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Horoscope for the week of 6.12 - 18 || the real vs. the ideal

Hello and good evening starseeds! This week has been quite crazy for nearly everyone in my life and the Sagittarius full moon definitely contributed to a bunch of different experiences, all equally intense. Know that I am sending you reading this positive energy to carry you through your week <3

Let's talk about retrograde planets! The only two planets currently in retrograde at this moment (Saturday afternoon) are Saturn and Pluto. Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius is having us examine our spiritual truth and integrity and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn has to do with surrendering regardless of the possession of power. Jupiter went direct yesterday (Friday, 6/9) on the same day as the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius moon, which is a flood of truth and insight and wisdom from high places joining us at the table.

This week, joining this years retrograde lineup, we have Neptune stationing retrograde on June 16th! It joins up with the ever-romantic and dreamy Moon in Pisces, which can be a need to draw away and escape circumstances or a need to view them through rose-colored glasses. Neptune retrograde is actually in my opinion a little bit clearer than Neptune direct. Neptune will bring you situations and you will come to conclusions about them sooner (and probably have since Neptune has even started to slow down) especially with Jupiter there with us, shining a light on the path directly forward and upward.

On Monday, June 12th, the moon moves into the sign of Aquarius, which will positively aspect the Sun and Mercury and cross over the south node of the moon in Aquarius. This could bring about some karmic relating where you feel like you are having deja vu- going through the same cycles with different people in whatever capacity or form. Just know that your awareness alone can really help to break any negative pattern formation.

On Tuesday, Mercury in Gemini positively aspects the newly-direct Jupiter in Libra, which will be a great time to communicate your truth to the people you love and stand in your space as who you are loving what you love, just be careful about what exactly it is that you are saying with Mercury in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces. Be careful not to ramble on for twenty minutes only realizing that the eyes of those around you are glazed over. Also avoid telling lies because later this week, those will catch up with you and truth is the message right now.

On Thursday, the Sun in Gemini will be opposing Saturn in Sagittarius with the moon ingressing into Pisces. This can feel like a portal into all of the practical shit we still have left to do and how far we have to continue to climb to get where we want to be. I can already feel this influence and there's no way to go around it, you just have to go through it, stay in your body and be compassionate to yourself. The Moon in Pisces will add a softness and a willingness to escape from the unpleasant but maybe still very practical moment.

On Friday, Mercury in Gemini will be making a quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. The quincunx aspect is one where a 150 degree angle is formed with those two planets and they're not able to properly see each other from where they are located in the sky. Mercury represents communication, logical thought and work-oriented things and Pluto represents death and destruction and the rebirth and transformation that follows, so this will be a time where things could come from the back of our minds and sort of fall out of our mouths without any warning from our conscious mind. This could also be a time where we are surprised by the things that we think. On Friday it would be good to do some writing before you leave your house and begin your day, that way you can have complete congruence.

Neptune will be moving retrograde on Friday! The moon in Pisces will be very closeby as it stations retrograde, almost as if you are emotionally prepared for this influence. When Neptune moves retrograde, it could present us with karmic situations or situations involving boundaries and the stuff of you versus the stuff of other people. It's a time where our intuitive sensitivity is heightened and so we have to remember that every single emotion that we feel does not belong to us. It's really easy for other folks to energetically rub off on us in either direction- good or bad, so just remember during this long-term transit (lasting June 16th - November 22nd) that you are the captain of your own ship and that you can shield yourself against the elements of other people's stuff.

On Saturday, the moon will move into Aries. Whenever the moon comes into Aries it's good to examine what it is that we want from a personal perspective. Taking ourselves fully and completely into each moment, acknowledging when we're hungry or thirsty, sometimes following a passionate urge or other times fully withdrawing. You always have a choice to truly do what you want to do.

Sunday, Mercury in Gemini will be opposing Saturn in Sagittarius. This influence gives way to a barrier in open communication of truth. Saturn gives a very constricting influence to Mercury and kind of wants him to shut the f*ck up. A positive way this can manifest is very purposeful and deliberate speech and wanting to really enjoy the quiet of your own space and feeling a little more introverted than normal.

A major message this week is to really be with the moment. Sometimes taking care of practical shit that comes up just sucks but we have to be with ourselves. There's a lot of very illusory, transient, idealistic and dreamy energy layered overtop of this practical, societal energy this week and for some one is more comfortable than the other but they all contribute to the complete experiences of life so there is divine in the mundane and in the magical.

<3 Have a great week!

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