideas mentally that you haven't had the time to. This is a day to get out into nature or more efficiently to lay in the ground and soak up some of the earth's healing rays.

Have the best week!


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