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Horoscope for the week of 6.19 - 6.25 || move over Neptune, it's the moon's turn *new moon i

Good evening! Hope this week is treating you well.

The North Node has been making its way through the sign of Leo since early May and I've made it my duty to remind you when the degree of the North Node changes signs. The North Node has to do with our destiny and when it's moving through the celestial bodies we can see ways to unlock destiny.

The following is an excerpt from "Inside Degrees" by Ellias Lonsdale -

LEO 25

A circle of neat houses, each one identical

"Mapping out a blueprint, a great plan. Designing into it the perfect escape route, which is anonymity. Going under for the duration, you make absolutely sure that you look and act like a clone of any given prototype that calls no attention to itself. With everything splendidly in place and the perfect disguise solidly maintained, you are safe inside to go into absolutely anything. The inside track becomes as fanciful and free as the outside track becomes innocuous and banal. This way of doing it is half-mad and half-brilliant. It is half-mad in that it is so suppressive to any prospects of expressing and embodying your real self in this world. And it is half-brilliant, offering such outward stability that the inward formative chaos can romp without disturbing the neighbors or anybody--even your own ego-mind. Ultimately it is the perfect way to grapple with being vastly other, yet still needing and wanting to be an integral part of things--loved, accepted, and welcomed. It is a strange bargain, but is, you feel it deeply to be, viable, inescapable, and true."

- This degree is really calling to mind for me how chaotic things have been in the past several weeks and how Pluto is still retrograde asking us to do the internal work to make our external run more smoothly. This is the time! There is lots of healing to be found inside and maybe right now it's important to keep our head down and not get distracted by external distractions. We are heralding a yin cycle where the Sun is in Cancer, where it is important to focus on receiving and what is inward. Last week, Neptune went retrograde which is all about a fog lifting from around us to show us ALL things, not just things that are pleasant.

On Monday, the moon moves into Taurus. Taurus in the sign of the moon really knows how to take care of itself and stabilize the emotions through the senses. Hug a moon in Taurus person if you want to know what grounding is like. The moon feels very happy here so it's a really good time to make sure that our foundational food and water needs are met and that we don't do too much to stress ourselves out today but rather move slowly and savor the moment. The Moon will cross over Venus in Taurus, which really makes us want to really relax and enjoy even more. There is a potential of overindulgence on Monday as we have Venus and the moon in Taurus today making a quincunx aspect (150 degrees where the two planets/luminaries/asteroids cannot see each other from their place in the chart and therefore it can be hard to make informed decisions etc) to Jupiter newly direct in Libra. Libra and Taurus are definitely two signs that can really indulge when the going gets tough. There is a pleasure-seeking, pain-avoiding complex with these two which can lead to avoiding things that are tough because they disturb the balance so much. The Sun in Gemini is going to be making a harsh square aspect to Chiron in Pisces, really showing us in a confusing way our wounds in regards to communication or times that we were made to feel unheard or misunderstood in some way. Due to this aspect, the Taurus and the Libra part of our current astrological climate wants to immediately draw out into the senses or into other people to avoid taking on some of that internal work (see above) that is of the utmost importance right now.

A great release valve on Monday to key into is the transit of Mercury in Gemini making a sextile aspect to the North Node in Leo. Your words will only help you to fan the flame of karmic destiny, so use them! Think about the healing you want to create for yourself later in the week with the new moon in Cancer (as well as the new characters taking up space there as well) and write it all down. We only have Mercury in Gemini for a few more days, so it's important that our thoughts be documented.

On Tuesday, the moon in Taurus will positively aspect Pluto in Capricorn, offering a chance at healing some dark spots that rear their head during rather inconvenient times. The Moon will also be making square aspects towards the North and South Nodes of the Moon on the Leo/Aquarius axis. This looks like a little bit of a snafu in the relationship between our comfort zone and where we're being pushed by destiny. Moon in Taurus wants to be comfortable and have its contingencies, and the North Node in Leo is here to remind us that sometimes we have to put our heart right out there. This is a short, fleeting influence but pay attention to your emotional comfort and the "why" behind it.

The Moon and Venus in Taurus will positively aspect Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday. If at all possible, it would be a really good idea to get outside a little bit on this day and to try to be around or submerge yourself in water. This week is very healing and very enlightening and being around water may draw you into that state of connectedness and bliss sooner.

Mercury in Gemini will be happily aspecting Uranus in Aries as a final hoo-rah as it completes its cycle through Gemini and prepares to move into Cancer. Mercury in Gemini is all about learning, and Uranus is here to remind us that we are our own best teachers and to heed our own genius insights that come and go in a flash and to try to hold onto those moments of higher consciousness as long as they will rightfully last.

On Wednesday, the moon moves into the sign of Gemini, the Sun and Mercury both move into Cancer (at the same time!) When the Moon moves into Gemini it can make things quite restless, feeling the need to busy ourselves about perhaps with cleaning or little projects. The Sun and Mercury will conjunct on the first degree of Cancer, joining Mars and soon to be followed by the moon. Our conscious thought will be on healing from things that have wounded us, spoiling those we care for and love and perhaps could have us feeling more introverted or more like a homebody. On the other side, we could be a little bit more emotional. How can we use this time wisely and gently to unpack some stuff and let it go?

On Thursday, the Gemini moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius and squares Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. We can have a difficult time emotionally on Thursday- it can be tough to communicate what we feel when Saturn and the Moon are at odds and then Chiron and Neptune make what we are feeling emotionally very important, but also very nebulous and can challenge our ability to understand our feels.

On Friday, the Moon moves into Cancer, meeting up with the Sun in Cancer for a new moon of healing. Cancer creates a womb wherever it goes, so it could be a really good idea to create an area for yourself to be held in and to surrender things that are holding yourself back and bring in what makes you joyful and happy. Cancer is a highly intuitive sign with possible psychic indications and so don't be surprised if this new moon causes your intuition to jump up a few knotches. Be sure to eat well, a home cooked meal is always a good option and properly nourish your body, mind and spirit on this new moon day.

On Saturday, June 24th, the moon in Cancer travels over Mars in Cancer, causing an increased sense of anger and irritability. This influence is one that we are very aware of so it is totally controllable if you are willing to surrender your anger. Venus also makes a trine to Capricorn, which is very much putting whatever you don't need to rest. This day is great for releasing old love pangs that no longer matter and will help some folks get closer to actualizing real love.

On Sunday, June 25th, the moon moves into Leo, which will activate our need to self-express. This is a great time for anything creative as well as a continual reminder to act from your heart.



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