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Horoscope for the week of 9.18 - 9.24 || Out of the harvest, into love // New moon in Virgo & Li

What an exciting week we have upon us! This week heralds a new moon as well as several transitions of planets from one sign to another. This is a significant week for personal changes and observations in relationships as well as your outer world. Virgo season is coming to a close and as such this is a great time to take stock of what has grown from your seed planting up until now. The end of Virgo season and beginning of Libra season provides a halfway point from the movement of the Sun from Aries through Pisces- the halfway point in the zodiacal calendar. In this sense, we are climbing up the mountain and are in a place where we can pause and think about if we want to change the way we are hiking to be more beneficial for us.

On Monday, the moon moves into Virgo. The Sun, the moon, Mercury and Mars are all taking up space in Virgo indicating a lot of mental and verbal energy exerted at this time. We tend to fall out of balance when we ignore the impact our lifestyle has on our productivity so try not to forget about this at this time. Are you eating enough green vegetables and getting enough sleep? Are you hitting the "sauce" too hard- whatever that may be for you? Are you adhering to your body's cycle or are you relentlessly trying to churn out production, releasing all care to the wind? These are the questions to ask yourself on Monday, a day and a half before the new moon becomes exact on Wednesday at 1:30am.

On Tuesday, Venus will enter Virgo. This is my natal Venus placement and so I feel I can pretty accurately speak to the experience of this transit. When Venus, the sign of pleasure, love and romance comes into a sign that is more geared towards analyzing, reducing, criticizing, thinking and planning, it tends to make for a couple of things. We may become self-effacing, accepting less than what we deserve in relationships or putting others needs before your own. Also, the observations are heightened of alterations that you and the people in your life could make. Until Venus moves into Libra on October 14th, even if it feels counter to what we feel compelled to do, give those around you and especially yourself a break and allow yourself to enjoy the time you spend with them, especially with the Sun moving into Libra, heightening the focus on relationships.

Tuesday could invoke some difficulty with a few oppositions on the Virgo/Pisces axis, the axis of service, just before the new moon becomes exact at 1:30 in the morning on Wednesday, which should allow for a little bit of resolve and release. The Sun in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces could result in some feelings of unmet yearnings of the soul found in a body that is bound by the real world. Sometimes, we want to be free and we want to enjoy our lives, be creative and spiritual and not really pay too much attention to the practical. The issue with that is that we live in a world that requires us to pay bills and file taxes- the real world. This can be experienced by folks who are less practically inclined as physical pain in the body. My suggestion for you on Tuesday is to take even a small amount of leisure time to decompress from the hustle and bustle of this ever-Mercurial existence.

Additionally on Tuesday, Neptune in Pisces will be opposing Mercury in Virgo. There are lots of manifestations of this rather challenging and illusory transit. The first is that there is a heightened possibility for miscommunication and not being understood for your intention. Another possible manifestation of this transit entails wanting to escape the body in some way by daydreaming, ingesting substances or completely closing yourself off to the world. If you have the time or resilience for this, it is fine, but delving into escapism to avoid the stress and discomfort of the present moment isn't necessarily what I am advocating. I do think that it is best to do take an inventory of what is causing you agitation and see if you can quell it with something that brings you back into your body.

The reason for this need to see what comes up in your body is because the new moon in Virgo will take place in the middle of the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, and it's important you address physical concerns around this time so that you can attend to reflection that comes with the midpoint of the zodiacal calendar. This is where the attention shifts from ourselves to other people and our external world, so it's important to dot your i's and cross your t's in terms of how you feel you're doing. If there is anything you need help with to improve the relationship with yourself, seek out that help.

In order to make this new moon the most beneficial, it's a great idea to take a lot of rest and relaxation in a deliberate way across Tuesday and Wednesday. Sustained periods of productivity will only serve to drain, so make sure you infuse your work day with lots of breaks and really not try to burn the candle at both ends. See if there's anything in your life that could be altered to suit you better. A major alteration I'm planning on making over the course of the new moon is seriously decreasing the amount of caffeine I consume. Some of the changes that we make in Virgo season specifically are all about short-term loss for long-term gain and I know that less caffeine will hinder my productivity and attentiveness in the short-term but will be better for a more sustainable energy level in the long-term.

On Wednesday, after the new moon in Virgo, the moon will move into Libra. This is where our external world can really affect the balance of our internal world, and also where we pick up a good deal of other people's stuff, at least intellectually. Our thoughts can be with others during this short-term lunation. We can feel a little bit more social after the new moon subsides and it is perfectly reasonable to want to have the folks around you that help make you better.

On Friday, the Sun moves into Libra, which will be a big shift in terms of our focus. We've been focusing on work, productivity and our lifestyle in Virgo season, but now the attention will be turning towards the other people in our lives for one reason or another. Libra season is all about the refinement of existing relationships and new collaborations that come to be. It's appropriate to want to be more diplomatic in your communication at this time and with the Mercury-Neptune opposition earlier this week, it could be a time where you clear up any negotiations that go astray and any other communication faux-pas. Libra in general is really good at pouring honey on something so that it tastes and smells better, so allow that energy to come through in your dealings with other people. Mercury in Virgo will be positively aspecting Pluto in Capricorn which does insinuate that there are a few conversations that really need to be had and that you can't really run from them- Pluto the destroyer wants to bring to light anything that needs to be said that you've been putting off. If anything, getting things off your chest will help you feel a little lighter which is what Pluto inevitably wants, even if it takes the more challenging route to get there.

On Saturday, the moon moves into Scorpio which is a time where we take a peak by choice or by force at the darker parts of our personality. There could be a thought-form that isn't working in our favor or some deep emotions felt that take us out of our comfort zone. The way to move through the intensely felt Scorpio moon this weekend is to be where you are and have compassion for yourself, even if what you are feeling provokes some discomfort. This is a blessed time for body work, so taking a yoga class, having sex or getting a massage is something that could help you sort out emotions once you take the plunge into the depths of the Scorpio moon waters.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! For a more detailed astrology reading, please e-mail me at!

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