Horoscope for the week of May 1 - May 7 || It's gonna be May!

Greetings! I hope you are having a terrific weekend and that this week is more than ideal for everyone. The fast pace of this week is really fading off on this Sunday afternoon and we are currently having to sit with our stuff or face deeper issues that aren't very comfortable with the moon in Cancer and the Saturn/Chiron square. This week upcoming is rather light in terms of new planetary aspects and changes, so it's safe to say that this is a nice little breather where we can stop to catch our breath, look around at the scenery so that when the next flush of changes come in, we can accommodate successfully.

There is a hefty degree of planets still in retrograde. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn as well as Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius are forming a spiritual checkpoint. There is some stuff that we all desperately need to drop in order to keep moving on our path. This Saturn/Chiron square and the long retrograde motion of these two planets are causing us to see the patterns and cycles that we're really in and what would better serve us spiritually and emotionally.

On Wednesday, May 10th, we begin a new year and a half cycle as the North Node of the Moon in Leo and the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius. This is where we get away from the birds-eye-view objective perspective and drop right down deep into our hearts. If you are not living from your heart and checking in