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Horoscope for the week of 9.11 - 9.17 || destiny, challenge, growth and freedom in relationships

Hello! This past week has been very interesting- sort of like a fork in the road with the choice to be cynical, critical or stressed OR inspired, creative and relaxed. For some, this week has unlocked a magickal portal for us to dive into with our intention and our efforts, as Virgo season requires of us.

This upcoming week, the North Node in Leo oscillates from the 23rd to the 24th degree of Leo, settling on the 23rd degree. The North Node of the Moon indicates fate or destiny, in Leo calling the utmost attention to our unfiltered and open hearts. The following is an excerpt from the book "Inside Degrees" by Ellias Lonsdale:

"LEO 24

Sunrise over Stonehenge.

Immortal stature. Undiminished interior presence. A throwback to heroic times and places, character elevated, the universal code upheld, you are stalwart, uncompromising, and even rabid. Vertical understanding and allegiance. Exquisite sensibility. Nobility and the core of human nature embodied. You have a subtle undertone of magic and miracle, yet you're often overtly quiet, simple, and straight. All goes into the spirit, poignant and evocative and moving."

"LEO 23 An old man cutting mistletoe off an oak tree with a golden knife. Spectacular attainment. Peak capacity. Everything prepared and ready. The consummation of lifetimes in the destiny-drama of self-mastery. Your tireless pursuit of perfection and gift of knowing what is asked are charged with collective power. Marking out a pathway which shall remain always. The Gods inspire, the hour is ripe. Demonstration is constant--the rhythm is the one the inner worlds are synchronized with. And the whole idea is to become selflessly yourself, offered to the Goddess and emergent through time as the God-Man boldly, uninhibitedly, all there."

- Based on these degrees of Leo shifting, this is the culmination, crystallization and materialization of some deep internal change. The 23rd degree describes a perfect union between the divine feminine and the divine masculine, realized within those who have been doing their spiritual work.

On Monday, the North Node of the Moon in Leo, placing the emphasis on dropping down into our hearts collectively, shines some destiny onto our relationships with Jupiter in Libra. This will expand the capacity for depth of love. Outside of the context of your relationships, this is a great day to find love in and for everything around you. If you key into the energy of this aspect, it should be like an extension of your hand. If you are instead choosing to be hell bent on remaining walled off, you're missing the point.

On Tuesday, the moon will move into Gemini, causing a rather restless inner landscape. Depending on your natural energetic constitution (in your birth chart), that is whether you naturally are high-strung and anxious or more depressed and lethargic, you will receive the effects of this lunation differently. If you are more prone to depression, this could provide the lightness and the motivation to talk to folks around you and explore a little bit more. If you have a hard time staying grounded and have an excess of mental energy, a great way to honor the moon being in Gemini is by taking a pen to paper- writing down all of the things that may be vexing you- or talk to a friend.

Also on Tuesday, Venus in Leo will be positively aspecting Saturn in Sagittarius- setting up some stability-seeking in our relationships. A want to know and understand the ins and outs of what is going on as well as the natural inclination towards a more committal approach to our relationships to friends, family and romantic partners. We may be called to support our loved ones in a more significant way.

On Wednesday, the Sun in Virgo will square Saturn in Sagittarius, causing us to think that we have to work really hard to get an average amount of stuff done. Feelings and thoughts of unworthiness are possible with this aspect, as well as the urge to wander and get away from extremely realistic or practical circumstances. Fight the urge to make it all about work and remember to be kind to yourself. This kind of aspect can make us feel really behind. Also on Wednesday, the moon moving through Gemini will segway into Saturn, which means that we'll be more discerning emotionally but also less able to communicate what our needs are. This is a day where we can feel stuck, blocked, lethargic or depressed, but to turn it around we can move through- inching through if we have to- one thing at a time. Single-pointed focus is good for dealing with aspects to Saturn.

Thursday is such a beautiful nexus of loving energy. Venus, planet of love, relationships and all things pleasurable and playful will be moving over the North Node in Leo. The North Node represents destiny, fate and what is meant to happen. This is where we can get into fated connections. Most, if not all, connections that are being brought into your life now are to serve your highest good. Some people are from our soul family, some people come into your life to teach you something and flow out, but the bottom line is that you attract what you put out there, so if you're ready for love, today is a great day to outwardly and inwardly affirm your readiness to receive real love.

The moon moves into Cancer, making this a day where we are inherently more connected to our emotions and our hearts (whether or not we want to be or not). Tea on the stove, a good book in our hands and a warm blanket, especially amidst this colder weather, is going to be a great way to wind down at the end of the day. A good thing to remember on Thursday with this blessing Venus-North Node conjunction is to not hold onto things for too long. The Moon in Cancer can get stuck in things that have already happened and can always benefit from being more like teflon- things flow in and they flow out.

On Friday, the two luckiest planets will be reaching out to each other in such a friendly way. Jupiter in Libra, emphasizing the importance of the right relationships being formulated at this time will be making a sextile aspect to Venus in Leo, where we are standing up for ourselves and what we need from folks in your life. This is going to look like us easily and freely interacting with the people in our lives and being able to act from a place of discernment. We are able, especially with the North Node and Venus being together, when something isn't serving us or working out in our favor, and we are inclined to let that kind of thing go at this time to make room for other, more beneficial influences to ease into our lives.

Saturday is a really good day to keep a solid eye out for our ego. Mercury will be right on top of Mars in Virgo. As someone who suffers from this conjunction personally in my natal chart, I know that it can be extremely tempting to speak over other people and make your opinion known (as fact). Especially with the moon moving into Leo, be sure to remember that the need to be right and to win never get us into a good place with those around us. If we can use this to our advantage, we'll be able to get a lot done, put our work where our mouth is and also experience a good deal of fun and joy along the way.

On Sunday, personal freedom rises to importance with Venus in Leo making a positive aspect to Uranus in Aries. This will charge up our instincts to wander, learn, explore and create in our environment. This is one of those days where we realize the value in the relationship with ourselves and the importance of preserving it.

Overall, this week is cluttered with aspects to Venus. Venus, the planet of love and relationships. Venus gets touched by the North Node, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus this week, all meant to teach us something different about who we are in reference to other people. It could be something important for us to collectively pay attention to!

Have a great week, M

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