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Horoscope for the week of 8.21 - 8.27 || eclipse, Virgo season, saturn direct

Good evening! One of the most exciting astrological events and the most rare astronomical events is taking place tomorrow with the new moon solar eclipse! I'll be watching it tomorrow afternoon and I hope you will be too. I've spent most of my time pondering the meaning of this eclipse rather than thinking about the actual viewing. This new moon solar eclipse will be an incredibly powerful explosion of simultaneous releasing and growth. There has been so much chaos this week in our relationship with ourselves and others with irritability, physical ascension symptoms, practical things going wrong, delays in movement... a part of us has wanted to just call the whole thing off. The trick during the balsamic phase of the moon in Cancer that we just went through is drawing inward and reflecting instead of being reactive to our circumstances. By tomorrow and definitely Tuesday, we should at least begin to understand what the past few days have been about- the confusion, irritability, headaches and weird internal feelings will all begin to normalize.

We have Mercury retrograde in Virgo right now, causing technology and processes to not work how they're supposed to, making communication incredibly illusory with the opposition to Neptune and also making us feel like we're slightly off- suddenly we're shown some stuff we haven't gotten around to yet because they're put right in front of our faces through one malfunction or another. Retrogrades are a time of reflection, taking stock of what's going on internally and externally. It's easier to get through being stuck in traffic, waiting in line at the DMV or the Post Office or wrestling with the technological device of your choosing with a sense of humor and levity.

As Uranus goes through its retrograde station through the final degrees of Aries, we are going through some final tests of our identity and our individuality- when it moves direct later this year, we will feel catapulted into our new crystallized identity. We're being pruned right now for that exciting leap forward.

Neptune and Chiron are also moving through their retrograde stations in Pisces, Neptune earlier in the degrees making a final healing sweep before proceeding on and Chiron in Pisces digging up some collective and existential wounding that seems personal. The truth is, we are all connected and we all have something major to heal from right now. This is a great time for any kind of energy healing or spiritual activities, related to Pisces. Doing that kind of work can really make space for better things.

Pluto is still moving retrograde in Capricorn and has been opposing Venus for the past several days, highlighting unhealthy power dynamics, codependency and obsession in relationships. Relationships have had a tough run during the first part of 2017, even with Jupiter in Libra, and it's because Uranus is in Aries, striking a chord in us that wants to be free.

Monday, we have the new moon solar eclipse in Leo. This new moon eclipse is happening with Mars and the North Node, positively aspecting Uranus in Aries. This is literally a call to destiny that requires some action. The North Node in Leo wants us all to be in our hearts and express what we think, feel and know. Uranus in Aries is adding to this with insights and innovations that come from your higher Self! It's going to be lovely to watch and it will feel big tomorrow- the rest of the week is going to bring much more movement and big strides.

On Tuesday, the Sun moves into Virgo!!! Virgo season!!! I love Virgo season. This is a time when we set the most effective routines to maximize our productivity and what we are able to accomplish. This is very different than Leo season, which is usually fun, exciting, passionate and a little all over the place. Virgo energy is more systematic, more methodical and quite a bit focused on our health. This is where we realize it's important what we put in our bodies and we notice how everything around us affects our energy levels and how that affects what we're able to produce and put out into the world for flowers to follow.

It's interesting because on Tuesday we have a little mini new moon after the big new moon in Leo on Monday. The moon will come into Virgo early in the morning and the Sun will move into Virgo shortly thereafter. Expect congruence in your inner and outer worlds. Mars in Leo forms a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius which gives us a lot of focused energy to harness toward our goals- this is suggesting we aim high while also taking into account pragmatism and what we can realistically manage.

On Thursday, Venus at the last degrees of Cancer makes a few interesting aspects. Venus in Cancer, especially in the last degrees, holds onto security, contingencies and comfort and that can result in holding onto a toxic situation long after its expiration date. The truth of the matter is- right now, we're not supposed to be comfortable. I'm sorry, but if you are bypassing your work only to continue your reliance on external "securities," the universe will only respond by showing you just how false solidity is. Embrace the transience. Venus in Cancer will be forming a trine to Chiron in Pisces, offering an opportunity for healing and a release around relationship matters. If something has recently come to a close for you, you will have much more clarity on it now. If things have been unclear, there will be an internal resolve when you realize you don't need for things to be 100% clear all of the time. Venus is also going to be making a square to Uranus in Aries- with this I would expect some surprises. It could be that someone professes their undying love for you, your trigger button gets pressed, or you find yourself just wanting to be alone. Embrace the transience.

Also on Thursday, the moon moves into Libra. This is a short-term influence that makes us more collaborative, more open to communing with others and much more social. This will come over Jupiter in Libra, expanding our desire for harmony in our space.

On Friday, Saturn moves into a direct station! Saturn has been retrograde for a few months, causing for Saturn's discernment, pragmatism and sometimes harshness to be projected inwardly, usually through a combination of what happens in our external life and what is happening in the world. It's been a time of inquiry, figuring out what beliefs, spiritual systems and thought forms are working and which ones aren't, figuring out which relationships are working and which ones aren't and trying to rid our lives of things that needlessly take from us. Part of this, because Saturn is in Sagittarius, is for those folks who really like to wander, to sit still. For the people who like to stay complacent and stay still, they've had to get out and move around a little bit more. This internal change will be brought to the surface for positive practical changes to be made in our outer layers.

On Friday, the moon moves into an opposition to Uranus later on in the day, which could bring a time of restlessness, especially in regard to yourself versus the other people in your life. Listen to your body on a moment-to-moment influence to mitigate this influence... you could be out with folks and then realize that all of a sudden you want to be alone or vice versa and it's important that we honor that.

On Saturday, Venus gets out of the last few degrees of Cancer and comes into Leo! Venus is following the path of Mars, the Sun and the Moon- I always find it so interesting to see the same lessons, stories and sequences of events that play out just with different players. Venus is our love nature and luckily, Venus in Leo won't settle for anything less than complete adoration. Venus in Leo is loyal and committed, creative and spiritual as well as a bit materialistic and fancy. Possessiveness can be found here as well as an overwhelming thirst for attention. It's good to focus on what you want in relationships, but if you have any proclivity towards excesses, watch your wallet and your sugar/alcohol intake (ESPECIALLY during Virgo season).

Also on Saturday, the Sun in Virgo will meet up with Mercury retrograde in Virgo. This is a time where we may be more sensitive to criticism especially as far as our work is concerned- a certain touchiness can be there. We may also be quick to be critical of ourselves. I can say this because my Mercury is in Virgo- Virgo energy compartmentalizes things. Sometimes, it's easier to put things away in certain boxes to revisit later when the WHOLE entire picture benefits us most right now. The moon will move into Scorpio which heightens the presence of emotions of any sort, but can cause the mood to plummet and we can be extra hard on ourselves only to come out of this short-term lunation with added wisdom. Just be gentle with yourself.

On Sunday, Jupiter makes a sextile aspect to Saturn, which means that it's a time for concentration, sustained effort and work. Saturn is making friends with Jupiter to bolster us up to new heights at a steady, comfortable place. This could come with financial, career, relationship, spiritual advantages- depending on where Saturn and Jupiter are reaching out to each other from in your own natal chart. Finally, Mars in Leo is going to be coming over the North Node in Leo, indicating a time where action is divinely guided. The Sun has found its way over the North Node in Leo here recently which showed us a portal into what the universe is leading us into. This may have been skewed by the balsamic mood phase in Cancer over this past weekend, but by the end of this week, we'll know and understand a little more about what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Have a great week! M

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