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Horoscope for the week of 9.4 - 9.10 || to way beyond and back again *FULL MOON IN PISCES* *MERCURY

Good morning! Hope everyone is doing well this morning. This week has been increasingly confusing and challenging for me and for folks in my life, so hopefully this full moon that is upcoming this week will shake up all the stuff and help us to become unstuck and make decisions.

Uranus changes degrees this week! Uranus is a very slow-orbiting outer planet and changes degrees much less frequently than a planet like Mercury or Venus, for example. It moves from 28 to 27 degrees in its retrograde station. The following is an excerpt from the book "Inside Degrees" from Ellias Lonsdale on the 28th and 27th degree of Aries.

"ARIES 28 A wreath of laurel placed on the head of an old man. The soul's journey is absolutely endless, and you sense throughout that journey that somebody is watching. The Greater Dynamic is at work here and you live into that ultimate aspect from the very beginning. You simply know that your destiny must and will be fulfilled. There is a higher vibrational inside track that accompanies each step, every phase, and that otherness gives you back yourself in such a fashion that you are never alone, not incomplete, never less than whole. All of the vital agitations only serve to quicken the pace, to bring you back on the spiral to that vital place again where you are known and acknowledged, and from which you can go forth and know and acknowledge others in their destiny light--seen and sensed and known, free of all qualifications."

"ARIES 27 A fun house. The playground of the world is both wide open and oddly synchronistic. Anybody can go anywhere and do anything. But sometimes you come up against yourself no matter where you look, and you meet your shadows and delusions coming back at you in every form you are desperate to deny. A frenzy pursues stimulus, entertainment, distraction and diversion. And the world arena turns into an hysterical proposition of thematic echoes making the whole journey too obvious, too direct, too brutal. The only postponement tactic left is to devise whole worlds of self-justification and self-vindication, to harbor you just long enough to let you face the raucous feedback loop that is trying to tell you that being a personality on the loose is a great disguise and is not covering your nakedness and never did."

- The difference between the 28th degrees and 27th degrees are quite interesting... one seems to have us tapped into our higher Selves and the intrinsic and external connectedness of all things. The other, the one that we are moving into for the rest of September and part of October, seems like we could easily be distracted. However, sometimes we fall off of our path only to reaffirm what we were doing there in the first place. Sometimes distraction leads to further discovery and inquiry. I think the key in this is discernment and softening, not trying to put up any facades and moving through your experience as authentically as possible.

On Monday, the Sun in Virgo moves closer to its opposition to Neptune in Pisces, moving into an exact position on Tuesday. This means that we can have our blinders on our our rose-colored glasses, but that situations in general aren't what they seem right now. Some of the feelings we feel in regard to our external world are confusing, but transient. Once this influence fades, especially with Mercury moving direct and the onslaught of Virgo energy this week and next, we'll be able to see a more realistic picture of what is going on for us.

Also on Tuesday, Mercury moves direct! Mercury made its way through the first few degrees of Virgo before its retrograde station, stationed retrograde an moved backwards into Leo. Leo is all about the heart, self-expression and divine creativity. A common manifestation of such a direct station of Mercury in the later degrees of Leo is the flow of words from heart to mouth, with the absence of thought. I would caution you against this, even though right now we are supposed to be digging into our hearts collectively. Take note of what you find, but remember the opposition between the Sun and Neptune- knowing what is in your heart may be transient.

On Tuesday, Mars moves into Virgo. This is where we are on the vehement search for what is practical, what works and what doesn't in our lives. Our energy can become fixated or obsessive on certain things that we are doing. As this is MY mars placement, the tendency towards workaholism and perfectionism is highly present, as is the tendency to endlessly criticize the self. To properly transcend this transit, it can be helpful to of course attend to the practical as Mars in Virgo is urging us to do, but also to cultivate a little bit of the opposite sign, which is Pisces. Pisces involves letting go, releasing control and surrendering to the fact that nothing and no one is perfect (which in itself is pretty perfect).

Mars in Virgo urges the collective to really examine what you are putting in your bodies and thinking about how to curate your diet, exercise regimen, sleep and schedule to really maximize your output. I notice when I take the time to do what I need to do to take care of myself, which for me personally is meditation, I suddenly have more time to devote to things that are important for me. This works in the same way- of course spending time in the kitchen and at the gym (or outside-wherever) seems like it takes time away from what you need to attend to, but it will actually save you time in the long run.

Also on Tuesday (Tuesday is one busy day!) Venus in Leo is quincunxing Neptune in Pisces. The quincunx aspect is 150 degrees and indicates that one planet cannot properly see the other one from where they are in the chart. Venus in Leo really wants the attention or the affection whereas Neptune in Pisces is drawing us to look at concepts such as universal love and non-attachment. In your relationships, it's important to honor the paths of others and the fact that sometimes real love means to let someone go, to loosen the grip and let them be.

On Wednesday, September 6th, there will be a full moon in Pisces. The Virgo/Pisces axis has to do with the "real" versus the "ideal." Virgo is reality and Pisces is everything beyond- the dream realm and the extension to other dimensions as well as the dissolving of suspension of space and time. Virgo wants us to keep a door in reality while the Moon and Neptune in Pisces wants us to dream, exercising our creative, spiritual and universal muscles. Full moons are all about fullest expressions and manifestation. Think about how in Pisces season, we experienced a full moon with the Sun in Pisces and the moon in Virgo. This was about six months ago. Think about what you were doing around that time and see if any of the seeds that you planted have been harvesting. If not, what can you create for yourself? What is it that you are yearning to manifest on a soul level? Feel in your body how it would feel if what you seek to manifest came into being, ask the Universe or your source of spirituality and meaning, and know that it is already done. This is a highly potent time.

On Friday, the moon moves into Aries, taking us from the collective unconscious reverberating from the moon in Pisces right into the motivations and wants of our very basic, human self. This is when you realize that the movement towards what you are trying to manifest in the great beyond is contingent upon self-care and honoring what it is that YOU personally need, without the imposition of anyone or anything else. Listen to your body and the yearnings of the "new born baby" that dwells within each of us and allow that to guide you, wisely. This moon in Aries will be opposing Jupiter, drawing an ever-familiar portrait of the delicate balance that exists between you and other people. This is a day where you could be motivated to be with others, to share emotionally and to interact with your environment, but be sure to temper that urge with the care and keeping of you.

On Saturday, Mercury direct re-enters the sign of Virgo, drawing even more practicality and method into our experience. The processes and systems, technology, a reductionist mindset and a clean environment in which to create and produce comes to the forefront of our experience with this transit. This also brings blessings for communication, provided that it is deliberate and with appropriate choices of words.

Also on Saturday, Venus in Leo is making a quincunx (150 degree aspect that makes one planet "blind" to the other) to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn is about the destruction of the systems that don't serve us as a collective (which makes me feel really jazzed) but also has us repeatedly humbled at every intersection as we look at our relationship to power as well as our relationship to control. Venus in Leo wants to be able to be "sure" of what could be unknown at this time regarding relationships. Everything you need to know will be revealed to you by a higher source once this quinunx fades out, so sitting with the discomfort and accepting the release of things that don't serve your highest good is just about all you can do without more information.

The Sun in Virgo will be making a happy trine to Pluto in Capricorn on Saturday as well, putting Pluto issues on display. This may come as a realization from the depths within you that hits your ego at a weird angle. This realization needs to be had and it will make you better and stronger, but may cause for some temporary discomfort, sorting through old wounds and experiencing emotion. The moon in Aries will move over Uranus on Saturday additionally causing an internal restlessness, racing thoughts and an intuitive flash of brilliance if you're prepared to have it. Bring your experience back into your body and remedy discomfort in that way, grounding yourself and taking the emphasis away from your endlessly turning wheel of thoughts.

On Sunday, the moon moves into Taurus, serving as a day to restore emotional balance, rest, eat good food and to "come back" to a place of homeostasis after the moon transits over Uranus in Aries. Sunday should be a day of rest, rejuvenation and recovery, so do something for yourself that demonstrates profound self-love and self-care. This is a great day to lay outside in the ground for as long as you can without getting a thousand bug bites- soaking up the minerals in the earth through your skin and allowing healing and the transmutation of all negative energy into light and love by Mother Earth.

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