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Horoscope for the week of 8.14 - 8.20 || karmic trials and tribulations for Venus, pre eclipse, Virg

Good evening starseeds and earth angels alike! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Mercury went retrograde in Saturday in the sign of Virgo, which is largely about making practical adjustments. It's good to really organize everything in your life, file everything into their different categories, so that when the Sun comes into Virgo, we can all commence with the harvest and hit the ground running. Figuring out what you want to nurture to its blooming and acting upon that is key during this Mercury retrograde transit.

This eclipse on the 21st is going to be a really powerful manifestation time. It's important to watch your thoughts because what you think about and what is in your energy is what will propel you forward over the course of the next six months. It is with this largely powerful eclipse that we close out Leo season which has served as a defibrillator to our heart and our highest Self and open up Virgo season which is where we'll get to put everything we learned to use in practical ways and the focus will turn to our work.

Tuesday, Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This is can be rather challenging and fated with karmic relationships coming in for the first time or coming back. Something about how you relate may have to end for circumstances to continue on- that or the circumstances themselves may have to end. There is something that has to die off so what is more valuable an endure. This is a very deep aspect where we are encouraged to reflect on our relationships and how they really make us feel. With that, the moon moves into the sign of Gemini which can make us lighter, a little bit more restless and we could potentially miss the emotion that will help tip the scales.

On Wednesday, the Sun in Leo will come on top of the North Node in Leo at 24 degrees. The following is an excerpt from the book Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale:

"LEO 24 Sunrise over Stonehenge. Immortal stature. Undiminished interior presence. A throwback to heroic times and places, character elevated, the universal code upheld, you are stalwart, uncompromising, and even rabid. Vertical understanding and allegiance. Exquisite sensibility. Nobility and the core of human nature embodied. You have a subtle undertone of magic and miracle, yet you're often overtly quiet, simple, and straight. All goes into the spirit, poignant and evocative and moving."

- This is an extremely important conjunction. This is an aspect of destiny and alignment- you will know whether or not you're on your path and you will see the way to get there. Cancer season was subtly pushing us towards complete congruence. Leo season has been not-so-subtly pushing us towards complete congruence. This aspect is encouraging congruence over compartmentalization and giving us the "in" just before this eclipse.

Venus, our love and relationship nature, is taking a few difficult aspects this week. With Pluto on Tuesday, then with Jupiter on Thursday. Venus in Cancer will be making a square aspect to Jupiter in Libra, indicating that we may be looking for comfort where there is supposed to instead be growth and change. Sometimes there is comfort, but Venus' plight this week contains some bumps and bruises which are intend to challenge and help us grow collectively.

The rest of the week, Friday through Sunday, is pretty tame in the sky with lunations but not much other planetary aspects going on as we prepare for this new moon solar eclipse on Aug 21 and the transition into Virgo season on Aug 22! On Friday, the moon moves into Cancer, indicating a short-term influence of introversion, perhaps a little more emotionality. On Sunday, the moon moves into Leo where we once were about a month ago. The weekend is a really good time for reflection to look at things and what you want to create for yourself going forward.

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