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Chiron in the Natal Chart - the wounded healer

Chiron is one of my favorite parts of astrology and I think it's because my interest in healing is very high. Often referred to as an asteroid, Chiron is actually a dwarf planet that orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is about what is practical and what is real, the real constraints of every day life. Uranus is a planet that operates from a much higher frequency that represents sudden change, an innate understanding of technology and craves higher truth and knowledge. People who have lots of Saturnian themes in their birth chart are more likely to see things realistically or cynically with their eyes on how they can build one step at a time. Those with a lot more Uranian themes in their chart are more likely to be rather restless and misunderstood by some but have an insane grasp of subjects like programming, astrology, science and the like. Chiron is said to bring information that is more spiritual and less understandable by human ears from Uranus to a more realistic Saturn place - through pain.

Chiron represents our deepest wound. If you learn it, conquer it within yourself, you can then help others effectively heal from wounds that are similar in nature. The best healers - therapists, reiki practicioners, astrologers, tarot readers, spiritual teachers, etc - that I know have all had to actually do the work and eradicate the faulty body-responses and thought processes their wound has left them with. Dealing with Chiron takes grit and self-inquiry on another level. Take a look at your birth chart and find your Chiron - here's a list of Chiron in the signs and houses and what it can mean for you on your journey.

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Chiron in Aries/1st house:

Chiron here can represent someone whose body has betrayed them in some way. Sometimes, I'll see kids who were bullied or abused whenever Chiron is in the first or in Aries. Aries is the sign of the self and the ego, so perhaps these people were abused or shut down just by being who they are. Perhaps there are some issues with body dysmorphia or someone who routinely dissociates from their body as an exercise in survival. A good remedy for this is practices that support embodiment, such as EMDR, exercise, yoga or body work and a consistent diet plan.

Chiron in Taurus/2nd house:

Chiron here can represent someone who growing up may not have had enough or may have had a high importance placed on material wealth. Since it's not very easy to come by these days without working yourself to the bone, this Chiron placement does just that. Due to this, it lacks the ability to remain centered and enjoy sensual pleasures like sex or a nice glass of wine without taking it to excess.

I would recommend that this Chiron placement be continually going outside and physically laying in the ground, lots of time in nature and having a garden so you can feel the abundance of Mother Earth.

Chiron in Gemini/3rd house:

Chiron here can represent someone who was told that they didn't know anything growing up. There may be some irregularities with speech and communication because their intelligence was not reinforced, perhaps by their parents, siblings or their teachers, so frequent second-guessing of their knowing as well as miscommunications in daily life take place. The Four Agreements is a wonderful book that centers around deliberate and clear speech, which would be a wonderful practice for Chiron in Gemini as well as regularly stimulating the mind and always affirming their ability to know.

Chiron in Cancer/4th house:

Chiron here can represent lack of acceptance from the mother that leaves someone feeling either like there is an abundance of imbalanced emotional energy or that they don't know quite how to deal with the emotional realm at all (depending on the sign + house). There may be a feeling of always needing to protect oneself. Whenever someone has issues with the mother, it can impact how one views feminine traits and how one relates to the women in their life. The best advice I would give to someone with Chiron here is to balance their masculine side with their feminine (yin) side.

Chiron in Leo/5th house:

Chiron here indicates that the deepest wound has to deal with the ego and expressing oneself creatively. This is where someone is made to feel selfish if they are simply focused on themselves, as everyone should be. Someone with this placement has a hard time seeing themselves as special due to self-esteem curbing influences throughout their life. They may have a hard time asserting themselves and taking what is rightfully theirs or their creativity may have been thwarted during childhood. The best policy for this placement is to spend time getting lost in their creative pursuits and also to continually affirm their right to take up space.

Chiron in Virgo/6th house:

Chiron here indicates troubles with health brought on by too much worry with a real potential for psychosomatic illnesses. This native may live to work and feels like no matter how much work they do it's not enough. Once they master this lack of self-worth and increase their focus on health in a positive direction, they have a natural ability to heal people by forging a connection with the earth, through herbalism, gardening, nutrition and the need to stay close to and maintain the rhythms of this planet.

Chiron in Libra/7th house:

Chiron here centers the major wounding around relationships. There could be a few grand heartaches or the feeling of being unlovable. When this native rectifies that feeling of unworthiness to the point where regardless of whatever happens there is a high degree of self-love, this person will be able to attract a healthy relationship into their life. Until then, there could be a permanent feeling of interpersonal or romantic rejection. It could be good to focus on yourself and change your approach.

Chiron in Scorpio/8th house:

Chiron here is great and terrible because the 8th house centers around death, transformation, sex and deep, metaphysical constructs. It's almost guaranteed that the wound here involves sexuality or death, both of which can be very traumatic. It is because of this that natives of this placement can be amazing at helping other people heal through their trauma surrounding sex and death, but they may feel like they're getting the short end of the stick. Someone who is amazing at sexually pleasing their partners and then never has an orgasm comes to mind. The big lesson for this placement is to work on healing yourself in addition to and before you heal other people.

Chiron in Sagittarius/9th house:

Chiron here centers the wound around spirituality and spiritual beliefs. I see this a lot in the chart of people who were raised in a very fundamentalist religious tradition or also people who grew up in cult-like situations. In these groups of faith, you are encouraged to shut off from your OWN spiritual source, which is what Sagittarius and the 9th house are so keenly connected to. These groups almost require that you believe that there is an intermediary between the Self and God so when Chiron moves here, there could be a block in finding the divinity and the life force that lives inside every person. I would recommend a very disciplined daily meditation practice for someone with Chiron here.

Chiron in Capricorn/10th house:

Chiron here is similar to Chiron in Virgo with workaholism being a very natural tendency, but these natives feel like they have to work 15-hour days stemming from a feeling of lack no matter how much money or how much recognition they get. These natives can be very cut off from a sense of play and could be rather serious. This native always feels as though they have something to prove, so the most important piece of advice I have for someone with this placement is to be sure to have a work-life balance and to leave space for joy.

Chiron in Aquarius/11th house:

Chiron here can indicate someone who has always felt markedly different from their peers. Someone with this placement can seem really alien due perhaps to a period of isolation during childhood, which is often easier for this person than the act of socializing. There can be a serious withdrawal/escape into technology as it is comforting to this person. When I was working with highly functioning autistic teens, this was the most common Chiron placement, so a system of socialization that has a lot of padding and grace attached is a wonderful idea for this person.

Chiron in Pisces/12th house:

Chiron here will learn some lessons around surrendering. Once they realize that the world is full of chaos and they can't really control anything, they can no longer fear the uncontrollable. This is an interesting placement because instead of the wounding being something very tangible, this relates to a universal or a spiritual crisis where one has a hard time accessing their source, or conversely doesn't fully live on this planet due to a strong identification with the source. This person may be rather leaky or empathic with people always calling for their help, so for someone with this placement I would recommend shielding and grounding. There could definitely be potential for this native to practice healing work in any form.

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