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Horoscope for the week of Apr 17 - 23 || How are you spending your time?

Hello lovelies! Hope you're having a great weekend. The energetic atmosphere has been pretty nuts lately. Honestly, I feel like it's been continually nuts since 2016. To quote the Leo King, David Palmer, this year is the year of the "tortoise and the hare," meaning there are a lot of times this year where we feel like we're not moving fast enough towards our goals, hopes and dreams and the life we want, and other times we feel as though we are catapulted into certain changes and choices.

Right now with the Sun finishing up in Aries, we want to go-go-go and make changes that really matter, but with all the retrograde planetary energy we are encouraged to slow down and process, which is confusing to navigate. Jupiter is still moving retrograde in Libra encouraging a time of reflection in relationships and inquiry of whether or not we're ready for a divine partnership. Saturn is moving retrograde in Sagittarius calling us to re-examine our belief systems and call upon our spiritual integrity. Mercury is moving retrograde in Taurus calling issues of self-worth and abundance to the surface as well as how well we can communicate our higher truth and appropriately express our creativity. Venus moved direct on Saturday, April 15th which allows the feeling of stuckedness in relationships to be lifted, but it stops right on top of Chiron, the dwarf planet that represents deep wounding, with both of these planets making a square (or harsh, obstacle bringing) aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius. This can be a particularly painful halting point for Venus and can really make us feel like we aren't worthy of the love we want (if we let it). This influence won't last forever, so actively demonstrate your self-love to alleviate the sting of this transit.

My favorite part of astrology is the karmic axis of the North and South Node of the Moon. Everyone has them in their birth chart, the South Node representing what we are coming away from in this lifetime that we have properly assimilated/relied on in our past lives and the North Node representing what we are moving towards in this lifetime that feels uncomfortable but really zooms in on what the soul hasn't properly initiated in this lifetime. Currently, the North Node has been in the sign of Virgo and the South Node is in the sign of Pisces. This indicates a time where it's great to look at the realistic picture of things, find the devil in the details and to not let yourself get swept up into the chaos. The South Node in Pisces makes escapism into drugs, sex and karmic relationships very appealing, but it's really good to approach life with a clear head right now as we are all collectively coming away from the need to escape. On May 10th, the North Node will move into the sign of Leo (the Nodes move backwards). This will be when we take all of those details and all of the clarity and just drop right down into our heart. With the South Node being in Aquarius, there can be a tendency to view your environment from a birds-eye-view, but we are encouraged to truly and viscerally show up for what we are passionate about instead. We've been dealing with Virgo/Pisces issues for about a year and a half, so this will be some welcome change on a collective level.

On Monday, Saturn themes are high. The Sun in Aries is making a harmonious trine aspect to Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, while Mars in Taurus will be making a hazy quincunx also to Saturn. The Sun and Mars can be kind of similar in the way that they are both pieces of our masculine, outward expression. The Sun is the ego thrust and Mars is our actual actions and will to do and get things done. The ego will be aligned with our beliefs as per the Sun trine Saturn, but these are not on the same page with our actions as Mars can't see Saturn from where it is currently placed in this 150 degree aspect. This is a time when we should examine our works to see if we are really managing our time doing the things that will bring us the most beneficial results in the long run, not just for the good of the ego. Once when I was struggling in one of my college courses and when I went to seek out help from my professor they mentioned that it might be the way I was studying - the "how." Now is a great time to examine if the "how" lines up with the "what" and the "why" and if it doesn't, it could be a good time to redirect.

The moon is also going to be moving into Capricorn on Monday, drawing attention to work that still needs to be done. It may feel like you are swimming upstream with all the stuff that you have to take care of, and the Moon in Capricorn takes this very personally. With a single-minded focus, write out a list and knock out task after task, releasing the expectation of any end result.

On Tuesday, Mercury retrograde in Taurus will be making a lovely trine aspect to the North Node in Virgo. This may be a day where we realize how well we've assimilated the North Node in Virgo lesson which centers around work. The connection between thoughts and speech may seem effortless as we continue to work to make sure all the details are ironed out.

On Wednesday, the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus and out of the sign of Aries. Aries is all about action and initiating new things which is amazing, but Taurus is all about sewing seeds and making sure what we have started continues to grow and build until it comes to fruition. Our attention will be focused on what we can build upon and steady growth. Taurus also has to do with self-worth and self-concept, so you'll be able to easily notice what is improving your self-concept and rounding it out and equally what in your life is causing cracks in that foundation. Enjoy this for the next month or so.

Thursday is quite a day for us. Pluto moves into a retrograde motion, which is a time where we should expect to have to deal with certain things hiding in the shadows. Everyone has stuff going on inside of them that are like skeletons in the closet. Pushing them back down into the darkness is only going to cause more harm and more pain. It is important that when we see the skeletons that we send them healing and send them light so that it can be easier to integrate them into your whole self and navigate around some of the triggers that cause us to lose our balance in life. Mercury retrograde will reach Aries today, and when Mercury comes into Aries there is no longer a filter on what we say because the impulse is there to just speak without thinking. Of course we can change the outcome of certain transits, so today it is my hope that you'll carry around a notebook and pen and that whenever you feel something bubbling up underneath the surface that you write it down and re-read it to see if it's something you should say in this moment or if you are merely projecting.

Thursday the moon moves into Aquarius, giving a high-minded perspective on what is happening around us. This serves as a sort of release valve to all of the emotionally intense energy that is around on Thursday.

On Friday, Mars moves into Gemini. This is a great time for getting a lot of stuff done in lots of different areas of life. We may be extra productive and busy ourselves about with different projects, but really there is an inner restlessness within all of us during this time. This is a wonderful time to learn something new and to develop yourself in new ways, just try to not spread yourself too thin. Also on Friday, the Sun in Taurus will be making a positive aspect to the North Node in Virgo, further encouraging us to zone in on our work and the last little bit of arranging and organizing that we have to do.

On Friday, Mars moves into the sign of Gemini. This is going to increase the collective desire to learn and start new projects. An inner restlessness usually results from this placement of Mars, or feeling like there's so much we have to do all the time from errands to housework and back again. Physical activity can burn off some of the anxiousness that Mars in Gemini carries, but really we'll all be getting so much done during this time. Also on Friday, The Sun in Taurus is making a positive aspect to the North Node in Virgo, aligning our ego center with the details and the reality of life. Venus in Pisces will be exactly square Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius on Friday. This could be a feeling of unworthiness that surrounds our love relationships. Maybe we have placed too much faith in the wrong person during Venus in retrograde and now that it's stationed direct we can very clearly see it. This is going to key us into the reality of our romantic and relationship situations, for better or for worse.

On Saturday, the moon moves into Pisces. This is a time where we feel a little more inward than normal and benefit greatly from being spiritual and creative. Make time to space out and to daydream on this day, to pursue whatever outlet comforts us. Be aware of the tendency of escapism during this time and watch how impressionable you are of your environment, but otherwise, enjoy!

On Sunday, Mars in Gemini is going to make a square aspect to the North Node in Virgo. This is tricky because Mars in Gemini wants to busy itself all about and do all of the things at the same time and spread itself wayyy too thin. The North Node in Virgo is encouraging us to do one thing at a time and to simplify, reduce and refine the way that we're spending our efforts. Single-pointed focus is best on Sunday.

Enjoy your week lovelies and as always for a personal and private reading, e-mail me at or check for booking!

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